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About Frank Gatson

Frank Gatson is a popular choreographer and director.
Frank Gatson has been the creative director for En Vogue, Kelly Rowland, Muni Long, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé. He also produced choreography for Disney's animated feature ‘Hercules.’
Frank Gatson has directed and worked as a choreographer for various celebrity routines for R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Fifth Harmony, Destiny's Child, Little Mix, Toni Braxton, and Usher. He has choreographed their music videos, routines, and live performances. In this article, we will learn all about Frank Gatson.

Frank Gatson Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Frank Gatson’s net worth?

Frank Gatson is a choreographer and dancer. He has created a wide range of routines for live shows and music videos. Frank Gatson has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

How much does Frank Gatson earn per year?

Frank Gatson earns around $400,000 per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How old is Frank Gatson?

Frank Gatson is 64 years old as of 2022. The choreographer was born on October 4, 1958.

Childhood And Education

Frank Gatson Jr. was born in Louisiana, United States. He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Gatson graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1980. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science.
Frank Gatson went on to study at the Broadway Dance Center and the Alvin Ailey Dance Center in New York. He returned to the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee for his Masters in Theatre and Dance.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Frank Gatson's family?

Not much is known about Frank Gatson and his family life. Frank Gatson Jr. was born in Louisiana in the United States. The choreographer grew up with his family there.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After graduating, Frank Gatson joined 'Up With People.' It was a dance company that toured the world, performing at a variety of locations. They also performed at multiple Super Bowl halftime shows.
Frank Gatson eventually rose to the position of official 'dancing captain.' He started to direct the program.
In 1986, Frank Gatson danced in Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' video. This gave him his first professional big break.
Frank Gatson and Kelly Rowland co-hosted BET's 'Chasing Destiny' in 2016.
Frank Gatson has also created routines for a number of brand commercials. He has worked with popular brands like True Star, Samsung, Armani Diamonds, American Express and L'Oréal.
Frank Gatson is best known for working as a choreographer on music videos: 'Giving Him Something He Can Feel,' 'Runaway Love,' 'Whatever,' 'Skin,' 'Crazy In Love,' 'Irreplaceable,' 'If I Were A Boy,' 'My Way.'

Charity Work

Gatson has partnered up with the AIDS Research Foundation to help train a new generation of dancers. AmFAR is a major nonprofit organization committed to AIDS research across the globe. The choreographer aims to mold the lives of aspiring dancers.

What awards has Frank Gatson won?

Frank Gatson's creative dance routines have won him the most MTV Video Music Awards for Best Choreography in the company's history. He has won six awards in that category.
Frank Gatson also holds the record for the most MTV Video Music Award nominations for Best Choreography in the company's history. As a filmmaker, he was nominated for a Grammy for Beyoncé's 'I Am... World Tour DVD.'

Other Interesting Frank Gatson Facts And Trivia

Frank Gatson and Kelly Rowland founded an R&B female group named 'June's Diary.' Frank is the manager of the group currently.
Frank Gatson also managed Luke James and Tyrese Gibson.
The video for 'Single Ladies' was choreographed by Frank Gatson. It was based on a performance that was on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' in 1969.
Frank Gatson shares the completed routines as well as other creative projects on Instagram. He has 60,000 followers on Instagram.
Frank is a veteran choreographer who worked with Destiny's Child.
Frank choreographed Beyoncé's 2009 'I Am... Tour' and 'The Mrs. Carter Ceremony World Tour' in 2013. He has also worked as a choreographer for a number of her live performances on award shows. Frank, without a doubt, is the only one who knows the secrets of Beyoncé's excellence.
Frank has also directed commercials for companies like Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, Pepsi, McDonald's, and Converse.
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Frank Gatson Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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