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48 Facts About Angels That Will Make You Truly Enchanted

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Angels are spiritual beings whose presence has always mesmerized us, making us curious about their whereabouts and the various powers they exercise.

The Bible and other holy scriptures have mentioned angels and described their appearance and powers. Countless anecdotes regarding heavenly beings are known to people.

While some of us are in a dilemma regarding believing in their presence, others wholeheartedly accept it and even dream of meeting one someday. Most of us have come across some weird tales about angels that may have raised our eyebrows and even made us delve into the quest of finding the truth.

Numerous beliefs surrounding angels and their various powers have originated from the history of religions. Time and again, we are introduced to the concept of virtue and sin. Along with this, we are also informed by our religious scriptures about the existence of two forms of spiritual beings who mediate between the profane and transcendent realms; the benevolent angels and the malevolent demons. People throughout the world have portrayed their relationship with God in different ways. The stories of angels not only fascinate children but also engage the adults and experts to search for their origin and learn more about them from the scripture. A lot of movies, books, and dramas have portrayed angels in different forms. However, the concept and its significance remain unclear to us to date. In this article, we will focus on clearing some of these doubts.

Let's dive deep into the facts about angels!

What are angels?

Angels are spiritual beings of heaven who are regarded as the servants of God. They possess several powers and strengths and are known to help people with their lives.

  • According to the Bible, angels were created much before God created man. We also know that they were created at the same time the Earth was formed.
  • Angels are immortal beings and live for an eternity. Many tales from the holy scripture have described the resurrection of God's messengers. This includes Jesus Christ himself, the famous Archangel Michael, and many others.
  • Although most tales, movies, books, and dramas portray angels appearing in human form, they do not have any true physical form.
  • God created angels wise and intelligent. They have the ability to comfort people and bring out the good in them.
  • Just as we have seen in several movies and storybooks, especially the popular story 'Cinderella,' angels possess magical powers to transform objects and creatures into various shapes and sizes and can even make them do fascinating things.
  • According to the scripture, angels in heaven do not marry. Marriage on Mount Zion is prohibited.
  • As sin can be committed by anyone, angels too can commit sins. The angels that commit sins are called fallen angels, who are cast out of heaven.
  • There are about 200 angels who have been cast out. Some of these sons of God are Allocen, Abaddon, Andras, Amy, Amon, Apollyon, Berith, Botis, Buer, Forcas, Gadreel, Gusion, Lahash, Marbas, Naamah, and many more.
  • They are also called the 'Watchers' due to the fact that they keep an eye on human beings, especially those who are suffering or are have any kind of trauma.
  • A fallen angel usually tricks humans into committing sin. Although none of the scriptures, including the Bible or the Abrahamic scriptures, have mentioned fallen angels, we get this idea from several books, tales, or depictions in the movies.
  • The Christian and Pagan mythologies have mentioned several fallen angels, including Chemosh, Moloch, Dagon, Beelzebub, Belial, and Satan. Lucifer, who was the son of God, was cast out of heaven due to his rebellion, and therefore, became Satan.
  • Barbatos is known to rule Hell and has the ability to tell the future of the spirit. Behemoth is a beast whose description is provided in many of the scriptures. Belial is the fallen angel of darkness and desperation.
  • Beelzebub was a Philistine God of the heavens, commonly referred to as the God of Flies. Ruax is known to cause headaches. Rahab always suggests violence and makes way for it in people's lives. Kokabiel, now cast out of heaven, was once the guiding star of the Gods.
  • Yequn and Asbeel, once angels are now fallen angels who are known to lead the Nephilim creatures. These are half-human and half-angel creatures whose sole duty is to destroy Earth.
  • Penemue is also a Satan who lures humans to impurity and dangers. Slowly, he fills up the minds of humans with impure thoughts, and thus, leads them to destruction.

Significance Of Angels In Mythology

Angels are an important part of mythology. The stories of their powers and their actions draw people to learn more about the religion and worship God, thereby giving rise to faith in people. They help us by guiding us in our lives and protecting us from various dangers. They also take part as messengers of God. Read on to learn their significance and other facts about angels.

  • The primary aim of all the angels is to take part in human affairs and guide people in their life. They help us see the right and wrong, based on which we make decisions in life.
  • Angels are messengers of God. Their job is to spread God's words, and therefore, one should not worship an angel. They are the servants of Christ.
  • There is mention of the guardian angels, who are the spirits that guide a particular person or even a place by watching them over and helping them out in their difficult times.
  • According to the religious scriptures, it is known that all living creatures are assigned to a guardian angel soon after their birth, who guides them to salvation. They are assigned to us because we all are God's children. It is God's duty to look after us and protect us all.
  • It is also said that humans cannot take the form of a guardian angel. Rather, a saint will be appointed in this position after his death.
  • Although the true meaning of the word 'angel' is God's messenger, they perform more important roles other than just sending messages. Angels are powerful, and they participate in bringing out a significant change in the life of people.
  • For example, the Bible has mentioned a number of significant wars that are fought between the angels and the demons. There are tales of war between Satan and God's angels, including the mighty archangel Michael.
  • Apart from being our protectors and messengers of God, angels also perform the important job of glorifying God and his creations. The universe, Earth, all the good angels, and even the evil ones that are created by God are praised by angels. They are the ones who ignite faith in the minds of people because hope develops from faith in God.
  • The Bible mentions the different kinds of angels, who all have various powers. This essentially depends on a hierarchy of angels, which includes the Archangels, Cherubims, and Seraphims. Each of the categories has specific roles.

