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About Frank Kaminsky

Frank Kaminsky the basketball player was born on April 4, 1993, in Winfield, Illinois.
Frank's parents were both sports players during their college days. Frank Jr. was a basketball player at Lewis University. Mary, his mother, played volleyball at Northwestern University. His father played basketball at Lewis University.
Frank was brought up in a Serbian community in Woodridge, Illinois with his two sisters. When Frank was quite young he was familiar with his Uncle and Aunt. They both worked for the American professional basketball team, the Chicago Bulls. Due to their work environment, the basketball player had an approach to the practice facilities.
Through his involvement, he had practiced during the time when Jordan, Brown, and Rodman were playing for the Chicago team. Throughout his school history, he took part in several tournaments of basketball. These competitions were arranged by the National Federation (Serb). He was a member of the Serbian Eagles AC.
Kaminsky then went to Benet Academy to complete his High school studies. Frank Kaminsky was mentioned by a Chicago newspaper. He had achieved an impressive feat during his senior season as well. Frank Kaminsky was also named by ESCC (East Suburban Catholic Conference) as the Player of the Year. To honor his achievements, Frank's jersey number was retired at Benet Academy.
Frank Kaminsky played college basketball for the Wisconsin Badgers. He was a Wisconsin player for four years, during his college basketball games. As a freshman, Frank played more than 30 games. He scored multiple points (season-high) against Kansas City's basketball team.
Frank Kaminsky finished his season with impressive scores and also gave a skillful performance at Illinois. During a game in 2013, the basketball player, Frank Kaminsky, broke the record (game scoring) when he played against the North Dakota. During the game of 2014, Frank scored points and led his team to win over the number one, the Arizona Wildcats.
They won the game when the overtime was given. They competed in the NCAA Division Tournament, and subsequently qualified for the Final Four. When the game was concluded, Frank Kaminsky was honored by being named Most Outstanding Player (West Regional).
When the 2014 season was ongoing, Frank Kaminsky was selected as the Preseason Player (Big Ten). His team, the Wisconsin Badgers, were picked out to compete in the Big Ten Championship, which they eventually won. The Badgers also won the Big Ten Title (regular season).
Frank's team made history when they secured a position in the NCAA Tournament (first seed). They also progressed to the Final Four, for the second time. During the Tournament, they defeated the Kentucky Wildcats, their previous victors. The Wisconsin Badgers had their National Championship Game (first) in more than 70 years. They were sadly defeated by the Blue Devils. Frank Kaminsky led his team to commendable status.
Frank Kaminsky's professional basketball career started with the Charlotte Hornets. They lost to the Golden State Warriors in which Frank scored more than 15 points, after that game Frank scored his career-high points against the Boston Celtics. Frank scored another career-high against the Golden State Warriors. He scored more points in the next game with the Toronto Raptors. During the season they won the game against the Sacramento Kings.
Charlotte Hornets won games against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the New York Knicks, and the Indiana Pacers. In the next season, Charlotte Hornets again won against the Indiana Pacers, the Brooklyn Nets, the Raptors, and the Detroit Pistons. When Frank was still with the Charlotte Hornets, he scored another career-high.
Frank Kaminsky joined the Phoenix Suns in 2019. While playing against the Memphis Grizzlies, Frank scored his season-high, even though they lost that game. The following year, Frank was down with a knee injury and another fracture which slowed his game. During the NBA (Bubble), Frank returned, and the Phoenix Suns won the game against the Washington Wizards.
Kaminsky also joined the Sacramento Kings for multiple games, then he again re-signed with the Suns. Frank gave an impressive performance against both the State Warriors and the Milwaukee Bucks. Frank Kaminsky also entered his first NBA (finals) with the Suns but lost to the Milwaukee Bucks which ended their game.
In 2021, Kaminsky joined the Suns for another year and won against the Portland Trail Blazers, scoring another career-high. Kaminsky had to go over another operation on his right knee. Kaminsky is active on his Twitter account, Instagram account, and Facebook account. He has many followers on his multiple accounts.

Frank Kaminsky Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Frank Kaminsky’s net worth?

Kaminsky has a net worth of ($2-$5) million. He continues to play professional basketball as well.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Frank Kaminsky?

The lanky professional player has a height of 6 ft 9 in (213 cm).

How old is Frank Kaminsky?

Kaminsky is 29 years old.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Frank Kaminsky dating?

Kaminsky is known to be in a relationship with his girlfriend Elyse Panick. They both have been together since high school. Elyse was also a sportsperson.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

Kaminsky is best known for giving multitudinous performances in his active professional basketball career. He has achieved multiple awards as well. Kaminsky had attained several career-high achievements when he was playing for the Badgers.
Then Kaminsky played for the Hornets and while playing for them he again gave stellar performances. He also achieved multiple career-high feats as well. In between the seasons, he also faced problems regarding his knee, but kept his unwavering spirit stable and moved on to play again. His performances, while he played for the Suns, have been commendable as well.

Charity Work

Whenever Kaminsky has time on his hands he participates in camps in Benet Academy. He often engages in their basketball department and offers guidance to young students. The resilience of Kaminsky's character and his abilities have made him a renowned personality as well.

What awards has Frank Kaminsky won?

Frank was honored with First Team All-American (selected players). In 2015, Frank Kaminsky was named the Player of the Year by the National Basketball Association. The basketball player was also named the Player of the Year by the Associated Press College. Frank became the first player ever of Wisconsin Badgers to receive this honor.
Frank Kaminsky got the Oscar Robertson Trophy from the US Basketball Writer Association. He also received the Player of the Year Award from Naismith College, the John R. Wooden Award, and the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Center of the Year Award. Frank was also honored by his University (Wisconsin) as the Player of the Year.
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Frank Kaminsky Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Place of Birth

Winfield, Illinois



213 cm

Eye Color

Hazel Brown

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Professional Basketball player


Benet Academy

Net Worth



Elyse Panick


Mary Kaminsky, Frank Jr.


Kaylee Kaminsky, Hannah Kaminsky
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