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41 Facts About Arlington, Texas: University, Tourism, History

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Arlington is known as the United States' 50th-most populous city, the largest city in Texas with no country seat, and the seventh most populous city in Texas.

Arlington is a part of the metropolitan area in the Dallas-Fort Worth Arlington area. According to the census report in the US, at the end of 2013, the city had a population of 379,577 people.

One of the most entertaining, diverse, and vibrant cities in the state of Texas is the city of Arlington. The city is known to be the entertainment capital of Texas due to housing two wonderful amusement parks. Are you curious about these parks? Find more interesting information and facts about not just these amusement parks but a lot more!

Dive into this article to learn more about Arlington from the population, history, climate, famous landmarks, and food.

Facts About Arlington, Texas

Arlington is a renowned Texas city located in Tarrant County, North Texas. Let's explore some facts about Arlington:

  • This city lies 20 mi (32 km) to the west of downtown Dallas and 12 mi (19 km) east of Fort Worth. This city is worth looking for several art museums, stadiums and a lot more.
  • The famous International Bowling Campus of Arlington houses the International Bowling Museum. Do not miss the International Bowling Museum off your itinerary if you are an ardent bowling fan. Also, pay a visit to the hall of fame campus along with it. You can also find several Olympic bowling sessions as part of training, and the bowling campus is a potential facility for Olympic training.
  • Downtown Arlington has the Arlington Museum of Art, which exhibits a unique collection of non-collecting art. Yes! You heard it right, a non-collecting museum. It's a museum that highlights exhibitions and shows that inform and inspire visitors about the local inhabitants of Arlington.
  • A strange fact about downtown Arlington is it's believed there used to be a well in that area with healing powers! The presence of a lion-headed monument that had magical waters was also a popular rumor.
  • A recreation and sports hub in Arlington, Texas, features the famous Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Wings, the Texas Rangers, and the Esports Arena. In 2004 the Arlington voters approved a $650 million football stadium for the Dallas Cowboys that was completed in 2009. This stadium is the third-largest in the National Football League, with about 80,000 seats! Another cowboys stadium was the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, with a retractable roof. This serves as the Dallas Cowboys home since they completed it on May 27, 2009.
  • The first lake paddling, Lake Arlington, is a great outdoor spot in the city that offers a 10.8 mi (17.38 km) paddling trail in the Metroplex.
  • Local stakeholders pursuing high-profile special sports events come to the Arlington CVB, AT&T Stadium, Arlington Convention Center, College Park Center, and other places in Arlington city.
  • Additionally, Arlington hosts the former Dallas Cowboys stadium (AT&T stadium) of the National Football League and Major League Baseball's Texas Rangers Globe Life Park as well.
  • In mid-2007, an entertainment hub with several interesting places such as the Improv Theatre, Studio Movie Grill, Plucker's, Piranha Killer Sudhi, Dave and Busters, World Market, BJ's Brewhouse, Bar Louises, and Chuy's Tex-Mex called the Arlington Highlands was built.
  • 28% of homeowners and 43% of Arlington renters were found to be paying 35% more house incomes for their housing costs in the year 2011.
  • Arlington is 99.42 sq mi (257.5 sq km) long.
  • The famous actress Taylor Cole is from Arlington.
  • General Robert E. Lee's Arlington House in Arlington County, Virginia, was the reason why Arlington is called Arlington today. This city was, in fact, laid in 1876 by the men of the railroad.
  • The official tourism identity for Arlington is the Arlington Convention and Visitors Bureau. All the meetings, reunions, tour groups, and individual travels are managed by the Arlington Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB) to increase the city's revenues from lodging and sale taxes.
  • The Arlington Visitors Welcome Center is next to the AT&T Stadium near the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.
  • Did you know that the Arlington residents in 1980, 1995, and 2002 rejected the mass transit option? This still remains true today because that is what Arlington's residents want.
  • The University of Texas at Arlington has a small shuttle service for the students.
  • Another charity service in Arlington by the name Mission Arlington runs a bus service for people needing social services or other transportation means, thus providing employment to others in need as well.
  • Arlington borders Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, Kennedale, and Mansfield, and other smaller communities of Pantego and Dalworthington.
  • The different racial communities that make up the city of Arlington based on the 2010 census is 6.8% Asian, 59% white, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 18.8% of African American, 3.3% of mixed race, and 11.3% of other races.


Facts About Arlington For Students

Arlington is a city that has many educational hotspots along with several good places to visit as mere travelers too. As students, you must know some of these blow facts, so dive straight in!

