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151 Famous Nebraskans Who Will Inspire You To Achieve More

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Do you know many famous people in history from historical towns like Lincoln, Pawnee City and Omaha from Nebraska?

Nebraska is a state in the United States which is home to famous cities like Omaha and Lincoln. It shares its borders with South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming.

The capital city of Nebraska in Lincoln. Its largest city is Omaha with other prominent regions being Lincoln and Pawnee city. The area of Nebraska is 77,220 sq mi (200,000 sq km). It has a population of approximately 1.9 million. Most Nebraskans are Protestants followed by Catholics. Some of the popular Nebraska cities are Norfolk, Omaha, Grand Island, Lincoln, Pawnee City, and others.

Omaha is the only metropolitan city of Nebraska. Throughout history, various Nebraskans have gained fame and popularity. They include athletes, actors, artists, musicians, composers, performing arts, scientists, and others. Some of the famous personalities are from Omaha, Frank W Leahy (football coach), Zanuck (film producer), Hastings Mignon Eberhart (author), Bob Gibson (baseball player), Jay Wright Forrester (inventor), Adele Astaire (dancer), Marlon Brando (Actor), Nathan Roscoe Pound (educator and legal scholar), and several others.

But which is the most famous person from Nebraska? Is it Hastings Mignon Eberhart (author) or Zanuck (film producer) or from Omaha, Frank W. Leahy (football coach) or Jay Wright Forrester (inventor) or Nathan Roscoe Pound (educator and legal scholar)?

Read on to know more about the famous personalities from Pawnee City, Lincoln, and Omaha. Afterward, also check facts about famous Leonardo and famous mummies.

History Of Nebraskans

Here are some interesting facts on the history of Nebraskans.

Roscoe Pound (educator and legal scholar) served as the dean of Harvard Law School from 1916-1936.

Jay W. Forrester (inventor) invented the random-access magnetic core memory.

Marlon Brando (actor) is known for his role in the Godfather movie series.

From Hastings, Mignon Eberhart (author) was born in Lincoln and is known for classic mystery novels.

Darryl F. Zanuck (film producer) for some classical movies of the '40s.

Frank W. Leahy (football coach) with a career-winning percentage of 0.864.

Joyce C Hall (businessman) He was the founder of Hallmark Cards.

GR Ford (US President) was the 38th US President.

Dick Cheney (Vice-President), 46th vice-President of the US.

Famous Nebraskans In Athletics

Some of the famous Nebraskans in athletics are listed down below.

Grover Cleveland Alexander- Baseball Hall of Fame, born in Elba, Nebraska in 1887.

Max Baer- Boxer, born in Omaha, Nebraska on 11th February 1909, Died on 21st November 1959.

Barry Alvarez- Football coach, born in Langeloth, Nebraska on 30th December 1946/.

Frank W. Leahy (football coach) From Omaha, Frank has a career winning percentage of 0.864.

Craig Bohl- Football coach, born in Lincoln, Nebraska on 27th July 1958.

Steve Borden- Wrestler, born in Omaha, Nebraska on 20th March 1959.

Bob Boozer- Basketball player, born in Omaha, Nebraska on 26th April 1937, died on 19th May 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Buddy Carlyle- Baseball Hall of Fame, born in Omaha, Nebraska on 21st December 1977.

Bob Devaney- Football Coach, born in Saginaw on 13th April 1915, Died on 9th May 1997 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Chad Fleischer- Alpine skier, born in Columbus on 4th January 1972.

Bob Gibson- Baseball player, born in Omaha on 9th November 1935, died on 2nd October 2020 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Famous Nebraskans In Art And Literature

Some famous Nebraskans in art and literature are mentioned below.

Hartley Burr Alexander – Writer, Scholar, Philosopher, poet, and educationist. Born on 9th April 1873.

Gutzon Borglum – Painter, sculptor, and designer, born in Idaho on 25th March 1867, died on 6th March 1941.

Raymond Chandler- Author (The Big Sleep), Born in Illinois on 23rd July 1888, died on 26t March 1959.

Earle D. Chesney- Cartoonist, Born in Swanton on 6th June 1900, died on 29th April 1966.

Loren Eiseley- Poet, ecologist, anthropologist, and science writer.

Ernest K. Gann- Author (The High and the Mighty), Born in Lincoln on 3rd September 1907, died on 9th July 1977.

