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43 Facts About Seattle, Washington That Every Travel Geek Should Know

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Seattle is a lively area located in Washington.

Seattle is famous for its many food attractions and also the landscape. Seattle has been on the travel list of many travel geeks.

Tourists visiting Seattle can experience a wide range of food varieties, landscapes, adventures, water sports, and also the famous beaches. One of the must-know fun facts about Seattle is that the city has witnessed some real superheroes. The famous Phoenix Jones and rain city superheroes moved through the city.

Bertha Knight Landes was the first female mayor of a major U.S. city. She made bold reforms after taking the position of the first female mayor in 1926.

Speaking of attractions that make the place unique, we have the world's longest floating bridge in the Seattle area. The evergreen point floating bridge is also known as the Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge.

Seattle area does have some greatest gaming video company settlements like the Nintendo, Microsoft Game Studios, and so on. Also, the famous plant vs. zombies by the PopCap games is a production of Seattle-based game developers.

Seattle is the most expensive city, especially west Seattle. 15% of the highest income neighborhoods in America come from western avenue. Capitol Hill is an equally wealthy region.

Dating back to history, you can find the first visit of a European who was the famous man named George Vancouver. Seattle is definitely having the world’s largest coffee chain today. The space needle was once considered as the tallest building west of the Washington State of United States.

Seattle History

Did you know that the city of Seattle was built on Indigenous land? It used to be the traditional territory of the Coast Salish people.

  • While their tribes had occupied the region for more than thousands of years, European arrival ended up making some changes.
  • The white settlers started extensive trade and social networks and they started to occupy the land slowly.
  • The first settlers of Seattle were white settlers who visited this large port city.
  • The shipbuilding boom that happened during the first world war also known as the Great Seattle fire was a major historical event of the place.
  • After establishing in the city, the white settlers had named the city 'New York'. Later, the name changed to 'New York – Alki'.
  • Seattle used to be a village that was named what it is today after the name of the Duwamish Indian leader – Sealth. The final settlement of Seattle city was done in the year 1851.
  • The city of Seattle has even got a nickname. Seattle’s nickname is called the 'Emerald City'. You would be surprised to note that this nickname is the official nickname of the city.
  • The nickname of Seattle was given emerald because of the greenish nature of the city and the awesome greenish trees area found.
  • Seattle is also known as the 'jet city'. The city is so green that it is also called the evergreen city.
  • Seattle is highly famous for the coffee culture which it has all around the city. Starbucks is all famous and popular. The grunge music scene is something to witness in the city.
  • Seahawks, pike place market, space needle, are all the things that make this city so lively.
  • The city is also famous for having the biggest tech giants headquarters like Microsoft and Amazon.
  • You can have an adventurous tour as the city gives the best hiking, kayaking, and outdoor lifestyle experience.

Seattle Geographic Location

When you want to be around beautiful geography, then you should visit Seattle City. It is almost unbelievable how well this city is maintained. Well, remember that this greenish city is on the west coast of the United States. To be more precise, Seattle is situated in the Pacific Northwest Region in the state of Washington.

  • If we have to talk about the terrain of the city, then Seattle does have beautiful mountains, forests, and water bodies.
  • Also, Seattle is highly famous for being located in Puget Sound or Puget Lowland.
  • Pacific Northwest is a popular geographic location with an echelon of dance companies.
  • The Pacific Northwest Ballet is the popular attraction of all.
Onions were the sole reason that made Pike Place Market famous.

Seattle Weather, Seasons And Temperature

Seattle’s weather is something that the people would definitely love to hear about. Many would wonder if the city shows all four seasons or not.

  • The most two common seasons seen in Seattle city are the rainy season and the summer season.
  • The rainy season itself contains fall, winter, and springtime. However, the summer season is quite short and dry.
  • Summers would also have cloudy weather. Winters can be very cold and people can experience humidity in winters.
  • The overall temperature of Seattle varies from 37-80 F (2.7-26.6 C) which remains like this all throughout the years.
  • Overall, you can say that Seattle city or Emerald City is having a temperate climate.

Famous Tourist Attraction In Seattle

Talking about such a beautiful city would surely make passionate travelers wonder about the famous attractions to find in Seattle.

