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15 Famous Nevadans You Probably Don't Know About

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Nevada, is known as, and for, the land of sand, indigenous culture, and rocky mountains.

Officially called the ‘Silver State’, due to the importance of silver in its economy, Nevada was one of the first regions explored by the Spanish. Nevada, in all its sandy glory, has had many a celebrity come out of the state, a lot of whom will be discussed now.

Nevada's at-large district was created when the statehood was granted in 1864. This encompassed the complete state. but it was made obsolete by the 1980 Census. Be it the Virginia City or Washoe Valley, the state has produced some incredible names who have earned global fame. Did you know that Nevada is a Spanish word, meaning ‘snowy’? It is ironic, considering that most of Nevada is arid and is a desert; however, it is the biggest producer of gold in the world!

Some of the most famous Nevadans are the football player Brandon Marshall; stand-up comedian, actor, and a snowy patch in its overlap with the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, which is what it’s named after. Nevada is also home to the famous Air War College.

Nevada itself has a very rich history, populated with facts such as its massive casino den of Las Vegas, its libertarian laws, a huge tourist spot of the 20th century, and so forth. Interestingly, this low populated state is the fourth voice artist Dana Snyder; Talk show host Jimmy Kemmel, Republican member Mike McGinness; NASCAR driver Kurt Busch; and American actress Josie Harris. So, to find out further about Nevadans that have excelled at their jobs and made their state and the USA proud, read on! Afterward, also check famous Nebraskans and famous mummies.

History Of Nevadans

Nevada, and subsequently the people who live there, have had an interesting history behind them. Over the last couple of centuries, Nevada’s discovery and coronation as a state, which happened in 1864, have contributed to a state that is still considered very liberal.

Did you know that it’s illegal to kiss with a mustache in Nevada? Nevada has its fair share of funny laws like it is illegal to ride a camel on a highway! Nevadan politics, after the discovery of gold in the 1900s, was dominated by mine owners and other important people, especially in Virginia City. John Jones and Reinhold Sadler embraced bimetallism and tried introducing agriculture again. An important thing about Nevada is its constant economic booms and failures, despite the sparse population.

There is a mix of a lot of European cultures, especially Italian Americans. During the anti-gaming crusade in 1910, there was a prompt for all state legislators to ban gambling, however, in 1930, Nevada was the first state to legalize it, terming it gaming, and establishing the Nevada Gaming Commission. Gambling is what put Nevada on the map, especially Las Vegas, as the focus shifted from Reno as soon as the most expensive casino in the world was built in Las Vegas. Reno especially lost interest of gamblers as Las Vegas offered luxurious hotels and gambling casinos, drawing people from all over the world.

Nevada is also a hotspot for nuclear testing, due to the vast expanse of the desert all over the state. Nevada is host to a lot of famous people, some of whom are discussed below. Nevada has had a tirade of celebrities pass through, such as famous magician David Copperfield, boxer Mike Tyson, famed tennis player Andre Agassi, Tupac, and many more. The religious inclination of Nevadans has historically been low, with their churchgoers being among the lowest in the country. Mining, since the discovery of silver and gold in the state, has been one of the main contributors to their economy.

Nevadans also need not pay personal income taxes; this was done to attract people to the state. During the silver boom, Nevada had an influx of people leaving it due to the arid conditions. The introduction of air conditioning made this stop; Nevada and Arizona increased their population subsequently. Alcohol laws are also very liberal, as bars and casinos populate Las Vegas and other places. Politically, there is a divide in the population by area; northern Nevada is very republican and the opposite is in the south of the state.

Military personnel from Nevada played a significant role in the gulf war, and David L. Golfein, flew many combat missions in the Gulf war, out of the Nellis AFB. A lot of Nellis-based aircraft were used in the gulf war. The Virginia mountains of Nevada are located in Washoe county, in between Reno and Carson City, its capital. Nevada has a healthy amount of wildlife, and the state-protected regions of Nevada consist of several parks, historic sites, and recreation areas. Nevada has a fast-growing population, and almost all of them live in Clark County, a part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

Nevadans usually move to the state, and only 25% of all Nevadans were born and brought up in the state itself. There is a high population of Asian Americans in the state, as many came for the California gold rush of the 1850s. interestingly, a lot of third and fourth generation Asian Americans, whose great grandparents were also born and brought up in the country, come from Nevada. The largest employers of the state are the county school districts, and the most revenue comes from Las Vegas casinos, unsurprisingly. Cattle ranching is a major activity of rural Nevada, and it contributes to a lot of revenue of the state. With a thriving solar energy sector, Nevada gains a lot of money, approximately 36 million each year, according to a study in 2013. Transportation is achieved through bus services, as well as train stations all over the region. Religious affiliations are mostly Christian, however, most choose to not go to church.

Famous Nevadans In Athletics

Nevadans have always had an affinity for athletics, with some very famous and controversial figures coming out of the state. Baseball and basketball hold most of the players, apart from football and NASCAR drivers, surprisingly.

A lot of professional basketball players call Nevada their home state. People like Greg Anthony, Avery Bradley, Kris Bryant, OJ Simpson and Brian Kelly have had extensive careers in the sport, becoming professional basketball players by ages as early as 18! Greg Anthony, who is from Las Vegas, originally did not plan on playing basketball professionally, even turning down an athletic scholarship as he made enough money from his entrepreneurial business. He was, however, drafted into the NBA in 1991, eventually becoming a commentator after retirement.

