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Facts About Florida Beaches: Is Panama City Beach Better?

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With some of the world's whitest sandy beaches, the largest fishing fleet, and beaches with the most seashells, the Sunshine State is without a doubt the nation's top selection for beach getaways.

Despite Orlando's world-class attractions hogging all of Florida's greatest things to do, the best beaches can be found all throughout the Sunshine State's beautiful coastline. So wherever you are in the Sunshine State, a tropical paradise should be just a 10-minute distance away.

It can be difficult to select among the state's many appealing beaches, so here's a list of the greatest beaches in Florida to get you started on your next beach vacation, watching sea turtles and spotting coral reefs in a warm climate.

The Sunshine State, with its 1,200 miles of coastline, is a year-round travel destination for people of the east coast and beyond. The diversity of Florida's beaches – from family-friendly places to party spots – gathers the attraction of a wide range of visitors. To rank the greatest Florida beaches, U.S. News considered reader votes as well as beauty, atmosphere, and convenience.

After reading all about how Florida got its name 'La Florida' and which are the most famous beaches in Florida Everglades and along the Atlantic Ocean, also read about the Alabama state symbol and Cuba culture facts.

Total Number Of Beaches In Florida

Glancing at a map of Florida beaches reveals how stunning the state's coastline is.

Florida has a stronghold on white sand, lovely skies, and crystal river water, from the world-famous South Beach in South Florida to Daytona Beach and Panama Beach (the largest city beach) or the world-famous Miami Beach.

Florida has around 360 mi (579.4 km) length of coastline and around 189 designated beaches. Florida is a place where many people who are irritated by snow in the north come to have fun during winter, making it a state that is heavily reliant on tourism and providing entertainment.

St Augustine is one of the most famous cities in Florida which is known for its Spanish architecture as well as its absolutely stunning beaches. This is the reason that people from all over the world rush to this city and make the most of its scenic beauty and bask in the sunlight while relaxing and enjoying being on the beach. Fort Myers is another popular location for beach lovers as the area is home to some of the best beaches.

The Side Of Florida That Has The Best Beaches

Beaches on both borders of Florida are spectacular. The Atlantic Ocean has stronger wave motion than the Pacific Ocean.

As a result, the Florida east coast has a lot to offer in terms of water activities. It's an excellent option for people who love water sports and for adventure seekers.

The Gulf Coast, on the other hand, boasts white sandy beaches and quiet, crystal rivers. It's the greatest option for those looking for peace and quiet as well as for families with little children.

Atlantic Ocean has stronger wave motion than the Pacific Ocean

Florida's Least Crowded Beach

On the Florida panhandle, you'll find a variety of beach types. If you've been to Panama City Beach or Destin, for example, you will encounter crowds or tourist traps.

Destin has calmed down a little, but there are places that are even calmer. Some least congested beaches inside the Florida panhandle are listed below.

Cape San Blas: The natural splendor of Cape San Blas is well-known. Even the brightly colored houses on the approach to the beach contribute to the fun. Fortunately, there is no highest point in this area. Bring your fishing rods and/or beach chairs if you decide to visit Cape San Blas.

Island of St. George: The 28 mi (45.1 km) long St. George Island seems like your own private beach. It's also dog-friendly, so bring your closest friend along. In any case, you may expect to observe wildlife while you're here. Dolphins, sharks, and eagles are examples of this. Go to the top of the lighthouse for the best views.

Beach of Navarre: Navarre Beach is famous as the 'Most Peaceful Place in Florida.' With white sand, mint green water, and quiet surf, it's a well-kept secret. The beach is a well-kept secret because this is a large military region where the general public does not spend much time, yet it is open to anyone.

The Calmest Beach In Florida

For Floridians, life can be challenging at times. This is why having a space to unwind is so important. For some, that could mean curling up on the couch with a huge bowl of food and watching a movie.

Others, on the other hand, might spend an afternoon walking to a tranquil location to relax. If you prefer the latter, we have a few calm areas in Florida that will provide you with a much-needed vacation from it all.

Bowman's Beach, Sanibel Island, Florida: Named one of the most beautiful spots in Florida, Bowman's Beach is no exception. From seashells that wash up on the shore to sunsets that are as close to paradise as you can get, this tranquil beach is rich with natural beauty and a warm climate. At this spectacular beach, spend a day finding calm by the gulf.

Captiva Island, Florida: Located off the coast, Captiva Island is the ideal destination to unwind for the weekend. You'll discover tranquility in nature when you explore this magnificent section of Florida, from relaxing on powdery sand beaches to canoeing across blue waterways.

Santa Rosa Beach is located in Santa Rosa, California. It's easy to see how Florida's Emerald Coast got its name from the Kelly-green ocean. But it's not just the beautiful Gulf of Mexico that makes this one of the top Florida beaches. The sugar-soft sand is actually fine quartz that has trickled down out from the Appalachian Mountains, and this is its last stop before being blown out to the sharp blue sea.

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