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Learn all there is to know about Frank Gore, the outstanding football player from America!
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About Frank Gore

Frank Gore Sr. was born on May 14, 1983, in Miami, Florida. the United States of America.
The American football player was brought up in Florida's Coconut Grove. Gore went to Coral Gables High School. At his High School, he became a great running back for his football team.
During his Coral Gables High School, he participated in multiple games and had his double record-breaking games. Frank Gore played his record-breaking games against Miami High School (Northwestern). Gore also broke his own record through this game.
Frank Gore was also mentioned in Miami newspapers as well. Frank Gore's school history has shown how impressive his athletic capabilities were. Frank Gore went on and later attended the University of Miami. His talented streak continued through college football as well.
Frank Gore had a personal reason for choosing the University of Miami as his mother was ill. She was suffering from kidney ailments and subsequently, as her health deteriorated, she started having her treatment. He wanted to be in close vicinity so that he could attend to her ailing mother.
Frank Gore had his college debut when he played the game in opposition to the Penn State Lions, Gore's team was victorious. During his next game which was against the Rutgers Knights, Gore had his first touchdown and the Miami Hurricanes won this game as well.
Frank Gore had a breakout game that happened against the Virginia Mountaineers (West). He had two touchdowns and eventually his team won the match. Then Frank Gore went on to play against Temple Owls and Washington Huskies and Miami Hurricanes won both these matches.
Frank Gore with his hard training and abilities became one of the top overall running backs in the country and had his best season with the third-best career total. He was selected Big East Freshman of the Year by the Sporting News.
After these games, Gore suffered from an injury during practice. After recovering he started his next season. Frank Gore throughout this season played his matches with a bang! His return was very much anticipated and he gave his best. Gore's team played against Louisiana Bulldogs, Florida Gators (Miami's rival team), Carolina Pirates, Boston Eagles, and Virginia Mountaineers. Gore had a successful season.
During his 2004 season, they subdued their rivals, Florida Seminoles, and won the game. They won another game against the Louisiana Bulldogs. Gore played subsequent games against Houston Cougars, Georgia Yellow Jackets, Virginia Cavaliers, and Florida Gators (the game against gators was Gore's last game played at college-level) his team won these matches. This season they lost to the Clemson Tigers.
Frank Gore got selected for the National Football League in the 2005 draft by the San Francisco 49ers. Frank Gore had a three-year contract with the team. He also suffered an injury as well. Frank Gore concluded the season with three rushing touchdowns and was seventh in all NFL rookie running backs.
In his NFL debut, Gore's team, the San Francisco 49ers, won against the Louis Rams. They lost to the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and Jacksonville Jaguars. Gore and his team won their last match against the Houston Texans. After the season ended, Gore had for surgery on both shoulders.
Frank Gore started his next season as a starter and in the NFL, Gore became one of the top running backs. Gore's score was impressive and it elevated his score points this season. He was placed in the second category to Steven Jackson, in the NFL.
San Francisco 49ers had a game against the Seattle Seahawks, in which Frank Gore achieved tremendous career feats. He concluded the season with rushing touchdowns (eight). The American football player had a fantastic season and hence was named the NFC Pro Bowl starter at running back in his first Pro Bowl nomination.
A moniker was also handed to the San Francisco player when his breakout season happened, he was called the Inconvenient Truth. Gore gave his other best in the following season (2007). Before the preseason began, Gore suffered from a broken bone in his hand. He successfully came back this season. His mother passed away during the season as well.
Despite the loss, Gore played the next game against the Louis Rams, which San Francisco won. Frank Gore was given the NFC offensive player (of the week). San Francisco won against the Cincinnati Bengals too. Frank Gore played multiple seasons.
In his 2012 season, San Francisco defeated the Buffalo Bills. He concluded his 2012 season with eight touchdowns and many other feats as well. After many years, Gore also joined Buffalo Bills on a one-year contract basis. During his 2015 season, Gore was with the Indianapolis Colts. Frank Gore achieved multiple feats while he was playing for the Indianapolis Colts.
Frank Gore by the end of his season with the colts became the fifth American Football Player in the NFL franchise history to collect 14,000 rushing yards. This was one of Gore's ultimate achievements throughout his NFL career. Gore has also played NFC pro bowl team matches.
One of the most iconic players throughout NFL history, Frank Gore Sr. plans to retire and has signed a single-day contract with the San Francisco 46ers. He wants to retire from the team that assembled his capabilities.

Frank Gore Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Frank Gore’s net worth?

Frank Gore has a net worth of $30 million. He has amassed his wealth from his very impressive sports career.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Frank Gore?

Frank Gore has a height of 5 ft 7 in (170 cm).

How old is Frank Gore?

Frank Gore is 38 years old.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Frank Gore’s partner?

Frank Gore is married Drick Parrish and they have two sons together. Frank Gore Jr. and Demetrius Gore. Frank Jr. is also a football player.

Career And Professional Highlights

Charity Work

In 2018, Frank Gore was honored by the Mayor of Miami. A day in the Month of April was declared Frank Gore day.

What awards Has Frank Gore won?

Frank Gore has collected multiple achievements under his belt. His athletic career saw several injuries and attainments as well. Gore was awarded PFWA Player of the Year in 2006 (most improved). In 2016, Gore won the Art Rooney Award. He won the Award for showing outstanding sportsmanship.
In 2012, he was the NFC Champion. Frank Gore has numerous NFL records to his credit. The San Francisco 49ers' Frank Gore's accomplishments are also remarkable. In a career, Frank Gore holds the record for most rushing yards, most rushing yards in a game, and most 100-yard games among other things.

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