OJ Simpson, infamous for his murder conviction, was a former football running back, nicknamed ‘The Juice’ at one point. Brian Kelly, on the other hand, has been a football coach since 1983, more than half his life! Football players are abundant in Nevada, with people like Erin Sanders, who played offensive tackle as a football player, who is from Reno, Nevada. Andre Agassi, a famed tennis player and tennis professional, acting as a coach now, hails from Las Vegas. But that’s not all Nevada has to offer. Nevada holds a race each year, in Nevada City, called the Nevada City Classic. It resembles tour de France, however, the race is one of the most historic and the oldest on the West Coast, drawing spectators from all over the country.

Famous Nevadans In Art And Literature

Art and literature have a lot of standing in Nevada, especially around the big cities of Las Vegas and Reno. A lot of famous authors hail from the state, providing immense entertainment through their art.

A huge feminist and LGBTQ rights activist, Alta Gerry was writing about women and gay people at a time when persecution was common. She was fierce and defiant, starting a press called the 'Shameless Hussy' in 1969. Unfortunately, she did not get inducted into the Nevada Writers Hall of fame, but people like Dave Hickey, a prominent art critic, were.

Dave, nicknamed the Enfant Terrible of Art Criticism, is from Texas originally but was considered a Nevadan gem due to his contributions. Juanita Brooks, on the other hand, was a huge historian, mostly writing about Mormon history, interestingly also writing about the Mountain Meadows Massacre, something that her grandfather was linked to. Apart from these people, Susan Berman, daughter of Davie 'The Jew' Berman, wrote about her late realization in life about her father’s mob crimes. Her father, Dave, one of the historical figures in mob history, was one of the earliest casino gamblers in the state. Nevada Barr, weirdly, was not named after her home state, but after a character.

Famous Nevadans In Medicine

Although medicine is a big field in Nevada, there are not many people who particularly contributed to this field. However, Nevada is rich in excellent doctors and surgeons.

John M. Menenez, a surgeon specializing in craniofacial, is the only fellowship-trained doctor of craniofacial in Las Vegas. He graduated from the University of Minnesota, eventually settling down in Las Vegas, and offers ear reconstructions, cleft repairs, and much more. Nicolas V., an oncologist, has contributed to cancer research and is currently the Medical Director of the Research Executive Committee and Associate Chair of the Developmental Therapeutics and Genitourinary Committees for US Oncology Research.

Famous Nevadans In Science

Science has been an important part of Nevada's history, and people have significantly contributed to fields of neurobiology, botany, and paleontology.

The great basin in North America spans almost the entirety of Nevada, Utah, and parts of several other states, known for its arid climate. Margaret Wheat, an American anthropologist, archaeologist, and paleontologist, was honored as an outstanding Nevada writer, due to her research and subsequent publishing of books about the Paiute people.

She also convinced paleontologists to excavate fossil remains, discovered various caves used by ancient man. Zoe Donaldson, on the other hand, explored the neurological and genetic mechanisms of rodents and is a pioneer in developing new tools for understanding these topics further.

Famous Nevadans In Entertainment

Nevadans have dominated the entertainment history, with people like Mark Twain, RiceGum, Nicholas Cage hailing from the region. Las Vegas became an important place to settle down in for them, and many of them still reside there today.

Stand-up comedians, like RiceGum, and Jillian Leigh Bell (who is known for her work in 'Idiotsitter', a show airing on comedy central), 'Brittany Runs a Marathon', and '22 Jump Street', hail from the city of Las Vegas.

Other than that, Mark Twain, known as the best comedian of the 20th century, also lived a significant amount of time in Nevada. Some of his most famous works include 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer', 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn', and was notorious for investing in failed business ventures, such as the Paige typewriter. He is also infamous for the prediction of his death, he was born as Haley's comet passed by earth and predicted that he will go out as it passes by again. Sure enough, Mark Twain passed away on April 21, 1910, the day the comet was the closest to our planet. An eccentric figure loved by many, mark twain rests in Connecticut.

Switching fields for second, many American actresses and actors come from Nevada, and a lot of silent film actresses as well! Madchen Amick, an actress on twin peaks, currently stars in Riverdale. Apart from her, Toni Basil, a multi-millionaire singer, and film actress, has settled in Las Vegas and famous for her hit from 1982, called Mickey. Reno Blair was a multifaceted film actress, as she was a pilot as well! Nicolas Cage, a very famous actor, stayed in Nevada for a very long time.

Nephew of one of the first executive directors for Marlon Brando, Francis Copolla, Nicolas had wanted to act from a very young age, and once acted in front of his uncle, who did not say anything, funnily enough. Nicolas has been a wide range of films, both mainstream and offbeat. His brothers are radio personalities and directors. Nicolas is not considered a particularly good actor in mainstream media; however, his movies have seen mainstream success, and he is counted among the richest actors in Hollywood. He mostly excels in the adventure action genre, and movies like treasure hunt are considered cult classics. Brandon Flowers, the lead guitarist and lead vocalist for the killers, also is from Nevada. He originally responded to an ad in a newspaper, from which he became a part of the killers. He has written beautiful songs and wrote a song for his wife while she struggled with PTSD.

He currently has two sons and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Art Bell, the host of a paranormal-themed radio program called Coast to coast, hails from the region. His show was a massive hit and plays on radios in reruns across the North American countries of the USA and Canada. He also created and hosted a show called Dreamland. Art Bell was an increasingly eccentric figure, sharing a lot of details about his private life, and famously mourning his wife's death on the air. He also secretly got married to someone and hinted at it on the radio for an entire year. Dave Fogg, a resident of Las Vegas, is a famous record producer. Keith Olsen, another famous record producer, worked with personalities like Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy Osbourne, and many others.

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