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81 Facts About Little Mix: Learn More About The Girl Band

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Little Mix is a famous girl band from the United Kingdom.

Currently, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, and Leigh Anne Pinnock are members of the group. Jesy Nelson, one of the group's former members, left the group in 2020.

Little Mix is one of the best-selling bands from the United Kingdom, with over 60 million records sold worldwide. The group has been called one of the best girl groups of all time as well as the most popular girl group of the decade. Little Mix surprised 'X-Factor' judges with their first performance of Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass', receiving Gary Barlow's praise as the 'Greatest Girl Band that has ever been on 'The X Factor'.'

Initially, they were called Rhythmix. However, following an altercation with Rhythmix, a Brighton-based children's music charity with an identical name, they declared that they would change their name. Little Mix fans were taken aback when Jesy Nelson stated she would be leaving the band in December 2020 due to mental health issues.

Introduction To Little Mix

Little Mix became the first girl group to win the 'X Factor' crown with their show-stopping rendition of Damien Rice's 'Cannonball' on December 11, 2011, after sailing through the rounds with their extremely dynamic performances.

Little Mix made history in 2021 by becoming the first girl band to win a Brit Award since its establishment in 1977.

Pop, R&B, and dance-pop are the group's musical styles, with influences from other genres.

Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock had a significant style shift when they initially started out, after being combined as a group by Simon Cowell.

They were the first group to win 'X-Factor', and they signed with Simon Cowell's record label, Syco Music, after winning.

Little Mix has won several awards, including three Brit Awards.

They earned their first-ever Brit Award for Best British Single for the song 'Shout Out to My Ex' at the 2017 Brit Awards.

They are the first girl group since the Spice Girls in 1997, to win the fan-voted award for British Artist Video of the Year in 2019.

They were named the world's biggest girl band in 2016.

Songs By Little Mix

Little Mix has relentlessly brought out hit records since winning 'The X Factor' in 2011 and now ranks among the UK's greatest girl bands of all time. Here are some of the most famous albums and songs by Little Mix.

In 2012, Little Mix's debut album 'DNA' was published, which charted in the top 10 in 10 countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States.

One of Little Mix's biggest hits 'Shout Out to My Ex' was released just months after Perrie's breakup from Zayn Malik, reached the top of the charts, and stayed there for three weeks, selling 95,000 copies in its first week.

Little Mix's first track, 'Wings' was a life-affirming hit that urged everyone to ignore the haters and live their best life possible.

The group's official track for Sport Relief 2014 was a cover of the Cameo song 'Word Up!' which hit the top 10 in the UK.

In the United Kingdom, 'Get Weird' has been awarded double platinum, with 929,000 copies sold as of November 2021.

'LM5', the band's fifth studio album, was released on November 16, 2018. It was their seventh UK top-five album, followed by the lead song 'Woman Like Me', featuring Nicki Minaj.

The hit song 'Black Magic' is the first Little Mix track to top the UK Singles Chart since 'Wings' in 2012.

It was the first single by a girl group to spend more than a week at the top of the charts, staying at number one for three weeks in a row.

'Glory Days', their fourth studio album, made them the eighth band to reach number one on the UK Albums Chart.

Little Mix is the only girl group among the top 10 most-played female performers of the 21st century in the UK.

'Between Us', an album of five new songs was released in November 2021.

'Hair' was first released as a teaser song to promote their 'Get Weird' album, before being promoted to single status in 2016 with a new song featuring Sean Paul.

The award for Favorite Global Music Star went to Little Mix. At the performance, they also did a mashup of their tracks 'Shout Out to My Ex' and 'Touch'.

Little Mix released a music video for their song 'Wasabi' on March 12, 2020.

'Salute', Little Mix's second studio album, came out on November 8, 2013.

'Salute', 'Get Weird', 'DNA,' 'LM5,' and 'Glory Days' have all been hit albums, and their sixth Single, 'Confetti,' was published in 2020 with famous hits like 'Sweet Melody' and 'Break Up Song'.

Some famous hits by Little Mix you can't miss.

The Motto Of Little Mix

The Motto of Little Mix is 'Always Be Yourself.'

Little Mix has made use of their popularity to promote body positivity, female empowerment, and LGBTQ+  rights.

Little Mix joined up with BeatBullying, Europe's leading anti-bullying organization, in March 2014.

The #DeleteCyberbullying movement and the anti-bullying media campaign 'The Big March' are both supported by the girls. 

The initiative wants the European Commission to pass new legislation to safeguard youngsters from cyber harassment.

Fun Facts About Little Mix

Is Little Mix your favorite girl group? Here are some fun facts about Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne, and Jesy.

The band was initially called Rhythmix, but it had to be changed because that name was already taken by a children's charity.

In 2014, Little Mix toured with Demi Lovato in support of her Neon Lights tour in the United States.

