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Exotic shorthair facts for the cutest cat!
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The exotic shorthair cat is famously known as the 'lazy mans's Persian cat', this cat has a similar body and personality to a Persian cat but with small differences such as in the coat, the colour and type of behaviour they exhibit. This cat is extremely expensive to buy but one of the friendliest breed of cats that exists, they get along with every other animal in your house such as dogs, and other animals.

These cats get attached to their owners quite quickly and it is extremely adorable how they miss their owners when they are left alone. This cat is quite delicate when it comes to exterior health such as skin, eating habits and so on. The owner of the cat must make sure that the exotic haired cat is not prone to infections. Other than this, the cat does not provide any difficulty in managing, it is not a task to take care for at all, just from time to time one must check it's eyes and hair just in case.

Exotic Shorthair Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an Exotic Shorthair?

The exotic shorthair cat is a mammal that belongs to the cat family.

What class of animal does an Exotic Shorthair belong to?

The class of animals that the exotic shorthair belongs to is that of a mammal.

How many Exotic Shorthairs are there in the world?

Not much is known about how many there are, but they are not endangered.

Where does an Exotic Shorthair live?

An exotic shorthair is a domestic pet that can live in a house or a farm as long as there is someone taking care of it's needs because it is an animal that truly requires a lot of attention.

What is an Exotic Shorthair's habitat?

The exotic shorthair lives in the United States of America but as it is a domestic pet, it only lives with its owners either at their home or farm house but mainly their habitat is a home.

Who do Exotic Shorthairs live with?

Exotic short hairs are extremely friendly creatures and this breed gels with everyone around them, as far as it comes to animals, it enjoys the company of all the animals, including dogs and so on but when it comes to humans, it is attached to its owner and no one else unless they spend enough time with it.

How long does an Exotic Shorthair live?

The average life of an exotic shorthair is between 8-15 years. They can live up to 15 years if they are kept in a healthy environment.

How do they reproduce?

It is said that this particular breed takes time to age, it does not reach it's maturity until two years of age and furthermore they reach reproductive maturity very late. This breed is not known to reproduce a lot but when two exotic shorthairs are said to cross, they produce beautiful long haired kittens that are soon called 'exotic longhairs'. This name 'exotic long hairs' is a name that is given by a particular association, the name of the association is the Cat Fanciers' association. These kittens, when they are born, look extremely Persian; they look like Persian cats.

What is their conservation status?

The exotic shorthair is not endangered; there is no information about their conservation status for this reason.

Exotic Shorthair Fun Facts

What do Exotic Shorthairs look like?

Exotic Shorthair Cats are very cute and their facts are interesting to know of.

Exotic Shorthairs are adorable with squished faces, short hair and small noses, they come in a variety of colors from grey, ginger, white and more.

How cute are they?

They are very cute and very friendly with kids, babies and other animals as well.

How do they communicate?

They are known to be extremely melodious and soft; they have a soft purr and do not make too much noise. Usually, they are also known to communicate through their eyes and voice.

How big is an Exotic Shorthair?

The exotic short hair is around 10- 12 inches big and is a bit shorter than a normal Persian cat due to it's short legs.

How fast can an Exotic Shorthair run?

The average speed of an exotic shorthair without any sort of training is around 30 mph.

How much does an Exotic Shorthair weigh?

An exotic shorthair weighs around 10-12 lb.

What are their male and female names of the species?

There are no specific names for the female and male exotic shorthair.

What would you call a baby Exotic Shorthair?

A baby exotic shorthair is usually called a kitten.

What do they eat?

Exotic shorthairs eat a lot of home-made food, however for healthy diet, it must be fed seafood such as fish, turkey and also high protein foods such as chicken.

Are they slobbery?

No, this breed of cats are not slobbery at all, however, their health must be maintained with respect to checking their eyes, ears and their food habits.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, exotic shorthairs would make an amazing pet; their very Persian breed is extremely friendly, comfortable and loving. All cat lovers out there would vouch for American shorthair and the exotic shorthair because they gel with all the other animals as well, their eyes, beautiful coat and cute behavior make them extremely attractive and likeable. In terms of handling them, these exotics are quite simple to handle and get attached to the owner quite quickly.

Did you know...

In the very beginning, the exotic shorthair cat was actually named 'sterling' because this cat has a silver plush coat which was one of the most beautiful plush coats compared to other cat breeds, however later they named the cat exotic shorthair because the color silver was not a colour previously found in a new breed, in fact, it was not a color that was found in the American shorthair, and thus this is why it made the cat exotic.

