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Fletcher Shears, the punk singer and model from the United States, rose to fame with his band The Garden
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About Fletcher Shears

Fletcher Shears is a millennial-generation musician from the United States who is also a fashion model.
Millennials or Gen Y kids are raised especially with the mantra, follow your dreams, and be tolerant of differences. Computers, social networks, and the internet are part of their childhood.
He and his twin brother, Wyatt Shears, are from a musical family. Their father was into a punk band, and their mother too accompanied occasionally. The Shears twins started the band, 'The Garden,' which gave them a lot of name and fame. Fletcher Shears is popularly known as the founding member of the band. Fletcher Shears was also a fashion model for the Yves Saint Laurent fashion campaign in 2013, along with his twin brother.

Fletcher Shears' Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Fletcher Shears' net worth?

By 2022, the net worth of Fletcher Shears will be $ 1 million - $ 5 million. The net worth estimates vary based on different sources.

How much does Fletcher Shears earn per year?

His yearly income is not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Fletcher Shears?

Fletcher Shears is 6 ft 1 in (185.4 cm).

How old is Fletcher Shears?

Born on October 28, 1993, Fletcher Shears is 28 years old. His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Childhood And Education

Fletcher Shears and his twin brother were born and brought up in Orange County, California, USA. Their father is also a musician, and their mother is a hairstylist. Though information about formal education is not available, it is known that the Shears brothers accompanied their father to his performances, which is how their interest in music took birth. While in fifth grade, they created their first music group called 'Alert.'

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Fletcher Shears dating?

Fletcher Shears is in a relationship, though his girlfriend's name is a mystery. It is known that they live in her house in Denmark.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Several albums gave the American punk singer good fame. His songs have become very popular, like 'Vexation,' 'I'm a Woman,' 'Thy Mission,' 'Sneaky Devil,' etc.
After completing education, the Shears brothers started 'The Garden' band, gaining global popularity. Fletcher Shears mostly plays the drum in this, and his twin brother Wyatt Shears sings and plays guitar. Their unique style, ranging between punk and rap, is hard to describe. They named their genre' VadaVada' to reflect their music style.
'The Life and Times of a Paperclip,' 'Haha,' 'Mirror Might Steal your Charm,' 'U want the Scoop,' 'Kiss my Super Bowl Ring' are some albums they did under 'The Garden' band.
Many songs are done by the punk singer like 'Thy Mission,' 'Call the Dog out,' 'Hit Eject,' 'The life and Times of Paperclip,' 'Gift Cloak,' 'Shameless Shallow,' 'Clench to Stay Awake,' 'A Fool's expedition,' 'All access', 'A Struggle', 'Jester's Game,' 'Life as a Hanger,' 'Low Rider Slug,' 'AmPm Truck,' 'This Could Build us a Home,' 'The King of Cutting Corners', etc. Shears twins modeled for Yves Saint Laurent and Elite London.

Other Interesting Fletcher Shears Facts And Trivia

  • Several sources refer to Fletcher Shears as a female as he seems inclined to look and dress like a woman.
  • Fletcher Shears is normally referred to as the founding member of 'The Garden' and his brother Wyatt Shears as co-founder.
  • Fletcher Shears has his independent music project to his credit in 'The Puzzle.'
  • Wyatt Shear is now working on his independent music project, 'Enjoy.'
  • The zodiac sign of the punk singer is Scorpio, and he is well known for being ambitious, brave, and truthful.
  • The Shears brothers, even now, reside in Orange County, California, where they were born and had their roots.
  • Some of their well-known record labels in music are Burger Records, Epitaph, Big Love Records, Hostage Records, etc.

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Fletcher Shears Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Fletcher Shears

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185 cm

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Dark Brown


Singer, Model

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Wyatt Shears
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