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15 Fun Captain Marvel Facts Thay Only Real MCU Fans Would Know

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The popularity of Marvel movies and comics is at an all-time high.

Marvel comics, movies, and cartoons have become increasingly popular over the years. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded exponentially in the last decade, creating and releasing multiple movies every year.

The latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the iconic character of Captain Marvel, the last Kree warrior. Making her first appearance just before the much-awaited Avengers Endgame, Captain Marvel has left the audience in awe, and there is much more to know about her.

Captain Marvel, the character brought to life by actress Brie Larson, is also known by the name of Carol Susan Jane Danvers. The second part of Captain Marvel is set to be released in 2023 under the title 'The Marvels,' and there are some fun Captain Marvel facts that all MCU fans should know, but only a few do. The character's background and how she gained her powers are worth reading and learning more information about.

Continue reading this article to learn more about Captain Marvel facts and brush up your knowledge. And after reading some interesting facts about Captain Marvel and her fellow heroes, also check out our other articles like Captain Blackbeard facts as well as Captain Cook facts here on Kidadl.

Captain Marvel Powers

The story of Captain Marvel is a long one and is only now making its way into the Marvel cinematic universe. With the first dedicated Captain Marvel movie released in 2019, just a month before the end of phase 2 of the Marvel cinematic universe with Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel is expected to take us into phase 3.

While readers of Marvel Comics are well familiar with this fictional character, those who have just watched Marvel movies know only as much about this complex s well as an utterly powerful character as has been shown. Needless to say, people have developed a taste for this character, and cannot wait to see more.

While she is dubbed as the Strongest Avenger, the character also does possess some weaknesses. It has also been said that Captain Marvel's weaknesses are similar to one of the weaknesses possessed by DC Comic's character SuperMan, which was magic. In an attempt to stop a future magician and ruler named Ove, Captain Marvel becomes desperate to learn magic.

She even locates some sorcerers from the Marvel universe, but they all refuse to help her. This refusal has been shown particularly to maintain one weakness in the character. The otherwise powerful and righteous character, whose only another struggle known so far was the challenge to adjust Carol Danvers and Ms. Marvel in one body and one mind, without losing either, was thought to require at least one weakness. In the absence of which the stories would become rather boring, with the odds always being in her favor.

The character of Captain Marvel in the original Marvel Super Heroes comic series made her first appearance in comic number 13 Marvel Super-Heroes; which was created by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan; where Carol Danvers is seen as an officer with the United States Air Force, working alongside a superhero belonging to Kree, named Mar-Vell. Mar-Vell's earth name was Walter Lawson. It was a character created by well-known Marvel writer and editor Stan Lee, who has also made several appearances in all of the Marvel movies.

In 1977, with the release of the Marvel comic, Carol Danvers' character became the first Ms. Marvel. She received her Captain Marvel powers due to an explosion of a psych magnetron, which led her DNA to be transfused with that of Mar-Vell. This transforms her into a Human-Kree hybrid and endows her with the powers she possesses as a superhero. While she gained her superpowers, she also suffered from amnesia, losing all her memories and suffering from a split personality disorder.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Carol Danvers is seen as the United States Air Force Pilot. The transition of Carol Danvers Captain Marvel came when an engine test run went haywire, exposing her to the Tasseract's cosmic energy; thus turning her into a Human-Kree Hybrid through blood transfusion; named Vers. Her suit was made from Stark-designed impermeable fabric and was designed by another Marvel fictional character, Monica Rambeau. The suit was made functional, with an additional feature of camouflage. Captain Marvel's suit is the only one that had an in-built camouflage feature.

The picturization of Captain Marvel as a female lead character, and the strongest of all avengers, has also been said to be created to introduce a strong female superhero as a sign of feminism. Up until the introduction of this character, all major avengers heroes and Marvel heroes were portrayed by males. At the same time, females were given relatively small roles like that of Scarlet Witch and Black Widow. All the main avengers, Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, War Machine (portrayed by James Rhodes) were all portrayed by males.

However, the name Captain Marvel in the original comic books has been held by several characters at different times, some of which were females and some males. In their latest iteration, the comics portray Captain Marvel as a female, Carol Danvers, which makes it clear that they did not just do it for any current social cause. The Marvel movie kept in line with the latest iteration of the comic books from which the stories are derived. This discussion over the gender of Captain Marvel came as a result of several MCU fans disliking Brie Larson's portrayal of the title character in the entire movie.

The movie Captain Marvel had initially been hoped to be directed by Jennifer Kent and Jennifer Yuh Nelson. However, it was finally directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

Captain Marvel Characters

There have been nine Captain Marvel characters in the Marvel universe, Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel being the last, which may not be the case in the MCU movies. The MCU character made a very brief first appearance in the MCU movie Avengers: Endgame.

This short cameo was intentional, as one of the movie's screenwriters later revealed. They did not want to introduce a fresh new character in its entirety when a big part of the MCU was coming to an end.

The death of Iron Man (also known as Tony Stark), portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., the death of Black Widow (also known as Natasha Romanov) played by Scarlett Johanssen, and the end of so many more characters, would have been diluted and perhaps sullied by a significant introduction of a new character.

