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35 Fun 'Home Alone 2' Facts For Kids Which They Will Love

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'Home Alone 2: Lost In New York' is the hit sequel to 'Home Alone.'

In 'Home Alone 2,' a young man wastes his parents' money and has a crazy set of adventures all by himself. His actions left him feeling wrong, so he went out to do a good deed by stopping a thief from stealing money from a children's hospital.

One-liners and smart comebacks are well supplied for the grownups, while the traps and practical comedy moments fascinate kids. The first film was also a fantastic picture for the whole family and that's what a good Christmas film should be, which is why many fans consider 'Home Alone' to be the best.

Many questions may pop into your head, such as when did 'Home Alone 2' come out? Where was 'Home Alone 2' filmed? December 9, 1991, to May 1, 1992, was when the bulk of the shooting took place. All of the locations used for this film are from Illinois, O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, and New York City.

Facts About 'Home Alone 2'

'Home Alone 2: Lost In New York' was a big hit released in 1992. 

  • Following the film's release, demand for reservations at The Plaza skyrocketed, with fans eager to experience the place for themselves.
  • Kevin's airline ticket was thrown away by Kevin's father. When Kevin's father cleans the milk off the passports, he unintentionally tosses away Kevin's ticket.
  • John Hughes believed it was improbable that a family would forget a kid, so he covered every scenario imaginable, even the absence of an unclaimed ticket at the airport.
  • Kids in real-life attempted to persuade Joe Pesci, who portrayed Harry, to loot their homes. According to Pesci, children would stop him in the street and reveal their home locations in hopes that he would steal them like the real movie.
  • The Plaza team isn't mentioned in the credits. Tim Curry, Rob Schneider, and Dana Ivey are probably familiar faces at the Plaza.
  • They are referred to as 'Concierge,' 'Bellman, and 'Desk Clerk' in the credits. However, their names are Mr. Hector, Cedric, and Hester Stone, as revealed in the movie.
  • 'Home Alone 2' movie has fake snow. Although it isn't particularly Christmassy, most holiday films employ synthetic snow on location. A snowstorm struck the set of 'Home Alone 2' just before the filming, dumping more snow than expected.
  • It was reported that Joe Pesci was quite mean to Macaulay Culkin during the filming of the movie. Joe Pesci is said to have once been questioned by Macaulay Culkin as to why he never smiled.
  • Pesci later clarified that Culkin was pampered and spoiled by most of the cast and crew. On the other hand, Pesci liked to stay aloof, and Culkin enjoyed this behavior.
  • The second 'Home Alone' movie shows Kevin Mccallister staying at a luxe hotel. Kevin, ever the wise man, chose to stay in luxury at the Plaza Hotel, Fifth Avenue at 59th Street, once in New York.

Behind The Scenes Facts About 'Home Alone 2'

Is it true that the pigeons in 'Home Alone 2' are real? For the sequence, real birds were employed. The performers were doused with bird food and released about 300 birds. One bird, according to Stern, flew into his mouth.

  • Although Duncan's Toy Chest is not a real shop, it is based on one. It's modeled on Manhattan's gigantic FAO Schwarz toy shop. It's perhaps best known as the toy shop that Ton Hanks visits in 'Big.'
  • Even though it wasn't a genuine shop, every one of the children in the toy store scenario was permitted to retain one toy as a souvenir.
  • None of the pigeons were harmed during this movie. Animal specialists ensured that no harm was caused to the film's hundred-plus stunt pigeons.
  • Columbus intended to shoot two sequels at the same time. Columbus, aware of Culkin's approaching age, wanted to shoot two sequels simultaneously before becoming too elderly.
  • Fox turned the plan down because it was too expensive. So Alex D. Linz was brought in for the third picture.
  • The near-crash was filmed in reverse. Remember how the wet bandits' vehicle came to a halt millimeter from Kevin? The scenario was filmed with the vehicle driving away from Macaulay Culkin and then playing backward because it was unsafe to shoot correctly.
As in 'Home Alone,' Culkin's character peers into a mail slot to look for signs of a potential babysitter's precocity.

Facts About The Cast

Almost everyone comes back. Even though the McCallisters are a huge family, they could get almost everyone back for the sequel. Chris Columbus wanted to ensure that John Heard and Catherine O'Hara would be back, but almost every child actor was included. A different actor portrayed only one member of the McCallister family, Kevin's elder sister Linnie.

  • The age of Kevin Mccallister in 'Home Alone 2' is still asked. Kevin was nine years old when he stayed at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.
  • There'd be no 'Home Alone' or 'Home Alone 2' without the 'Uncle Buck' movie.
  • John Hughes got the concept for 'Home Alone' while filming the film 'Uncle Buck,' which also featured Macaulay Culkin.
  • There's a moment in which Culkin's character interrogates a possible babysitter via a mail slot, and he's always up for playing the intelligent one.
  • Macaulay Culkin had a similar interaction with Daniel Stern in 'Home Alone,' although via a doggy door.
  • Donald Trump makes an appearance in the second film.
  • The Plaza, a high-end hotel where Kevin stays throughout the film, was formerly owned by President Donald Trump.
  • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it manner, Donald Trump provides Kevin instructions to the lobby.
  • Kevin's mother, O'Hara believed, her character wasn't upset enough over her son being missing (for the second time). As a result, more sequences were inserted to illustrate her distress.
  • The McCallister brothers seemed to enjoy having children. Peter and Uncle Frank, as well as their respective spouses, have a large family.
  • As an outcome, it was obvious for Columbus to cast Kieran Culkin in 'Home Alone.' Kevin's cousin, Fuller, is played by Kieran.

Facts About The Shooting Of The Movie

The opening weekend of the Movie 'Home Alone 2' by Chris Columbus brought in $31.1 million, a new November high. It also took 24 days to earn $100 million, compared to 33 days for the original 'Home Alone.' 'Lost In New York' fared well at the box office, grossing $359 million worldwide, while 'Home Alone' took in $476 million.

  • The story goes that Kevin Mcallister (child actor Macaulay Culkin) and his family plan a trip to Miami for their Christmas holiday. Kevin ends up in New York by mistake. Kevin can reserve a suite and enjoy the city thanks to his father's suitcase and credit card.
  • How much did Kevin's bill cost? During his time at the Plaza, Kevin McCallister spent about $950 on room service, which included rental of a particularly iconic gangster film, chocolate syrup, and other dishes that he then used to deceive the hotel's employees.
  • When making a Christmas film, you naturally want some snow. Christmas movies rely heavily on the 'Winter Wonderland' image.
  • As a result, they spent a lot of money on synthetic snow that they could utilize in New York.
  • Before they could use any of it, the city was battered by a snowstorm. That meant there would be plenty of genuine snow and no need for artificial snow.
  • Duncan's Toy Chest in 'Home Alone 2' isn't a real store. The tourist's perspective of New York is well captured in 'Home Alone 2.'
  • Kevin Mccallister requests that his limo driver transport him to a toy shop, and the driver delivers him to Duncan's Toy Chest.
  • Duncan's is a fictitious shop that looks like the genuine FAO Schwartz toy store.
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