Powers And Strengths Of Angels

Angels are the Sons of God, who are sent to Earth to carry out an array of activities. This includes being a chief angel of someone, protecting and guiding them in their struggles of life. Apart from this, their duty is also to praise the Lord and spread his messages. Depending on their hierarchy, angels are assigned different powers. The higher their position, the more authority, and power they possess.

  • Angels who are closest to God are the Seraphims. They have superior authority over the others in heaven and are responsible for spreading the wise words of God.
  • The celestial attendants are the Cherubim angels. However, many scriptures have denied their presence. Other rankings of angels include Dominions, Thrones, Virtues, Archangels, Powers, and Principalities, all of whom are responsible for glorifying God.
  • Angels do not physically hurt humans. As they have no physical form, they are unable to inflict any pain on humans.
  • God created angels who follow their own instincts and free will. They are not bound by any rules and can lead humans and spread God's words in their own way.
  • Some scriptures define angels as having two wings, while others tell us about the presence of six wings on them, which helped the angels fly between heaven and Earth.
  • Just like humans, angels also face Judgment Day. Even the fallen angels are awaiting this day.
  • Among the many powers that they hold, fabricating, erasing, restoring, or altering memories are mostly depicted in Christian and Pagan mythology.
  • They also have the ability to heal the wounded and even resurrect the dead.
  • They can appear in various forms. Some tales portray them as spiritual beings from the heavenly Jerusalem in the form of a beautiful human figure with radiating white or bluish light rays, also called halos. Although we do not know the exact reason for such halos, we can assume that this denotes their spiritual being and imparts positivity.
  • Angels have immense intellect and are able to solve problems easily. The angel Azrael is known to solve the problems of those who are dealing with grief. He also helps the souls who faced death adjust in the heavens and helps in their transition. Azrael is also known to provide relationship and career advice to people.
  • Another Archangel named Chamuel is able to lower the vibrating negative energies dwelling around us so that peace can prevail. His purpose is to serve the world and bring peace to everyone fighting with stress, anxiety, or any kind of emotional trauma.

Who is the father of angels?

God, the supreme being, creates angels. God created the entire universe, including heaven and Earth. They are the sons of God. They can reveal themselves to human beings in their dreams or may appear in front of them in disguise.

  • Each angel is unique. God has created them with powers unique to each one of them.
  • Angels have the ability to tolerate fire. They are indestructible. Some of them even have eyes on their wings, which helps them watch over everything.
All of the living beings have their own guiding spirit in the form of an angel.

Famous Angels

Countless angels reside on Mount Zion in heavenly Jerusalem. Some of them are guiding angels, some are there to protect, while some angels are the warriors of God. They have innumerable strengths and powers and can show the correct path to human beings in their lives. Although we cannot see them, it is upon the angels to reveal themselves to us or not.

Many scriptures claim that angels live among us in the form of humans. Countless tales regarding them have been mentioned in the Bible as well as in other holy scriptures. Apart from the angels, there are also the fallen angels, who have been cast out of heaven due to their evil deeds.

  • Some of the most popularly known angels described in the holy scripture are Gabriel, Azrael, Israfel, and Michael.
  • The Archangel Michael is known to assist those who are confused or afraid in life. He helps release fears from their mind and clear all their doubts. Also, he is known to fix all electrical and mechanical problems.
  • Archangel Raphael is the God of Healing. He is known to support those who are undergoing stress, anxiety, and other emotional issues. Raphael tries to bring back peace and harmony in people's lives by releasing them from emotional trauma.
  • Gabriel, one of the most famous Archangels, is known for providing strength. In the scripture, two angels are mentioned, who are known to be the messengers in heaven and also provide strength to the women who are facing conception or pregnancy issues.
  • Archangel Jophiel helps maintain beauty in life and makes people see the beauty of nature, which God himself creates. Jophiel also supports artists who convey their messages through beautiful portraits that let out all the negativity and chaos around us.
  • One of the famous angels is the Archangel Ariel, whose name means 'Lion or Lioness of God', known to protect the Earth from any kind of destructive activities.
  • Ariel also looks upon the orders of nature as well as the universe. Opportunities and insights to explore the world and increase your knowledge are provided by this angel, who also oversees everybody's needs of food, water, and shelter.
  • Uriel is a mysterious angel who is known to protect the world from the threats of angels who have been cast out of heaven. His mention is frequently seen in the Christian and Jewish scriptures.
  • Uriel is considered to be the angel who guided Noah and warned him of the Great Flood. Apart from these duties, he is also a patron of arts and sciences.
  • Metatron is an angel of high ranks who endures the burden of countless responsibilities given to him by God. He is considered to be one of the most important angels who possess abundant knowledge and wisdom. He has also been mentioned in the Bible many times.
  • The Book of Enoch mentions all these fallen angels.
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