Jesy is the eldest member of Little Mix, having been born on June 14, 1991, in Romford.

In 2015, their single 'Black Magic' was the biggest hit.

Little Mix shared that they will be launching their own makeup line, called LMX.

TLC, Spice Girls, Missy Elliott, Beyoncé, and Michael Jackson, are among the band's main influences, according to the girls.

The band collaborated with BeatBullying, one of Europe's largest anti-bullying organizations, in 2014.

'Wings' received the VEVO Certified Award in 2015 for surpassing 100 million views!

The group announced in November 2019 that they had joined with design brand PrettyLittleThing to develop their own clothing collection.

Jessy Nelson is left-handed.

There isn't a leader in Little Mix. They once told Perrie to be the band's leader on 'X-Factor', but Perrie refused, saying that they all can sing well and they don't need a leader.

'Salute', their third album single, had over one million YouTube views in less than 24 hours.

'Change Your Life' was the first song the girls wrote as a band.

Each of them has their own fashion doll.

Fans of Little Mix are known as Mixers.

In 2012, they performed their first single, 'Wings', for the first time at T4 on the Beach.

'Salute' was the title of Little Mix's second album, which was announced on YouTube on October 4, 2013.

Little Mix became the first girl group who made it past week seven in the live performances in 'X Factor' history.

Little Mix had a disagreement with Simon Cowell, the person who was largely responsible for their fame.

Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jesy, and Jade are each represented by a different symbol: a flower, a baseball cap, a boom box, and a bow tie.

Little Mix played at the M&M's World Store in London in May 2012 to promote a Union Jack-themed M&M's pack.

In 2011 the Little Mix ladies wore little black dresses (LBDs) at the 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One' launch with longtime 'X Factor' judge Tulisa.

In 2012, the band created a clothing line for children for Primark stores.

Little Mix has collaborated with famous artists like Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Jason Derulo, and Jess Glynne.

They have also published two books: 'Ready to Fly', which describes their journey to fame, and 'Our World', which dives deep into the ladies' personal lives.

The title of Little Mix's debut book, 'Ready to Fly', refers to their song 'Wings'.

Little Mix won the title for 'Best British Single' in 2017 for their song 'Shout Out to My Ex' at the BRIT Awards.

At the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, Little Mix walked the orange carpet.

After winning €9 million in 2018, Little Mix was declared the wealthiest 'X Factor' winner ever.

Perrie Edwards and Leigh-Anne both welcomed their first children in August 2021.

The British Fashion Awards were attended by Leigh-Anne and Jade in 2018, where they wore exquisite gowns to the event.

In 2019, Jesy released her widely praised documentary 'Odd One Out', which ended up winning an NTA.

Leigh-Anne is a songwriter, presenter, and actor who has her own swimsuit line.

Jade is also a songwriter, and she does her own TV appearances and marketing partnerships on a regular basis.

Jade Thirlwall had always aspired to be a singer. Before joining Little Mix, she attended a performing arts college in South Tyneside.

In September 2020, the girls premiered their own talent show, 'The Search', on BBC One.

By being a part of Little Mix, the girls formed an incredible bond and are always giving us serious BFF goals.

Jade is a huge Disney lover, to the point where she auditioned for the role of Jasmine at Disney World.

Jade auditioned for 'The X Factor' when she was only 15 years old in 2008 and 2010, before finding success with Little Mix in 2011. 

Perrie was planning to start a Performing Arts degree before her 2011 'X Factor' audition.

Perrie suffers from congenital anosmia, which means she is unable to smell anything. She hasn't been able to smell since she was born because of this.

Perrie has claimed that she eats nine packs of crisps per day. She loves crisps a lot!

Perrie is named after Steve Perry, Journey's former lead vocalist, who is famous for the song 'Don't Stop Believin''.

At Boot Camp, Perrie was in a different girl group alongside Jesy Nelson.

Jesy said that the relentless bullying she endured at school caused her significant hair loss. She's learned to overlook unpleasant comments as she's gotten older and concentrate on her happiness.

Jesy worked as a barmaid before joining Little Mix. 

Jesy confirmed her resignation from Little Mix after nine years in the band due to mental health reasons.

Leigh-Anne used to work as a waitress at Pizza Hut before joining Little Mix.

Leigh Anne appeared in the film 'Boxing Day', which was released in theatres in 2021. She plays the role of a cool rockstar.

Leigh Anne is afraid of flying bugs.

Leigh Anne and Jade have a knack for writing music, and in April 2019 they signed with Sony/ATV TwentySeven publishing company as songwriters.

'In A Seashell' is Leigh-Anne's swimwear line, which she launched in April 2019.

Little Mix performed at the GRLS Festival in Brazil in 2020.

Perrie Edwards is said to be the richest member of the band with a net worth of a whopping $9 million (as of 2021).

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