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67 Fascinating Black Panther Facts Marvel Studios Fans Will Love

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The Black Panther has always been a fan favorite because of the skill-set that he brings to any team.

T'Challa, the king of Wakanda, made his fair share of appearances on the small screen. Chadwick Boseman was cast for the role in superhero movies on the big screen.

There are many little-known facts about Black Panther which make this character one of the most revolutionary ones in the Marvel Universe. The character was around since 1966 when he made his first appearance in the Fantastic Four. Since then, the popularity reached such heights that there were movies and comics that were solely about the Black Panther.

So far, the character has been in four Marvel movies. Hailing from Wakanda, which is a hidden country in Africa, this character was the intellectual baby of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, which gives us lots to think about. Although some aspects of the character are superhuman, the beauty and genuineness brought to it by Chadwick Boseman are sure to be remembered for decades to come! Keep reading for more Black Panther facts!

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Black Panther: Origin

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us many characters to swoon over, and Black Panther is one of them. Marvel comics, with the introduction of Black Panther, achieved a feat that was little heard of. The Black Panther from a country in Africa did not have his own comic series until much later but when he did, Black Panther Comics were a huge hit. Even though the Wakandan king featured in many comics from the '60s, the very first time that he got to have his own comic was in the year 1973, in a comic called Jungle Action.

The origin of Black Panther as a repeating character in the Marvel Universe was a revolutionary thing to be done by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. This is because black characters were not always present in mainstream comics. It was with Black Panther that black superheroes started appearing in comics and later in movies as well.

Ever since the '60s appearance of Black Panther when he started becoming one the favorites for all Marvel fans, the popularity has only skyrocketed exponentially, leading to his becoming one of the most important and celebrated figures of the Marvel Universe.

There are many facts about the Black Panther that is sure to leave you in awe! One of them is that this superhero is not just the savior for civilians around the world but is also the King of an entire nation. The name Black Panther is not just something that the king chose for himself or was given at birth. It is a ceremonial name that is given to the chosen leader of the Panther tribe in Wakanda.

The Panther tribe in Wakanda is projected as a highly qualified and advanced group of people in Marvel movies. Marvel Comics, through the introduction of the Black Panther, wanted to expand their horizon. They did so by making a completely fictional land called Wakanda which was technologically advanced and had the greatest Vibranium reserve in the world.

In addition to this, the tribe worshipped the Panther God and received many blessings in the form of plants and other precious things. Although, if the Panther God does exist somewhere, we know that we would be most thankful for the Black Panther and the revolutionary character that he was in mainstream comics.

Superpowers Of Black Panther

This Black superhero is known all over the world for his unnatural and truly awesome abilities. One of the greatest Black Panther facts is that this character had the ability to invoke and imbibe onto himself the knowledge and wisdom of all the Black Panthers that came before him. This means that this king was not only an extraordinaire himself but also had all the wisdom that was passed on throughout the years and hence could lead the group most tactfully.

The Black Panther's abilities do not end there, he is also very talented in terms of combat and has incomparable intellect. As seen in many superhero movies such as 'Infinity War', wherein Black Panther showed his mettle along with his fellow Wakandans, the character that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby made had agility, superb strength, and also the intellect to defeat anyone.

Marvel Studios always seem to put rather detailed emphasis on the character styling and this remains valid for Black Panther as well. One of the Black Panther facts is that the actor, Chadwick Boseman, used an African accent while playing the role.

The actor's involvement in the character is exceptionally visible through the fact that he argued with the producers to retain an African accent. His reason behind doing so was the fact that he knew that Wakanda was never colonized, and hence, there was no reason for him to have an accent from the Occident.

Black Panther first appeared in 'Captain America: Civil War'.

Black Panther: Family

Black Panther, or T'Challa, belonged to the royal family of Wakanda. His father, T'Chaka, had two children with his wives. T'Challa's mother, N' Yami, died during childbirth and hence, the future king grew up without his own mother.

With his second wife, T'Chaka had a daughter named Shuri. Shuri and the Black Panther were really close as we see in the comics as well as in the movies. One of the lesser-known facts about these siblings is that Shuri actually had to fill in and be Black Panther on one occasion when T'Challa was not there.

If you are looking for Black Panther Marvel facts, you should also know that he was married to Storm for a while. The marriage was annulled when he realized his duties lay with Wakanda.

Facts About Black Panther

One of the most fascinating facts about Black Panther is that the character got his strength from a heart-shaped herb that is only found in the fictional land of Wakanda. According to native folklore, the Panther God chose the rightful people who would be able to benefit from the consumption of the herb.

Anyone else who tried to become strong with the help of his supernatural herb would go through terrible perils or would die. Hence, the king was not only a great man because of his love for the tribe but also had the capacity of being chosen by the Panther God himself.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe benefits greatly from the character's mettle. We see on several occasions that Black Panther stands out as an excellent addition to multiple teams in movies such as Infinity War and Avengers.

Not only is Black Panther very strong and agile but is also very smart. One of the lesser-known facts is that he has a Ph.D. in Physics from Oxford University!

Black Panther made his first appearance in 1966, in 'The Fantastic Four'. Following this, he made many more features and was also on the small screen for a while, loved and appreciated by many viewers.

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