  • The doctoral-granting institute in Arlington is the University of Texas. Several other research-based institutes like the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region IV, General Motors Arlington Assembly plant, American Mensa, and Texas Health resources also make their presence felt.
  • Other famous campuses include Hurricane Harbor, the theme park Six Flags Over Texas, the International Bowling Hall of Fame, and the International Bowling campus that houses the International Bowling Museum.
  • The climatic conditions of Arlington are subtropical and humid as they lie on the Koppen climate classification. This zone is characterized by mild winter, humid, and summers. The winters seldom occur with any snowfall and are usually dry. Severe weather is observed during the months of May and April, with maximum precipitation occurring in May. The city's lowest recorded temperature was back in 1899, when it got as low as −8 F (−22 C). The highest recorded temperature was in 1980, with a top of 113 F (45 C). Tornado Alley is located in Arlington.
  • Bad Königshofen Germany and Arlington have been termed as sister cities since 1952. The reason is the operation of the family aquatic center of the Bad Königshofen outdoor family. Bad Königshofen has named a recreational park after Arlington as a token of appreciation. This sisterhood began after Kurt Zuhlke, a German town manager, paid a visit to Arlington as a part of a study tour in the States.
  • Arlington has played host to the MLB world series, Super Bowl XLV, and an NBA all-star game all within a year!
  • Did you know that the dot race actually began in the Arlington stadium? Several other races like the sausage race, hot dog race, and brat race originated from the dot race and quickly spread to other parts of the country.
  • The favorite stadium snack, Ballpark Nachos were created in the former home of Texas Rangers, the Arlington Stadium.
  • AT&T Stadium in Arlington has the world's largest glass doors that slide, the largest HDTV 20 yard X 20 yards (18m X 18m) video board comprising 30 million LED lights! It also houses the world's longest two arches! Quite a place for finding some of the world's largest objects, don't you think?
  • A Texas Rangers fan favorite is a 2 ft (61 cm) long all-beef hot dog that is big enough to feed a family of four. Known as the 'Broomstick' it costs $26 and is available to purchase in Rangers Ballpark. The meal weighs over a pound (0.45 kg)! and will ensure no one remains hungry after eating this.


Famous Things In Arlington Texas

If you're planning on visiting the exciting city of Arlington, located between Fort Worth and Dallas in Texas, then you are in for some never-ending choices! With several attractions, including restaurants, sporting events, music, museums, and parks, you might just get spoilt with your options! You could start your day with a picnic at River Legacy Park, explore the wonderful things at the Arlington museum of art, visit the planetarium and end the day by listening to a beautiful music performance. Want more details? Continue reading about the famous things to do and visit in Arlington.

  • River Legacy Park: One of the famous parks along the bank of the Trinity River, it has a lush green oasis to enjoy. You can soak in the fresh air coming from this huge forest along with small animals (about 400 species of animals) who have also made their home here. You can come for a picnic, hog, bike, or even hike the trails of this hardwood forest. Try bird watching here, as well as birds (193 different species of birds), finding their home in the 28 different kinds of trees present in the park.
  • Planetarium at the University of Texas: This 60-ft (18.3 m) in diameter dome planetarium was started by a physics professor in 1975 when he suggested the idea of building the planetarium at the University of Texas by converting a building close to the library into a planetarium. Today, this planetarium is one of the most advanced buildings in Texas that boasts of the latest Digistar 5 DLP Projection system.
  • Six Flags Over Texas: If you are a parent looking for some fun for your kids in Arlington, then the amusement park, Six Flags over Texas would be the best option! Not just your kids, but even you will love the many thrilling rides, live shows, and games this park offers. With classic go-karts, roaring water rides, a carousel, and over 18 family-friendly rides, this amusement park is sure to get your adrenaline rushing! If you are a daredevil at heart, they don't forget to sit on thrill rides such as the Cat-Woman Whip, Judge Roy classic wooden roller coaster, and the Batman inverted roller-coaster.
  • Mariano's Hacienda: After all the fun, it's time for some delicious food, right? The cheerful Mariano's Hacienda is the perfect place to stop if you are craving some Mexican cuisine. The beautiful Mexican ambiance, the aroma of grilled meat and Mexican spices, and huge communal tables will make the visit worthwhile. The menu of the restaurant features generous meat portions that are an absolute delight for a famished stomach.
  • Twisted Root Burger: If you wish to taste a delicious gourmet burger, then head straight to Twisted Root Burger. Situated near the historical downtown and ballpark, this burger shop has people lining up in long queues to try their famous burgers. They provide all kinds of burgers, including veggie burgers, beef, or turkey but what makes Twisted Root Burger stand out is their unique set of toppings. Do give this store a try if you ever visit Arlington!
city is worth looking for several art museums

The History Of Arlington, Texas

The history of this beautiful city can be traced to the 1800s! Yes, it is one of the oldest cities in Texas, so grab your pen and paper to note down some key highlights about the history of Arlington as we embark on a mini time travel session!

  • The first settlement of the Europeans goes back to the year 1840. A year later, on May 24, 1841, a battle between the Native Americans of the settlement and Edward H Tarrant (Texas General) was fought.
  • At Marrow Bone in present-day Arlington, a trading post was established. In the late 19th century, many farmers and other agriculture-oriented businessmen came to Arlington due to its rich and fertile soil.
  • The city was founded in 1876 along the Pacific and Texas railway. General Robert E Lee's house, called Arlington House in Virginia, was the reason why the city got the name Arlington.
  • By 1884, Arlington had several farming and cotton-ginning centers and had a good supply of natural gas, eater, telephone services, and electricity by 1910. The public school system was started by then too.
  • From 1892 to 1951, the main highlight of Arlington remained a mineral well located in downtown Arlington although now the well has been paved over. The water from the well served as a meeting point for many events, such as the right of women to vote; in short, the water became the symbol of Arlington.
  • After World War II, the population in Arlington grew by leaps and bounds and became one of the fastest-growing suburbs. The population has grown from 7,692 in 1950 to 3,74,000 in 2011 and is still growing. The total number of households in Arlington is 135,333!
  • The famous Six Over Texas amusement park came to Arlington in 1961.
  • Arlington is now chosen to be a permanent home of the National Medal of Honor Museum which is due to be completed by 2024.
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