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Gene Haas made his debut in motor racing in 2002 with NASCAR Cup Series.
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About Gene Haas

Gene Haas, also known as Eugene Haas, is an American entrepreneur and businessman who is recognized around the world as the president, founder, and sole owner of Haas Automation.

Not only that, he is also a part of NASCAR through his teams, Stewart Haas Racing (SHR) and Haas F1 Team in Formula one races. He is also the Wind Shear Wind Tunnel owner, established in 2008 to provide ground and wind experience to racing car customers.

The motto of Gene's life revolves around designing better equipment in an affordable range for its customers. He is passionate about his work and is always designing products that have led to his enormous growth over the years. After the rise in production, Gene moved his facility to OXNARD, 420,000 sq. ft. in California in March 1997 and added another 200,000 sq. ft. adjacent to it after some time.

Gene Haas Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Gene Haas' net worth?

Gene Haas has a Networth of $250 million.

How much does Gene Haas earn per year?

Details of his annual income are not available.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Gene Haas?

Gene Haas is around 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall.

How old is Gene Haas?

Gene Hart was born on November 12, 1952, and is 69 years old as of July, 2022.

Childhood And Education

Eugene Francis Haas, popularly known as Gene Haas, was born on 12th November 1952 in California. Gene is a self-made man who has been working to support himself financially from a very early age. His teenage years were spent sweeping machine shop floors to earn pocket money, while after high school, he joined local Californian machine shops, where he developed skills that have made him the Gene Haas of today. Gene Haas attended California State University at Northridge and earned a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance in 1975. However, the opportunities in this field were quite limited for Gene Haas as he could not find a better-paying job so he continued working as a machinist in shops, subsequently resulting in the opening of Pro-turn Engineering, a small machine shop with two employees

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Gene Haas dating?

Details on his dating life are unavailable in the public domain.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After working at machine shops for years, Gene Haas's skills have sharpened both in the developmental and office end.

In 1978, Gene opened his own business Pro-turn Engineering, in Sun Valley, California, that takes work from the aerospace and electronics industries. Within five years of its establishment, Pro-turn has acquired a strong customer base and has become successful.

With the increase in business, productivity increases and creates the need for Rotary indexers. However, the indexers in the market are cumbersome to use and very expensive.

The need for a good indexer motivated Gene Haas to develop one of his own indexers in 1983 with the help of Kurt Zierhut.

A fully programmable 5C collet indexer has laid the foundation of Haas Automation Inc. the demand and popularity of Haas Indexers grew over the years and have declared it a leader fourth-Axis parts positioning. His HBI-5C is, till now, among the most easily programmable and affordable Indexers. The invention of Haas and his partner was patented in 1986

Gene Haas, in 1988, started to develop CNC Vertical Machine Center to provide easy to use, high quality and affordable machines. The success of his VMC VF-1 machine allowed Gene Haas to develop VMC, CNC lathes and HMC (horizontal Machine centers). Some people believe that Haas has either reverse engineered or copied the machine. Still, Haas has actually studied the existing machine to learn what not to do in the machines and developed his own accordingly. Haas tools' uniqueness is their simple and easy to operate, designed and affordable prices, making them the largest Machine tool Manufacturer in America.

Gene Haas entered auto racing in 2002 after purchasing from Hendrick Motorsports Craftsman Truck race facility based in North Carolina. Haas CNC Racing registered its first team Victory in 2009 after Tony Stewart, two time Cup champion, joined the team. After that, Haas CNC Racing changed its name to Stewart Haas Racing.

With Stewart running the show, NASCAR won Ford EcoBoost 400 in 2011 and Sprint Cup Championship with Kevin Harvick in 2014. By the time 2015 came to an end, so did Tony Stewart's career as a driver. He announced his retirement in 2015.

At present, NASCAR runs cars for Harvick (no 4) Cole Custer (no 41), Chase Briscoe (no 14) and Aric Almirola (no 10). In 2014 Gene James applied for FIA to enter the 2015-2016 F1 championship named Haas Formula or Haas Racing Development. However, the team debut was delayed by a year, and the team changed its name to Haas F1 Team to receive better acknowledgment in the sports. In 2015, Gene Haas purchased Marussia F1 team assets after being bankrupted.

One of the excellent traits of Gene Haas is his need to provide ease and better accessibility to its customers wherever he works. Just like C5 indexer, in 2006, Gene Haas began its planning of a Commercial wind tunnel launched in 2008. The main features of this Wind Tunnel are:

180 mph (288 kph) speed

Gives a real whirlwind and ground simulation

Fully equipped, open environment testing configurations

Detailed data analysis allows the customer to do the testing on various performance factors

Its security and privacy policy are so strict that clients can be at peace about it.

Today, the Wind shear Facility considers IndyCar, American Le Mans Series, Formula One, and numerous NASCARs as their proud customers.

Charity Work

Many engineering colleges in California take advantage of the CNC labs donated by Haas automation.

Haas has also given a $1 Million Grant to an associate of the Applied Science Degree program in Integrated Machine Learning of Danville Community College.

Since 2001, Gene Haas Foundation has contributed to Boy Scouts America, Los Angeles Mission, Hospice Foundation, YMCA kids Camp, NAACP, MS Society, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, etc.

What awards has Gene Haas won?

Roy Pinkerton Award by United Way, Ventura County Chapter was awarded to Haas and Haas Automation.

Gene Haas’ Hobbies And Interests

Gene has a keen interest in motor racing.

Other Interesting Gene Haas Facts And Trivia

  • In 2006, IRS agents arrested Gene Haas to investigate falsifying tax returns, Conspiracy and Witness intimidation.
  • He was ordered to pay $75 million as restitution and two years of prison on being found guilty. After serving 16 months in jail, Gene Haas was released on probation on May 7, 2009.
  • Gene Haas Automation tool facility is the Largest single tool Machine facility in the US with a 620,000 sq. ft. area, which has increased in 2001 to 820,000 sq. ft. with plans for further expansion.
  • The products manufactured by Haas Automation are vertical machine centers, CNC turning centers, horizontal machine centers, specialty machines, and large five-axis machines.
  • Haas' Distribution Strategy is very similar to the McDonald's approach where Haas factory outlets conform to best practices facilitating interaction with customers irrespective of the location.
  • 'The Haas Way' means going far and beyond customer satisfaction, product efficiency, quality, and technology.
  • Haas Partners with training institutes like Dearborn, Mich., Henry Ford Community College to give the shop-floor experience and train tomorrow's buying influences.
  • More than 40 Haas Technical Education Centers are running nationally and are training students with Haas’s machine.
  • Gene's NASCAR Team started as a single-car team on its debut on the race track. With the success that his NASCAR Team tasted over the years, many new drivers, Luke Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart, have started racing for the team.
  • After the champion racer Tony Stewart came aboard, his Haas CNC Racing was renamed Stewart Haas Racing.
  • Gene Haas completed his education at California State University and started working with a machine shop.

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Gene Haas Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Bernadette Haas
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