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Facts About Honolulu, Hawaii That Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags And Travel

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Being the largest city in Hawaii and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Honolulu attracts many tourists every year!

This city is a hub for many economic activities, whilst also giving people some much-needed time at the beach. Hence, a trip to Honolulu may be just what you need.

With many notable places to visit and booming nightlife, there is no reason why this city shouldn't make it to your bucket list. To add to the extensive list of reasons why you should visit this city, it happens to be one of the happiest places on the planet. It is quite understandable that people living in one of the safest and cleanest cities would be happy in their homes. The only factor that may be of concern is the traffic that you may face, although, the city's Department of Transportation is very active in terms of fixing the traffic situation in Honolulu. Keep reading to learn more facts about Honolulu!

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Neighborhoods, Boroughs, and Districts

Honolulu is not only the capital city of Hawaii but also is an important seat of trade and commerce for the country. This city was declared as the permanent capital of the state by the Hawaiian monarchy in the year 1845. Kamehameha III started erecting tall buildings and industrial centers in the city, which later translated well when the U.S. government annexed Hawaii.

The name Honolulu translates to 'sheltered harbor', which is quite appropriate, considering the quality of life that people enjoy in this city. Not only does this city have a booming economy due to tourism, but it is also one of the safest in the world. This modern city is home to people from almost all corners of the world who uphold their own individual cultures whilst also honoring the rich history of the state itself. It is also one of the happiest places in the world, which is quite obvious, given the hundreds of beaches that the people can go to whenever they wish. To add to all this, this city enjoys all the benefits of an amicable climate - although, make sure to pack a few tubes of sunscreen whenever you wish to plan a trip to Honolulu!

Downtown Honolulu is one of the most important places on the island of Oahu since it creates employment opportunities for many people. The Honolulu City Council is also located in downtown Honolulu. Apart from this, this district is the hub of many financial and commercial activities. Many people would be seen combing through this modern city throughout the day, as they go to work. One of the greatest things about getting to work in this district is the fact that the living standards in this city are great. According to many world reports that estimate the standards of living that companies would be providing to their employees by transferring them to different places around the world, Honolulu ranked quite well. It is also considered a safe city, and hence, most people try to migrate here permanently. The Aloha Tower was the tallest building in the state for a long time until it was replaced by the First Hawaiian Center, which is located in downtown Honolulu. It consists of four districts, which are, the Capitol District, Chinatown District, Waterfront, and Central Business District.

Chinatown is home to many institutions that uphold arts and culture. This district is historic in its own way and allows the inhabitants and tourists of the city to indulge in the rich artistic abilities of the people.

The Capitol District is home to many government buildings and institutions. It also houses the state library, King Kamehameha I's statue, and the Honolulu Hale, which is the City Hall. One of the lesser-known facts is that there is only one royal palace in the United States of America. The only royal palace in the U.S. is none other than 'Iolani Palace in the Capitol District.

Kaka'ako is an industrial district that has the state's most famous shopping complexes. This district also houses a medical school, which adds to the footfall in the shopping arenas.

Waikiki is the largest tourist district in the state and attracts many people throughout the year. There are many hotels in this region, in addition to many food joints, pubs and shopping areas. If you happen to be in the state, Waikiki would definitely be one of the best places to visit and probably book a hotel in.

Manoa, Maikiki, Waialae, and Kahala are all residential districts, although they also have some tourist hot spots.

Foreign Missions On The Island

The foreign missions that are there for consular facilities in the state of Hawaii today, and on the island at large, are present in order to make sure that peace is maintained between the communities as well as other countries.

There are several counselors from different countries in Hawaii. Such missions are sent from places such as the Marshall Islands, Australia, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan. This modern capital, therefore, is a seat for global cooperation. Such foreign missions also ensure that the state of Hawaii is not intolerant towards any community, religion, or country in particular. It is therefore hardly a matter of surprise that so many people choose to move to Hawaii. These foreign missions also help in mutual understanding of international law and order.

largest city in Hawaii and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean

Colleges And Universities

There are many notable colleges and universities in Honolulu, as is expected from such a major state capital.

Such colleges would include the Honolulu Community College, Kapiolani Community College, the University of Hawaii, Chaminade University, and the Hawaii Pacific University. These institutions provide plenty of facilities to their students, which adds to the reasons why the city is a major hub of economical activities.

In addition to this, the city also houses many research institutes which are very important for the United States of America. Such research institutes would include the East-West Center and the Pacific Forum.

Public Primary And Secondary Schools

The residential areas of the city have many primary and secondary schools.

There are many public schools in Honolulu which are run by the Hawaii Department of Education. The notable ones would include Kalani, Kaimuki, Kaiser, and Theodore Roosevelt High School.

Weekend Educational Programs

The Honolulu Community College provides plenty of opportunities for people to avail themselves of weekend educational programs. It is important for the all-round development of people to be allowed to learn something even if they have full-time jobs. The community college also ensures that age does not become a barrier when it comes to learning new skills or gaining knowledge. Hence, the weekend educational programs are availed by many.

In addition to this, the people of Honolulu also have the option to avail themselves of evening classes or courses if they happen to have day jobs. It is therefore safe to say that life in Honolulu is made quite simple for those who wish to increase their knowledge or maybe even fill in any gaps that were left in their academics.

Did You Know...

Honolulu International Airport receives 62.3% of the people that enter the Hawaiian islands.

The Honolulu Academy of Arts and the Contemporary Museum merged to form the Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House, which is the only contemporary art museum in the state of Hawaii.

The United States of America only made its decision to enter World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Captain William Brown was the first foreigner to have arrived in the state. He journeyed to what we now know as Honolulu harbor.

The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation is making conscious efforts to make sure that the traffic congestion-related issues in the city, especially in the west Oahu regions are solved at the earliest. They are looking forward to changing the entire network in a few decades so that a lasting solution is found. As a part of the solution, a railway is being built to connect the city to the suburban areas.

Honolulu is a center for international business and finance.

Honolulu is considered the "largest" city in the world. This is on the basis of Hawaii's state constitution that says that any Hawaiian island not named as belonging to a county belongs to Honolulu.

Kamehameha I moved his royal court to the city of Honolulu in the year 1809.

The Honolulu Symphony is the second-oldest symphony orchestra in the nation westward of the Rocky Mountains.

Honolulu is located on the southeastern coast of the island of Oahu.

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