One of the most famous exotic Persians cats was 'Garfield', who was this fun, lasagna-loving, hilarious cartoon character who was known for his innate and natural sarcasm. In all fairness, the real American shorthair cats and the other cat of a different breed are not like this in real.

Characteristics and health issues

Overall, exotic shorthair cats are a healthy breed but since they share family with and are related to the Persian cat, they have adopted some similar health problems, too. These health problems include exotic shorthair calico, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, polycystic kidney disease. All of these are inherent health problems to the cat, however if one purchases their exotic shorthair kittens from a good breeder, these issues can be avoided.

There can be numerous body issues that the cat has due to the grooming and the kind of food we feed them. If the body of these exotics is not fed correctly, the cat has a higher chance of being obese and overweight. Persian cats and these Persian breeds deal with a lot of breathing problems due to their plush fur, flat faces and small noses. To make sure that the body and the method of grooming is satisfactory, this breed needs to be taken to a professional to get more information. The common aspect between a bulldog and these different Persian pedigree cats is that that the body, shape and many of the sizes of their faces are the same, they vary from being tall and long to round, small and extremely flat. For all the bulldogs, American shorthairs and other breeds of cats with flat faces and eyes, they are called 'brachycephalic'. This is a term that is used for bulldogs, pugs, exotics and other Persian new breed owners who have animals with flat faces and face several issues.

Getting your own Exotic Shorthair

The exotic shorthair cat is quite expensive compared to other exotic cat breeds and Persian cats as their price ranges between around $400-700. The exotic shorthair cat is a very good family cat as they are extremely friendly with other cat's and dogs and with other pets. The exotic shorthair diet might be quite expensive owing to their delicate, healthy Exotic shorthairs do not shed a lot, compared to the other breed of cats, but do require combing from time to time. Their eyes have to be taken of, too, as this breed has a flat face, so they might get infections in their eyes if proper care is not taken.

Other than the health issues of this particular cat breed, exotic shorthair cats are known to have quite a few problems compared to other cats with relation to love, compassion and social behavior. Like other exotics, this cat is also quite cute and curious and values it's own independence and care. The exotic short haired cat is known to fall in love and get overly attached to their owners. As a pet, the exotic shorthair lifespan also has quite a healthy life span compared to other exotic pets, cats and Persians, ranging from 8-15 years.

The coat and fur of this Persian cat does not tangle, unlike other cats, and is therefore easier grooming as well. Exotic Persians have a season where they shed their hair, and it is during those times where the coat and their fur as well must be washed thoroughly and kept well because even as kittens, these kittens are prone to many diseases, particularly with the eyes. The temperature to dry these kittens' fur and coat while grooming must not be too high because these cats have delicate fur.

Do they get on with other cats or dogs?

Exotic shorthairs have a very gentle and calm personality compared to the other breed of cats owing to their Persian origin; unlike their ancestral personalities, they are way more lively, playful and friendly and often get along with other cats and dogs as well. Along with the exotic shorthair's getting along with other cats and dogs, one of their characteristics is that exotic shorthairs do not like being left alone anywhere; they always want to be with their owner, this depends upon the owner if they find this quality cute or clingy. However, exotic shorthairs always want someone or something to engage with, mostly their owners. Exotic shorthairs do really well and are very friendly with dogs, plus exotic shorthair cat breeds matures very late. The exotic shorthair personality is very different from the Persian breed and other cats. In fact, one other breeds of cats are the American shorthairs and the European shorthair cats which are known as the 'working breeds' who are as friendly but not as exotic as as this one. The American shorthair is one of the most famous cat pets in America due to their friendly compassion and nature.

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Exotic Shorthair Facts

What Did They Prey On?

Chicken, turkey, fish, mice hunters, different types of seafood, foods with high levels of protein

What Type of Animal were they?

Requires a high level of animal protein, but due to sensitive dental conditions, herbivorous

Average Litter Size?

Due to increased risk of complications and late reproductive maturity, low litter size

How Much Did They Weigh?

Male exotic shorthairs: 7-13 lb (3 - 5 kg) Female exotic shorthairs weight 7-11 lb (3-4 kg)

What habitat Do they Live In?


Where Do They Live?

united states of america

How Long Were They?


How Tall Were They?

10-12 inches tall (25.4-30.58 cm)







Scientific Name

Felus catus

What Do They Look Like?

Exotic Shorthair cats have a Persian look, with a plush short coat of many colours and are round from their bodies, heads and eyes.

Skin Type

They have a plush coat that is extremely smooth

What Are Their Main Threats?

there aren't apparent threats to this breed as they are domesticated and well taken care off but big predators and birds that are carnivores can prey on them

What is their Conservation Status?

They are not endangered as yet.
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