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93 Facts About The Tallest Mountain From Base To Peak

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Did you know that the tallest volcanic peak on earth is Mauna Kea?

Yes, Mount Everest is not the tallest. Mauna Kea measures much more than Mount Everest when measured from base to peak.

Mauna Kea is a well-known name in the Hawaiian mountainous regions. The meaning of the word Mauna Kea is 'white mountain'. This is because one can easily see the amazing snow deposits on the summit of the mountain. The first ascent to this mountain was made in 1823. The Hawaiian Islands have six volcanoes and Mauna Kea is one of the six. It is a dormant volcano that is found in the mountain range of the Hawaiian Emperor paramount chain.

It is not a surprise that this beautiful mountainous summit was declared a World Heritage Site in November 1972. Mauna Kea's neighbor, Mauna Loa, has been referred to as an active volcano. Many people wonder how Mauna Kea became the world's tallest mountain.

When the height is measured from the base, which is dipped into the Pacific Ocean, to the peak of the mountain then this mountain becomes the tallest, even taller than Mount Everest. The summit of this mountain is at an elevation of 15,000 ft (4500 m) above sea level. It is definitely the tallest with a height of 33,500 ft (10,210 m) from the base.

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Facts About The Tallest Mountain From Base To Peak

Mauna Kea is one of the world's tallest mountains from base to peak.

It is the world's tallest mountain is around 33,500 ft (10,210 m), making it higher than Mount Everest. This height is measured from the base to the peak. The base is dissolved under the water and this mountain is actually an island. Since this is an island mountain, the mountain is constantly establishing itself under the sea. This volcanic mountain in the world also holds high religious beliefs and spiritual beliefs for Hawaiian people.

Since this mountain is technically taller than the tallest mountain in the world, why do is Mount Everest still considered to be the tallest mountain on earth? It is known that a substantial amount of Mauna Kea's is submerged under the water body. The height of the mountain is reduced when measured from above sea level. Moreover, being an island makes it not the tallest.

Facts About Mauna Kea

The Seven Summits are the highest mountains of each of the seven traditional continents. This mountain in the Pacific Ocean is around 1 million years old. Also, half of the mountain is submerged under the water.

Another interesting fact to note about Mauna Kea is that commercial airplanes do fly over this mountain even if this mountain is the tallest. While many people have noticed that helicopters or planes do not pass through Mount Everest.

This mountain has the highest peak or highest altitude in the world. It is the highest point or the topmost part of the mountain. A summit and a peak of the mountain are entirely two different things.

The highest point or the highest elevation (highest altitude) of this volcanic mountain in the world is 13,796 ft (4205 m). Since it is now being heavily discussed, the mountain is the tallest only if the mountain is measured from the base to the peak.

For a mountain, its base becomes the area where the mountain touches the ground. The typical criterion for measuring mountain heights is not from its base but from sea level.

It would be highly interesting to note that the mountain, Mauna Kea, is one of the finest mountains and has become the site for astronomical observations.

Facts About Mauna Kea's Geography

There have been many geographical facts that are quite interesting to note about this greatly famous mountain called Mauna Kea.

It has different ecosystems. The total number of ecosystems formed has been counted to around five. It is known to have a clear sky and also a dry atmosphere. This is what has led it to become a site for astronomical observation located in Hawaii. Imagine this beautiful summit like Mount Everest located in the land of Hawaii, the north side of the big island and you are able to see the summit from even the farthest point.

It is important to learn about how mountain elevations are calculated. The units elevations are measured in are feet (meters) Measuring the elevation of a mountain was never an easy task until technological advancements. Today, there is a technology called GPS systems which people even have their on smartphones.

GPS is highly used today to perfectly calculate the height or the coordinates of a mountain. Studying a mountain or locating a mountain on a map has been made quite easy. You can mark the contour lines on the map to determine the mountainous elevations.

Facts About Mauna Kea Volcano

Mauna Kea is actually a volcanic island that has been dormant for years now. Interesting right? The last eruption here was known to have occurred around 4,600 years ago.

Since it is considered to be a dormant volcano, it does not have the ability to grow in size. The size only decreases as time passes by. An eruption might happen and the possibility of a volcanic eruption is high. This is because geologists have stated that since Mauna Kea was last known to have erupted around 4500 years ago approximately it has already cleared the quiescent phase. The gap is quite long for Mauna Kea. The date of the last eruption of the volcano Mauna Kea was April 15, 1984.

Apart from this dormant volcano, there are other active volcanoes located in Hawaii. These can erupt from time to time. These are Hualalai, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea. Kilauea is known to have an eruption every few years. Mauna Loa has erupted every 10 years. Hualalai has eruptions in longer intervals, such as every 100 years.

Mauna Kea has awesome beautiful scenes to observe. Mauna Kea's summit is definitely open to the public and people can have an easy view of the mountainous region at the top. It has become a great tourist attraction in the past years. It has also become the most famous study tour where many student groups from different universities around the world come to visit. There are many great adventurous activities for tourists to experience.

The island has an amazing sunset which will leave you in awe of its beauty.

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