The introduction of Captain Marvel marked the beginning of Phase 3 of the MCU. However, this was not the first time that the character was discussed. The Captain Marvel Original first cameo was supposed to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron but was cut at the very last minute. After that, it was also discussed to introduce Carol Danvers as a mirror to Jessica Jones in the renowned Netflix Series Jessica Jones; however, that was also removed and replaced with the character of Trish Walker.

One very interesting fact relating Carol Denvars to Spiderman can be seen in the fact that the character of John Jonah Jameson Jr., who owned a news company, The Daily Bugle, and had recruited Peter Parker to work for him and is a well-known character of Spiderman movie franchise, was also the man who had hired Carol Denvars as an editor of The Daily Bugle's Women's Magazine.

Both Carol and Peter were related to Jonah Jameson in this way. Born in New York City, Jonah Jameson's character, though very lightly treaded in the Marvel movies, is actually very complex, with a long history. Some accounts even say that he adopted Peter Parker at one point in time.

Captain Marvel Personality

In the Marvel movie, the character of Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel Personality has been described by Avengers Endgame screenwriters as a personality, comparative and similar to that of fellow hero Steve Rogers (the character who transforms to Captain America; played by Chris Evans in the MCU Movies). In the sense that this character is always right, as is so confident that they do not like when people contradict them.

Brie Larson has described her character, Carol Danvers, as someone who believes in justice and truth and as someone who acts as a bridge between Earth and Space.  Brie Larson has also described Captain Marvel as invasive, short-tempered, and aggressive. While these traits might be helpful in a fighter, they do not particularly make up a strong character in themselves.

The character of Captain Marvel has undergone a lot of change over the years. She started out as a US Air Force fighter pilot and later worked with NASA. After the explosion, when her DNA gets transfused with Mar-Vell's, she attains superpowers and becomes a Human-Kree Hybrid, which subsequently helps her become the strongest Avenger. Initially, after the explosion, she suffers brain damage, causing amnesia, and losing all her memories from her human life.

Struggling with these new powers and her new role as Ms. Marvel, she tries to find her identity. After becoming an elite member of the Kree Military unit Starforce, she goes on to rescue another member on a secret invasion to the Skrull's (who were an alien race) planet and gets caught. Subsequent events lead her to Earth, where she goes on to find about her past and learns about herself, regaining some of her memories and struggling again to put her human half and Kree half in harmony.

The character struggles to find herself. After suffering an explosion and its side effects, she struggles to find her new identity. Then the fierce fight between Ms. Marvel and Mutant Rogue left her a blank slate, without powers or memories, or any of her characteristics and traits, which exposed Rogue to experience all of Carol Danvers traits, powers, struggles, and weaknesses. This all led to the character and personality development of Captain Marvel.

While her confrontation with Rogue gives Ms. Marvel a break from her struggling mind, the complexity of her character experienced by Rogue, who wanted to absorb Carol's powers, proves devastating for Rogue and drives them into mental illness.

Captain Marvel's personality is also primarily driven by her desire to be respected and loved. This is evident from the fact that despite all of the challenges and setbacks she faces, she still goes on and struggles ahead to come back on top and save civilians.

An act, which while noble, shows the character's extreme desire for being liked and respected. As such, in the House of M, where scarlet witch creates an alternate universe, granting everyone, even superheroes, to live their desires, Carol becomes a beloved superhero. When this alternate life comes to an end, Carol struggles to keep up.

Captain Marvel also known as Carol Susan

Captain Marvel Name

Captain Marvel/ also known as Carol Susan Jane Danvers, goes by another lesser-known alias Vers. This is the name she uses when she plays a member of Starforce, an elite Kree military unit.

While on a mission to rescue an undercover Kree member, infiltrating a Skrull (alien species) group, with whom the Kree was at war, Vers attracts unwanted attention and gets captured, leading the Skrulls to Earth. While reaching the Earth, Vers manages to escape and lands in Los Angeles. This grabs the attention of Phil Coulson (portrayed by Clark Gregg) and Nick Fury, who are agents of an organization called SHIELD.

Subsequently, Vers manages to retrieve her identity as Carol Danvers, which she had forgotten about as a result of the explosion. While she gained her powers from it, all of her memories were wiped off, and she did not remember anything until she reached Earth and found that she was assumed to be dead in the failed engine test in 1989.

This movie and the hunt for Captain Marvel's identity also gave Nick Fury his most significant role in a Marvel movie yet. This movie even answered a lot of questions about his character, including the most popular question, how did he lose his eye. She becomes the first part of a superhero group established by Nick Fury called Avengers.

The Captain Marvel name in itself has been held by nine Kree characters in the past in the Marvel comics, the last of which is Carol Danvers. The first Captain Marvel title holder was Walter Lawson, also known as Mar-Vell. However, none of these characters, except the latest Captain Marvel, have been a part of any of the MCU movies. Danver's name, Ms. Marvel, in the comic books has been said to be derived from Mar-Vell, from whom she gained her powers.

A lot more about this character needs to come forward in the Marvel cinematic universe, and it is only a matter of waiting for the movie to be released to see Marvel's take on this character. While it is known that stories in the movies are not exactly as they are in the comics, it would be fun to see what aspects of Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, and Vers personalities and stories have been retained, and which ones have been changed.

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