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About Gary Kemp

Gary Kemp is a British singer, actor, song composer, and musician.
He is best recognized as the founder, lead guitarist, and the main singer of the new-wave band titled 'Spandau Ballet.' The group subsequently went on to join the list of biggest bands existing in England during the '80s.
Gary James Kemp was born on October 16, 1959, in the Smithfield district of central London, England. Gary Kemp and his brother Martin Kemp were active participants in the Anna Scher Children's Theatre Drama Club. Gary's acting projects included multiple productions for the Children's Film Foundation. Kemp is known to have written and created music for 23 solo songs for Spandau Ballet.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Gary Kemp's net worth?

Gary Kemp's net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, which he has earned by creating music in 'Spandau Ballet' and acting in various television programs and movies.

How much does Gary Kemp earn per year?

The annual earnings of the Ivor Novello Award winner are not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Gary Kemp?

Gary Kemp is around 6 ft (182cm)tall.

How old is Gary Kemp?

Gary Kemp came into this world on October 16, 1959, and as of 2021, is 62 years.

Childhood And Education

Gary Kemp was born to Eileen Kemp and Frank Kemp in the Smithfield district of London. The singer and raised in the community of Islington, London. During the initial years, Gary Kemp went to Rotherfield Junior School and later joined Dame Alice Owen's Grammar School located in Islington. Furthermore, the guitarist moved to Potters Bar in his sixth form. Gary Kemp also has a brother named Martin Kemp.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Gary Kemp's partner?

Gary Kemp is presently married to Lauren Barber, a costume designer by profession. They have three children Milo Wolf, Kit, and Rex. Furthermore, Kemp was previously married to Sadie Frost in 1988, with whom he has a son named Finlay.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Gary James Kemp began his acting career as a child and was an active participant in the Anna Scher Children's Theatre with his brother Martin Kemp. Gary worked in several television and film productions under the Children's Film Foundation. These included 'Junket 89' (1970) and 'Hide And Seek' with Roy Dotrice (1972).
Gary Kemp, the high net worth guitar player, was interested in progressive rock music and glam rock music. The first band Gary formed included Steve Norman, Tony Hadley, and John Keeble, his classmates from Alice Owen Grammar School. The band was titled 'Roots.' After Steve Norman and Gary Kemp saw an English punk rock band perform along with 'The Screen Of The Green' in 1976, the band changed their name to 'The Makers' and was positively reviewed by New Musical Express in the year 1977.
Gary Kemp's brother Martin Kemp also joined the troupe as a bass player when the band became 'Gentry' before changing into 'Spandau Ballet.' On December 5, 1979, the band started playing live. Gary Kemp composed all the 23 hit songs of 'Spandau ballet,' which include 'To Cut A Long Story Short' and ‘Gold.’
The band garnered 25 million record sales worldwide, making it the biggest bands present in England during the '80s. Martin Kemp played the bass guitar in the troupe and was also involved in acting. The band 'Spandau Ballet' performed their final live show on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the band at Edinburgh Playhouse.
The band separated due to some differences and didn't perform together for almost two decades. However, they returned in the year 2009 by announcing the HMS Belfast, where they had left their last concert without playing.
The high net worth English singer is a big fan of 'Pink Floyd.' Gary Kemp received an invitation from the drummer of the band Nick Mason to work on his rock band 'Saucerful Of Secrets', which captured the early spirit of music by 'Pink Floyd.' The band also comprised of Guy Pratt along with the bass and vocals.
Gary Kemp performed the single 'Through The Barricades' solo in 1985. Furthermore, the lead guitarist even released a solo album titled 'Little Bruises' in 1995.
Gary Kemp's acting career started with 'The Krays', where he played the role of Ronald Kray. His first Hollywood movie was titled ‘The Bodyguard.’
Kemp even wrote documentaries and presented them on various radio stations. Furthermore, he even hosted a podcast, 'Rockonteurs' with Guy Pratt.

Charity Work

Gary Kemp performed the title track of Spandau Ballet solo at the London's Dominion Theatre for a fundraiser program by Pete Townshend to fight against domestic violence faced by women.
Kemp even appeared in 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' along with Martin Kemp to collect money for the Encephalitis Society.

What awards has Gary Kemp won?

Gary Kemp was awarded the Ivor Novello Award for his extraordinary collection of songs.

Gary Kemp's Hobbies And Interests

Gary Kemp is interested in different types of rock music, including glam and progressive.

Other Interesting Gary Kemp Facts And Trivia

The 'Spandau Ballet' band of Gary Kemp was awarded the Sony Award for Technical Excellence for the success of their album titled ‘True.’

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Gary Kemp Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Gary James Kemp

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Place of Birth

Smithfield, London



182 cm

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Dame Alice Owen's grammar school

Net Worth



Lauren Barber


Frank Kemp, Eileen Kemp


Martin Kemp
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