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31 Fun Facts For Kids In Arizona That Nobody Told You!

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We are sure you must have heard about the Grand Canyon.

But do you know the name of the American state which is also known as the Grand Canyon State? If your guess is Arizona, kudos to you.

To know more interesting facts about the state of Arizona, we recommend you continue reading this article.

Grouped with the southwestern states of the United States, Arizona is the sixth largest state of the country with a population of more than seven million which makes it the seventh most populous state of America.

Since the mid 20th century, Arizona has witnessed a drastic change in the economy as well as population due to rapid immigration from the surrounding states. Major cities like Tucson and the capital city of Phoenix have transformed into a modernized suburban area with multiple features that are exclusive to such suburbs.

Arizona was the last contiguous state that was admitted to the country and declared a full-fledged site on February 14, 1912. The territory was originally the part of Alta California (a sub-state of New Spain). Later, in 1821, it became a part of Mexico, after which the territory was ceded to the United States post the Mexican-American war in 1848.

The state of Arizona offers an uncountable number of family-friendly destinations for adventure and fun-loving tourists. The state alone has more than 22 national parks and monumental destinations fit for a variety of activities ranging from bumper boats, rock climbing to river rafting and mountain climbing. As already mentioned, the state is also known for the world-famous Grand Canyon, the 277 mi (443.2 km) long rift that runs through the region with the highest point measuring more than 6,000 ft (1,818 m) and the widest section having a length of 10 mi (16 km).

This natural creation is amongst the seven natural wonders of the world and coincidentally the only one located in the United States. Today we are going to talk about fun things for kids in Arizona, fun places for kids in Arizona, and activities for outside fun for kids in Arizona.

Read on to know more about the Sonoran Desert, Wildlife World Zoo, Butterfly Wonderland, and the Natural History Museum. After you have read about the hiking trails and sea life Arizona, also check fun facts about Austin Texas and fun facts about Dallas Texas.

Fantastic Fun For Kids In Arizona

If your kids love nature and if wildlife brings a smile to their faces, then Arizona could be a great holiday destination for you this winter.

The three national parks namely- The Grand Canyon National Park, The Petrifies Forest National Park, and The Saguaro National Park, are known for their over-the-edge adventure trails, the long scenic mountain ranges, fast-flowing rivers, and an eye-pleasing winter landscape.

Along with its natural flamboyance, the state of Arizona also offers a host of other destinations that are recommended as a must-visit.

These include long-range wineries that produce a total of 22 varieties of wine. Arizona is also known for its craft breweries with approximately 75 licensed brewers making beer in a subtle and traditional way. A few may know that Arizona is also known across the country for its mouth-watering appetites which are traditionally derived from the combined Spanish and Mexican cultures found in the state.

As a result, a substantial number of chefs from restaurants across Arizona, have been nominated for the national nominations for James Beard, the highest culinary award in the country.

Talking about exclusivity, the state is the only place on Earth where you can find the Saguaro cactus, which is also the national flower of the state. Did you know that chopping off even a single branch of the Saguaro cactus can send you behind the bars for more than 25 years?

When you look at the Phoenix region of Arizona for the first time, it might look like a desert with just cactus in the regions that are visible from your eyes. But, there is so much more to Phoenix than the scorching heat of the sun.

The amazing Phoenix museums as well as their extraordinary attractions including the Butterfly Wonderland and the mesmerizing Desert Botanical Garden are highly recommended.

If you are among those who seek the sun during vacations then the Valley of the Sun is the perfect getaway for you. The place includes pools, water parks, hiking facilities, spas for adults as well as a variety of resorts. 

No matter if you like spending your vacation in a five-star resort or simply roaming around with friends and family, Arizona has something to offer to everybody.

Some of the most popular destinations for kids to engage in fun things in Arizona are the Pacific railroad, Pinnacle Peak, Noodle Forest, Arizona Broadwalk, and the Phoenix Art Museum.

Wildlife World Zoo Aquarium and Safari Park at Litchfield Park offer an incredible chance to explore aquatic life and exotic animals like Sea Lions. The zoo also has a baby animal nursery as well as a petting zoo.

Wonderful Fun For Kids In Arizona

Arizona is heaven for kids and also a good place for families to have fun. Other than the beautiful landscapes and high-quality resorts,  Arizona also offers adventurous venues full of recreation.

If you are looking for a comfortable way to enjoy sightseeing with your little ones Scenic Rim Tour is for you. Scenic is a Jeep Wrangler tour in Sedona. While moving through the region's auspicious terrain, you'll witness some of the most beautiful and stunning land formations.