Lew Hunter- Screenwriter.

Hastings Mignon Eberhart (author) is known for classic mystery novels.

Ted Kooser- Poet (won Pulitzer Prize), Born in Iowa on 25th April 1939.

Stephen R. Lawhead- Author, Born in Kearney on 2nd July 1950.

Wright Morris- Author and photographer, born in Central City on 6 January 1910, and died on April 26, 1998.

Daniel Quinn- Author, Born in Omaha on 11th October 1935. Died on 17th February 2018.

Edward Ruscha- Artist.

Susette La Flesche - Artist.

 John P. Falter  - Artist.

Brandon Sanderson- Author.

Nicholas Sparks- Author (The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, The Last Song), Born in Omaha 31st December 1965.

Mari Sandoz- Author (Slogum House, Old Jules), lecturer. Born in Sheridan County on 11th May 1896, died on 10th March 1966 in New York City.

Joel Sartore- Photographer (National Geographic).

John Trudell- Author, Born in Omaha on 15th February 1946, died on 8th December 2015.

Anna Louise Strong- Journalist and author, Born in Friend on 24th November 1885, died on 29th March 1970.

Famous Nebraskans In Medicine

Few Nebraskans that are famous in the world of medicine are listed below.

Nancy Coover Andreasen- She is an American Neuropsychiatrist. She was born in Lincoln on 11 November 1938. She currently works at Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine. She has been awarded the National Medal of Science. She has written three books including 'The Broken Brain', 'Brave New Brain', and 'The Creating Brain'.

Susan La Flesche Picotte- She is a Physician. She was born on 17 June 1865 in Omaha. She died on 18 September 1915. She was the first indigenous woman who became a physician in the United States.

Roscoe Pound (educator and legal scholar) and Bob Gibson (baseball player) are from Omaha.

Famous Nebraskans In Science

Some famous Nebraskans in the world of science are as follows.

Barry Barish- Physicist (Discovered gravity waves), Born in Omaha on 27th January 1936.

Henry Beachell- Biologist (Developed hybrid rice), Born in Waverly on 21st September 1906.

George Wells Beadle- Geneticist, Born in Wahoo on 22nd October 1903.

Charles Edwin Bessey- Botanist, forest inventor (Planted Nebraska National Forest), Born in Ohio on 21st May 1845.

Leon Douglass- Inventor, Born on 12th March 1869 in Nebraska.

Rollins A. Emerson- Geneticist (Genetics of Maize), Born on 5th May 1873.

Val Fitch- Nuclear Physicist, Born in Merriman on 10th March 1923.

Jay Wright Forrester - Computer engineer, founder, Born on 14th July 1918 in Anselmo.

Edmund Jaeger- Botanist, Born on 28th January 1887 in Loup City.

Francis La Flesche- Anthropologist. Born on 25th December 1857 in OmahaIvan Sutherland- Inventor (Sketchpad), Born in Hastings on 16th May 1938.

Famous Nebraskans In Entertainment

Some famous Nebraskans in the field of entertainment are listed below.

Marlon Brando (actor) is known for his role in the Godfather movie series.

Darryl F. Zanuck (film producer) for some classical movies of the 40s.

Scott Porter (Actor) known for his rile in The Good Wife. The Good Wife is an extremely popular drama series.

Wesley Addy- Actor.

Adele Astaire- Dancer and actor.

Fred Astaire- Dancer and actor.

Pamela Austin- Actor.

John Beasley- Television and movie Actor.

Michael Biehn- Actor.

Moon Bloodgood- Actor.

Marlon Brando- Actor.

Jack Johnson - Pop artist.

Montgomery Clift- Academy award winning Actor.

James Coburn- Actor.

L. Ron Hubbard- Actor.

Henry Fonda- Actor.

Holt McCallany- Actor.

Ryan Cownie- Stand-up comedian.

Dick Cavett- Television Talk show host.

Floyd Kalber- Journalist.

Chip Davis- Singer and songwriter.

Tim Kasher- Singer.

Matty Lewis- Guitarist and singer.

James Valentine- Guitarist.

Some of the names that need another mention are from Omaha, Frank W. Leahy and Bob Gibson.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 151 famous Nebraskans who will inspire you to achieve more then why not take a look at Famous mummies and their breathtaking tales: list of 21, or famous Leonardo's in history: list of 11 most popular ones?

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