  • Seattle is greatly known for its awesome culinary talents. It is the most popular city in Washington with a huge number of travelers every year.
  • The main attractions of the city of Seattle are – the museum of pop culture, Seattle’s art museum, Seattle aquarium, the Olympic sculpture park.
  • Also, you can visit the woodland park zoo and the museum of flight, which is hell famous in the city.
  • Well, if someone is wondering what about the spaceship needle, then yes, this famous attraction has not been missed.
  • The space needle is the observation tower in the city which is a must-visit place in Seattle.
  • Boeing Company Future of Flight is one of Seattle's most premier attractions, honoring the efforts and creations of William Boeing.
  • Queen Anne Hill rises between Belltown and Denny Way and the Lake Washington Ship Canal to the north.
  • Anyone visiting the area during Seattle's Annual Rainfall would enjoy the best of Lake Washington.
  • The region is home to some massive historic events like the Klondike Gold Rush, Denny Party, Initiation Pioneer Square, the Great Seattle Fire, and so on.
  • Pioneer Square is in fact the city's richly historic and the first neighborhood of the old city. Likewise, the Denny Party founded the old city.
  • You can enjoy from the live music performances travel to the longest floating bridge, the great fire of Seattle, Elliot Bay, rock debris, Mercer Island, Smith tower.
  • The longest floating bridge is known for the couple’s reunion myth. Apart from all of these, there are some famous beaches in the city. These are Alki Beach, Golden Gardens Park, Marina Beach Park, Discovery Park.
  • You would be surprised to know the fact that Seattle city has around 65 beaches in total. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • Well, now, you can imagine how expensive Seattle can be. Seattle is definitely a bit more expensive than anyone can imagine.
  • Seattle, according to some reports, is known to be the most expensive city and it ranks in the sixth position.
  • The standard cost of living in Emerald City is a lot higher which is more than 50 % than the average in the United States.
  • To live comfortably in Seattle, you would definitely need around 90,000 US dollars in a year.
  • There are many food specialties that Seattle City is most famous for.
  • As earlier told that Seattle is famous for its coffee culture. But the city is a famously culinary skilled city that has some great food around.
  • For example, seafood, like oysters and sushi, is famous in Seattle. Also, a variety of delicious desserts can be seen on the list.
  • The famous cherry hill and the pike place market would be great for tasting the amazing local delicacies.
  • Teriyaki, Pho, the Seattle dog, cream cheese hot dog, cupcake royale, is well known and popular in Seattle city.
  • You can even have delicious varieties of donuts to try in Seattle. Hence, one can say that the cuisine of Seattle is mostly Asian based more specifically from the countries of Japan and Vietnam.
  • Of course, fish food or seafood are highly famous in Seattle. Seattle is highly famous for the fish salmon.
  • There are many yummy dishes of salmon that you can find there. The people of Seattle who are called the Seattleites are highly hospitable and welcoming.
  • Seattle is home to the United States Wealthiest Man, did you know!? The famous personality Bill Gates hails from the city of Seattle.
  • The beautiful city of Seattle is known to take anyone’s breath away. It is a great city to have an amazing experience with friends, family, and loved ones.

Did You Know...

Did you know that the early settlers in the region called the townsite - New York City? After this, New York City became Duwamps, then Seattle.

  • When the final name was established, the region was originally a village and now with all the improvements, it is even harder to believe that it used to be a village. As of now, actual New York City is three times bigger than Seattle.
  • The beautiful Emerald City is worth having a visit. While talking about the city of Seattle, you can remember evergreen forests and greenery of the city in mind.
  • While it is highly famous for its amazing coffee culture, there are many more reasons to visit the city. Food lovers would love traveling to this rich cuisine culture city.
  • The biggest reason to go to the city for vacations is about having the all-in-one package for a short stay.
  • The city offers amazing adventures, social gatherings, festivals, live concerts, breathtaking sceneries, and awesome food.
  • It is just amazing to go out into the city and its borders and enjoy activities like fishing, canoeing, sailing, hiking, cross country skiing, visiting the famous pike place market, smith tower, lake union, Elliot bay, Rosellini bridge, pioneer square, western avenue, capitol hill, evergreen point floating bridge in the Seattle Area.
  • These all amazing adventures are just in one city. What more to ask for! Ever been a fan of the grunge music genre? Then you should know that it is known to be the inventor of the genre.
  • You can find many music legends from Seattle and can even enjoy back-to-back live performances anytime one would be visiting around the year.
  • Hollywood fans would love Seattle to see their favorite movie sets over there. 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Twilight', 'An Officer and a Gentleman', and many more movies which are super-duper hits were shot in the Emerald city.
  • Seattle is famous for its rich art and culture. One would find many great festival celebrations throughout the year.
  • Seattle is highly famous for its whale-watching activities. Just get on to a ferry on the waters of the San Juan Islands and watch the amazing water animals.
  • The main attractions of Seattle that must not be ever forgotten are the pike place market, Space Needle, Gum Wall, Fremont Troll, and the Ballard Locks. These are more such top attractions that can contribute to your list of must-visit locations.
  • Seattle is the safest US city to travel to and have all the fun from taking the breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains to experiencing the most amazing Seattle Wine and food. 
  • For those interested in adventurous trips to the city, you may want to take the Eerie Underground Tour taking the visitors along the sidewalks and storefronts. All of these existed before the Great Fire took place.
  • Speaking of adventures and fun facts about Seattle, you can find a giant drill named Bertha trying to dig its way to the city grounds and beyond. It is one of the controversial projects started in 2013.
  • Bertha was stuck after completing 10% of the work and now, it is expected to be resumed soon.
  • All these fun facts about Seattle clearly state that the city is developing at its own pace and it has come a long way for a city that was built atop the ruins.
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