Your tour guide will provide you with an informative tour, and to top it off, you and your family will be picked up from your hotel as a part of the tour facility. As a matter of fact, most of the best resorts of Arizona provide pick-up and drop facilities to the people lodging with them.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park is enough to fulfill your dream of a vacation in Africa without leaving the US. With the exotic taste of African safari, this wildlife park includes various beautiful animals. You’ll get to see many zebras and giraffes during your time in this wildlife park.  You will also be provided with a guide who will help you recognize the breed and also provide some fun facts about the animal that you’re spotting. The park also hosts live animal shows that are fun to watch for the kids such as the tiger splash.

Castles N Coasters is a theme park in Phoenix. Phoenix is a whole lot of enjoyment in itself. Both toddlers, as well as teens, enjoy its collection of mind-blowing museums, and resorts. The park is filled with exciting rides, from little arcades to humongous rollercoasters.

The Grand Canyon Railroad is a 65-mile train ride to the Grand Canyon National Park. This entertaining train ride features cowboy performances and western musicians. Not only will you have an unforgettable train ride but the views you will see along the way will be breathtaking! The Grand Canyon Railway is a great family-friendly experience.

Situated at the epicenter of downtown Phoenix

Best Fun For Kids In Arizona

Situated at the epicenter of downtown Phoenix, the Arizona Science Center offers 350 exhibits that are permanent and wholly enough to engage people from all age groups for hours. Also, make sure you save time and explore the sky cycle, create maker space, and forces of nature.

SkyCycle is an actual cycle made up of high-wire. It will challenge the physics master in you. In February 2019, a temporary exhibition on mummies was also hosted. The place becomes more and more exotic every year.

The Heard Museum is another hotspot of Arizona. It is solely dedicated to the American Indian art forms. A HOME Studio is a hands-on exhibition launched by the museum which is highly interactive. Also, the museum has a collection of projects that are related to the traditions and cultures of various tribes.

Another famous museum, the Pueblo Grande Museum, is located on an archeological site left by the Hohokam. The site is 1,500 years old. The small museum has a lot to show. It has items that are related to the culture and past of the people of Hohokam.

The third famous museum of Arizona is the Musical Instrument Museum. This is a magnificent display of instruments and live concerts. The museum also provides music classes for kids.

The geographic galleries of the museum show musical instruments played and used all over the world, while the artist's gallery shows the greatest musicians of all times. The most interesting part of the museum is the encore gallery which offers highly interactive hands-on music experiences.

The Phoenix zoo is another famous landmark in Arizona. It includes a variety of animals such as bears, tigers, lions, and more that will entertain you and your family just like a day in a local zoo.

One of the most recommended points of attraction in Arizona for kids and families is the aquatic museum named Sea Life. Sea Life nurtures thousands of aquatic animals and sea creatures. It boasts of many cool exhibitions as well as activities.

The most liked part of the Sea Life museum is the amazing 360-degree ocean tunnel where you can spot schools of bright, playful, and colorful fishes. The Sea Life museum is a great educational experience for kids.

Interesting Fun For Kids In Arizona

One of the most surreal experiences for kids of all ages would be the South Rim helicopter tour. The multi-mile-long helicopter ride provides the most breathtaking view of the scenic landscape of the Grand Canyon.

The 45-minute tour will definitely leave you wanting more. As you reach atop the world-renowned Grand Canyon, you’ll be awestruck with the magnificent views of the Kaibab National Forest, the Painted Desert, and the Dragon Corridor.

What adds to the ride is the comfort and its child-friendly environment. All of these features provide an amalgamation of what we can call, probably one of the most adventurous things that kids would want to do in the state of Arizona.

Moving on, we cannot end our list of tourist destinations in Arizona without talking about the exclusive Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. The location promises a mix of an art gallery, a historical museum, an aquarium, a zoo, and a botanical garden in its family-friendly setting.

The museum has a host of educational and magnificent displays showcasing the greatness and glory of the Sonoran Desert, with a detailed depiction of the flora and fauna of the region.

The water park brand- ‘Wet n Wild', has one of its seven global waterparks in the state of Arizona itself. Also known as the Wet n wild Phoenix, the park is the perfect contender for a weekend family-friendly relax routine. The park has more than 30 different joy rides for the visitors to choose from which provides a plethora of choices for people of all age groups.

One of the most unknown yet interesting places in the state would be ‘The Teapot’. Located in the Roosevelt neighborhood of the downtown area of Phoenix, The Teapot is a pastry and coffee shop which provides an excellent front and rear lawn for families and children.

Lastly, let’s talk about the Cerreta Candy shop. The outlet is a sweet shop producing and retailing a host of traditional sweets and edibles including those for gifts and other celebrations. The family-owned outlet was founded more than four decades ago and with time, the shop has increased its potential thus producing thousands of pieces of sweets and candies in a day on West Glendale Avenue in the capital city of Phoenix.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for fun for kids in Arizona then why not take a look at fun facts about Houston Texas, or asparagus fun facts.

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