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About Genevieve Hannelius

Genevieve Hannelius was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 22, 1998.

Her family includes her parents, Paul Hannelius and Kathy Hannelius, and a sister Michelle Knight Hannelius. She has starred in several TV series and movies, including 'Good Luck Charlie,' 'Sony With A Chance,' and 'Dog With A Blog'.

Hannelius launched a customized nail-wrap app titled Make Me Nails and a cruelty-free vegan nail brand, G Polish.

Genevieve Hannelius Net Worth, Earnings, and Spending Habits

What is Genevieve Hannelius' net worth?

Genevieve Hannelius is an American actress and singer-songwriter who has amassed great wealth and fame from her career. As of 2022, her net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

How much does Genevieve Hannelius earn per year?

Genevieve Hannelius has earned a great net worth, though she has not yet disclosed any details on her annual earnings.

Height, Age, and Physical Attributes

How tall is Genevieve Hannelius?

Genevieve Hannelius stands 5 ft 5.5 in (166 cm) tall.

How old is Genevieve Hannelius?

Genevieve Hannelius, initially known as Genevieve Knight Hannelius, was born on December 22, 1998, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. She will be 24 in 2023. Hannelius belongs to the American nationality, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Childhood And Education

Genevieve Knight Hannelius was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 22, 1998, to her parents, Paul Hannelius and Kathy Hannelius. Her father is Swedish, and she belongs to French-Canadian, Irish, and English descent from her mother's side. She has a sister named Michelle Knight Hannelius. Hannelius moved to Yarmouth, Maine, when she was three years old, and then she moved to Los Angeles at age nine with her family to pursue acting. Apart from that, she has not shared much about her family and early life. Genevieve Hannelius is an alumna of the Los Angeles-based Young Actor's Studio. Regarding her education, she attended Sierra Canyon High School and graduated in May 2017. After that, she enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Genevieve Hannelius dating?

As of 2022, Genevieve Hannelius has been in a relationship with the singer Barrett Bleeden since 2019. She has previously dated Bradley Steven Perry in 2011 and Jack Chiate in 2015.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

As a child actress, Genevieve Hannelius has played roles in theater, including Jenny in 'Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing' with Children's Theatre of Maine and Maine State Music Theater and Madeline in the Children's Theater of Maine's production of 'Madeline's Rescue' in summer of 2006. She made her initial Hollywood acting debut portraying the lead role of Courtney Patterson on the ABC TV series, 'Surviving Suburbia.'

Hannelius made a guest appearance as one of the fans named Tiffany in the TV series 'Hannah Montana.' She played the recurring role of Dakota Condor on 'Sonny With A Chance,' and Jo Keener on 'Good Luck Charlie.' She performed the voice role of Rosebud in 'Spooky Buddies,' for which she also won the Young Artist Awards. Hannelius was cast as Avery Jennings on the Disney Channel series, 'Dog With A Blog,' for which she soon received recognition. In 2014, she guest starred as Mad Mack on the Disney Channel series 'Jessie,' and voiced Lady Joy on the Disney Junior series 'Sofia The First.'

In 2017, Hannelius starred as Christina Carlyle in the Netflix mockumentary crime series 'American Vandal,' which received critical acclaim and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination. In 2019, she starred as Marti in the TV series 'Timeline.' Recently in 2022, she appeared as Leah in the film 'Along for the Ride.' Hannelius will appear in the upcoming comedy film 'Sid Is Dead.'

Charity Work

Genevieve Hannelius is an avid supporter of the domestic violence charity organization, Window Between Worlds and has been hosting their annual fundraising event, Art in the Afternoon, since 2013.

What awards has Genevieve Hannelius won?

In 2012, Genevieve Hannelius won the Young Artist Award in the Best Performance in a DVD Film – Young Ensemble Cast category for her work in the 2011 film 'Spooky Buddies.' She also won YouTube Creator Award for gaining 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Other Interesting Genevieve Hannelius Facts And Trivia

  • In November 2014, Hannelius was reportedly all set to launch a customized nail-wrap app titled Make Me Nails, and in 2019, she launched G Polish, a cruelty-free vegan nail polish brand.
  • Hannelius is close friends with many celebrities, including Taylar Hender, with whom she has done videos.
  • She is passionate about animals and has three pets, a dog Shumai, a cat Sammy, and a hamster Minnie.

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Genevieve Hannelius Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Genevieve Knight Hannelius

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166 cm

Eye Color

Dark Borwn

Child Star?



Sarah Lawrence College


Barrett Bleeden


Paul Hannelius, Kathy Hannelius


Michelle Knight Hannelius

Annual Earnings

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