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15 Flatiron Building Facts: The Famous Landmark Of New York City

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Flatiron is a one of its kind triangular building in New York City.

The building has been named the Flatiron building. This was the first among iconic skyscrapers in the area, 22 stories high.

The original name of the building was the Fuller building. It is situated in New York City. The speciality is its steel skeleton. Building's construction was done in the year 1902, now more than a century. The building is at the intersection point of famous fifth avenue and Broadway, at the southern end of madison square. This is New York City landmark. Being the prominent location in New York, you can not miss it.

Architect Daniel Burnham from Chicago had designed this city's tallest building. The triangular shape is unique and makes the Flatiron Building a national historic landmark. The wedge shape gives it a magical look. You can stand admiring the building even today for the magnificent view.

Skepticism surrounded the entire design and idea. People believed that this shape and so many stories will make it fall. They believed it would turn out to be Burnham's folly. Residents of the area thought that he was being over ambitious to make the tallest building. He would end up with a pill of dirt.

Though the building once ready did not make it to the list of tallest buildings. But it has been counted in the list of most iconic buildings. It managed to reach a height of 307 ft (94 m) only. But all the drama and its astonishing look attract visitors even today to get a glimpse of this beauty. The photographers can not resist clicking it when around. It has become a symbol for New York city over years.

The building is 87 ft (27 m) in length. the name flatiron has a very funny reason for the same. Every individual can correlate to it. There is iron in our homes. So when you look at this building, its shape resembles that of a flat iron. Hence the name for this wedge-shaped property is special yet common to all.

The Flatiron building is now embedded in the image of New your city. Especially the Manhattan area. Fuller building has been the symbol of New York and celebrated in the neighborhood. You may find it difficult to digest now that there were male and female bathrooms on odd floors.

Macmillan is the only tenant in the Flatiron building for many years now. There are a few stores on the ground floor. You may be amazed to know that there is only a single staircase in the whole building. The whole building has been due for renovation, for many years now. The new plan suggests that there will be a world-class luxury hotel in the heart of the city. The flatiron restaurant is set to win over the hearts of the residents and visitors alike.

Flatiron building History

Triangle shape combined with steel structure made it the most photographed buildings.

  • The Flatiron building was made by the fuller construction company. The original separate elevator in the flatiron building was run by the hydraulic system. The water pressure was used to take you to the 20th floor as well. All this made the whole process very time taking.
  • Toilets for males and females were made on separate floors. Architect Daniel Burnham wanted to make it the tallest building. But now it is on the list of notable buildings. York times called it the symbol of New York.
  • There were many difficulties in building the huge structure. The success of this structure was essential for the design. Else it would have been the biggest blunder of the century. The high building sustained all the problems. It has now become a world-renowned building. People all over the world know it for its architecture.
  • In the recent past in the year 2009, an Italian real estate company has bought the majority stake. They plan to make it a luxury hotel. Fuller company owned the majority stake when it was initially made. At that time it was only for commercial use only.
  • The building was first of a kind. Not just the height of 285 ft (87 m) was unattainable. The people believed that it would fall and become Burnham's folly. But eventually, it made it to New York city landmarks due to its unique shape.
  • The building was originally named as a fuller building as it had been constructed by the fuller company. But the local people insisted that the name must be changed. After two years the name was changed to the flatiron building as it resembled a flat iron.

Location of Flatiron building

The Flatiron building is located on the triangular region that has been formed at the cross-section. The fifth avenue and the broadway meet at the block east.

  • You may be amazed to know that in the year 2015, a black jazz band performed in this building. The only tenant last known has been Macmillan. Flatiron building has become an icon of New York. It is something no one will miss when in town.
  • The rest of the 21 floors are vacant. Soon after renovation, there will be a luxury hotel in it. This building has a special aerial view of the area. So it will be a great destination for a luxury restaurant. The view of all the lights and traffic in the backdrop will make it romantic. So when this hotel gets ready there will be high demand.
Flatiron is one the tallest building in the area. It has a unique structure. So know all about flatiron building facts.

Design Details Of Flatiron Building

The design of the tallest building was made in the year 1902.

  • This unique building sits at the intersection of fifth avenue and broadway. These two streets are famous on their own. This building Flatiron sits in the flatiron district area. For the strength of this building, the steel skeleton was used. This made it possible for the construction company to achieve this.
  • Fuller company have also made bridges on a similar base. The whole triangular structure describes a unique 25 degree at the triangular ends. The tower is a mere 6.5 ft (2 m) wide at the edges.
  • Henderson and Purdy were the two structural engineers of the building. The steel structure also helped in withstanding the wind pressure and so on. The sleek design would not have been able to resist the pressure exerted by the turbulent winds in the area. The theory of the structure was very doubtful, people around thought it would not be a success and may fall. So the design had to be foolproof. The vertexes and corners were made with precision. The result is that the building still stands tall.
  • When the building was finalized, it was different. There are wooden and copper windows. These make it unique and shine from the exterior. No air conditioning system has been fixed for central ac. There was only a single staircase in case of evacuation.
  • The triangular shape of rooms made them difficult to do the building's interior and design. There were men's rooms on even floors and women's rooms on odd. The facility of this commercial complex did not include central air conditioning.

Flatiron Building Popular For

Flatiron Building has been known worldwide for its shape.

  • There are many different shaped buildings in the whole world. This is among the iconic ones made a century ago. The technology was not that advanced when it was made. So the achievement and success was a big deal for the engineers.
  • The whole area did not have many high-rise buildings also there was a great wind force. So if the building was to stay strong and upright the structure had to be firm. This lead to the steel structures. This building is famous for its shape. People from all over the world come and click pictures.
  • This building has been seen in the backdrop of many movies. Not just the movies from Hollywood but from the entire world have used it in their frame. The iconic building is sure to catch your interest. This is a great location. So the flatiron building is bound to become a luxury hotel with the view of broadway on one side and Fifth avenue on the other.
  • Now the building is almost empty. The only last known tenant was Macmillan. The whole building is a century-old so it is high time due to renovation. The building shall in the future remain to be an official space. So there is no plan to make it residential. The ground floor has a few shops, while the rest of the 22 stories are empty. There is no entry to the building now. So even if you wish to see it from inside that will not be possible.
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