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Most of Gabi Daiagi' net worth is accumulated from her brand collaborations on social media.
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About Gabi Daiagi

Gabi is an American TikTok star, model, and Instagram influencer.
Her videos and pictures on Instagram have earned her a large fan following. Her tan skin, beautiful blue eyes, and blonde hair make her extremely beautiful.
She is very active on most of the social media platforms, except Twitter.

Gabi Daiagi Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Gabi Daiagi’s net worth?

Gabi Daiagi's estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Gabi Daiagi?

Gabi Daiagi is around 5 ft 4 in (160 cm) tall.

How old is Gabi Daiagi?

Born in 1997, Gabi Daiagi's current age is 25 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Gabi is originally from Scottsdale. For her higher education, she attended Arizona State University. Gabi Daiagi graduated with the class of 2019 and also shared her graduation pictures on her Instagram page.
Gabi Daiagi has two elder sisters and a younger brother. Nothing more is known about her family.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Gabi Daiagi dating?

Gabi Daiagi started dating her boyfriend, Brian, in 2016. According to a picture that Gabi Daiagi posted with him during her graduation, the couple was introduced to each other and got together at the same university.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

From a very young age, Gabi Daiagi had an interest in fashion. It was during her participation in a fashion program during her freshman year of high school that her true interest in fashion started.
Initially, the Arizona State University graduate posted on her Instagram account but did not have the intention of becoming a fashion influencer. She has also stated in her Instagram stories that she simply posted content, and for some reason, people really related to it. As a result, she started building up a large fan following. Currently, on her Instagram page, Gabi Daiagi has more than 173,000 followers. On her Instagram page, she posts about fashion, lifestyle, and styling content. She loves being on social media because she believes it is the best way to meet new people, spread positive energy, and share ideas and experiences. She has claimed that with over six years of commitment and hard work, she was able to establish herself as a full-time social media influencer.
Gabi Daiagi, an Arizona State University graduate, also has a YouTube channel of her own that she started in the year 2007, but she does not post on it. Most of the time, she appears in videos of fellow channels like The Daily Drop Out, being a part of their experiment videos. Gabi Daiagi also has a very large TikTok following and posts popular TikTok videos on her channel. Her latest posts on Instagram were of Coachella 2022, where she looked stunning as always due to her amazing sense of style and fashion.
Gabi Daiagi is well-known for being a social media star, digital creator, and fashion influencer. Her beauty has earned her a huge fan following on several social media platforms. She remains very consistent with her social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. However, she is not very active on Twitter.

Charity Work

While answering a few FAQs on her Instagram page, Gabi Daiagi revealed that with the help of her social media earnings, she donated all of the money that she made from her TikTok lives to animal shelters that were local to her.

Gabi Daiagi’s Hobbies And Interests

Besides being an outstanding fashionista, Gabi Daiagi is also interested in makeup and has done several collaborations with high-end luxury makeup brands on their social media accounts. Gabi claims to be a creative person and loves design and photography as well. Her Instagram page is also very well aesthetically presented, and she keeps most of her hues pink as it is her favorite color. Gabi Daiagi is also an animal lover and has donated to animal welfare as well.

Other Interesting Gabi Daiagi Facts And Trivia

  • Gabi Daiagi has hyperactive thyroid and IBS because of which it is extremely difficult for her to gain weight, therefore, she avoids working out.
  • Gabi Daiagi was born in February, and she does have siblings. Apart from this, she doesn't reveal much about her family.
  • The Instagram influencer has a cat named Wolf, and she posts a lot of Instagram photos of Wolf. Wolf is a huge part of her family.
  • Gabi loves to have a good tan on her body at all times.
  • She promotes body positivity through her social media accounts.
  • Gabi began dating Brian Haas in 2016. She and Brian appear to have attended university together, as she shared a graduation photo with him.
  • Gabi has earned a massive following for her lifestyle posts and fashion-related posts.

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Gabi Daiagi Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Gabi Daiagi

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160 cm

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TikTok Star


Arizona State University

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Brian Hass
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