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Frank Stella had his initial solo exhibition at Leo Castelli Gallery in New York City.
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About Frank Stella

Frank Philip Stella, commonly called Frank Stella, is a famous American painter notable for his modern arts in areas like minimalism and post-painterly abstraction.
During the '60s, Frank Stella was considered one of the most dominating painters in abstract painting methodologies. Throughout the '90s, Frank was recognized as an influential figure in American art.
Frank Stella is a famous minimalist artist known for his long career developing abstract art with no pictorial illusions and metaphysical references.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Frank Stella’s net worth?

The estimated Frank Stella's net worth will be around $85 million, approximately.

How much does Frank Stella earn per year?

As per reports, no details regarding his yearly income are available.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Frank Stella?

As per the reports, details on the height of Frank Stella are not available.

How old is Frank Stella?

Frank Stella was born on May 12, 1936, in Massachusetts, and as of 2022, he is 86 years now.

Childhood And Education

Frank Stella's parents are of Italian descent. Frank's father was a gynecologist, whereas his mother was a homemaker, attended fashion school, and started her career as a landscape painter.
Frank Stella was born in Malden, U.S, and completed his high school studies at Philips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. During this time, he learned about Josef Albers and Hans Hofmann (abstract modernists).
He completed his degree in history at Princeton University, where he learned about the abstract painters Darby Bannard and Micheal Fried.
After completing his graduation, Frank Stella relocated to New York in 1958. During the '70s, he relocated to NoHo, New York, and till 2015, Frank Stella lived in Greenwich Village, and his office is Rock Tavern, NY.

Family, Romance, And Relationship

Who is Frank Stella’s partner?

Frank got married to Barbara Rose, an art historian, in 1961, and the couple together had two children, Michael and Rachael. The couple parted ways in 1969, and Frank got married to Harriet McGurk, a pediatrician.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Frank Stella is best known as an American painter, and all of Sella's art was placed in several exhibitions. In 1965 at 'The Shaped Canvas,' 'The Museum of Modern Art,' in 1970, and much more. Frank Philip Stella is also well known for his protractor series.
Initially, the public recognized Frank Stella for his 'Black Paintings' from 1958 to 1960. From 1964 to 1965, Stella's work in the 'Running V Series' immensely changed the silhouettes.
Stella's work 'Moby-Dick' is a three-dimension painting with French curves and waves that needed digital technologies and industrial metal cutters to complete the work.

Charity Work

As per the reports, there are no details available regarding the charity work of Frank Stella.

What awards has Frank Stella won?

In 2009, Frank was honored with 'The National Medal of Arts' by Barack Obama, the president of the USA.

Frank Stella’s Hobbies And Interests

As per the media reports, no details regarding hobbies and interests are available on social media sites.

Other Interesting Frank Stella Facts And Trivia

  • Frank Stella conducted solo exhibitions in different museums and art galleries like the Museum of Modern Art, from March 26-May 31, 1970, and Waddington Galleries, London, from March 29-April 20, 2000.
  • In the '60s, Stella started using a wide range of colors and began his protractor series (71), and this painting is named after his visit to the Middle East in the early '60s.

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Frank Stella Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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