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About George Peppard

George Peppard is a well-known American veteran actor known for his action movies and various roles.

He became famous when his role as Paul Varjak in the movie 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' became famous. Another one of his most famous roles is John Hannibal Smith, which he played in the television series 'The A-Team.'

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was George Peppard's net worth?

George Peppard has a net worth of about $14 million.

How much did George Peppard earn per year?

George Peppard earned about $40,000 per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How Tall was George Peppard?

George Peppard was about 6 ft (183cm) tall.

How Old was George Peppard?

George Peppard was born on October 1, 1928, in Detroit, Michigan, the US, and was 65 years old when he passed away in Los Angeles on May 8, 1994.

Childhood And Education

George Peppard was born George Peppard Jr on October 1, 1928. He was the son of a building contractor named George Peppard Sr and Vernele Rohrer. His mother was an opera singer and a voice teacher. George graduated from Dearborn High School, located in Michigan, in 1946.

He went on to study civil engineering at Purdue University in 1948 and 1949. At this time, he also joined a theatre troupe named Purdue Playmakers and the Beta Theta Phi Fraternity. Peppard also joined the Carnegie institute briefly. He also joined the United States Marine Corps in the end and also went on to become a Corporal. Peppard also worked as DJ at WLOA. He was known for giving weather updates but then, at the same time calling snow flurries as flow surries. He even repeated this in a later interview as well.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was George Peppard's partner?

George Peppard was married and also had three children. In his first marriage to Helen Davis, however, the couple split in 1946, after which he married Elizabeth Ashley in 1966. However, their divorce ended badly, and then Peppard went on to pay almost $350 in child support for the care of his son Christian Peppard. George Peppard then married Sherry Boucher in 1975, Alexis Adams in 1984, and Laura Taylor in 1992.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Geroge Peppard made his stage debut on 1949. He moved to New York City soon after and enrolled himself in a Studio. During this time, he did a lot of odd jobs here and there as well and even went on to work as a disc Jockey. He also worked in New England in the Summer Stock.

His first film was 'The United States Steel Hour' in the role of Piney Woods; however, he reached fame when he got his role alongside famous actress Audrey Hepburn in the movie 'Breakfast At TIffany's.' He also portrayed Thomas Banacek in the series titled 'Banacek.' Another one of his roles which was famous was as Evan Wallace in the television series 'Alfred Hitchock Presents.' His movie 'House Of Cards' did well at the box office.

Peppard also appeared in 'The Strange One,' with Calder Willingham as the producer and Garfein as director. His role in 'Newman's Law' released in 1974, was an action film that was shot during the time he wanted a break. However, the tremendous amount of alimony he had to pay to his wife and son Christian Peppard forced him into acting in films once again.

In 1980 he accepted a role in the tv series 'Dynasts' in which he played the role of Blake Carrington. However, he soon got into a problem with the producers. Soon his role went to John Forsythe, and all the scenes he shot were re-done. During this time, he claimed this was a big blow to him in a local interview.

He then almost disappeared from the industry for nearly a decade, saying that nobody wanted to work with an actor who had rejected three shows. However, he came back to acting after that. Peppard was also part of lawsuits and different controversies throughout his career, but the court did not find him guilty.

Peppard claimed that his role in 'The A Team' was a massive boost for him in terms of income. He has lost a lot of money in his divorces and claimed that this role helped him more than he thought it would. One of Peppards most famous roles, and for this, he gained a lot of popularity as well.

He was also part of theatre plays as well and claimed that playing the role of Henry II in 'The Lion In Winter' was the best thing he ever did. Peppard went on to claim that this play has brought him very much happiness in his life and that he would go on to do this play as well for the next two years if he could.

Peppard got diagnosed with lung cancer in the year 1992. He, however, continued to keep on acting even during his distorting health and also appeared in the pilot episode for the new series 'The P.I.' The episode, however, was to be spun off in the form of a new television series. However, the veteran actor passed away in Los Angeles from pneumonia. His last movie was in the role of Sid Slaughter for the movie 'The Tigress.'

What Awards had George Peppard Won?

Geroge Peppard was first nominated for Best supporting actor in the 1960 NBR award and then went on to get a nomination in 1961 from the British Academy Films Award. George Peppard also got a star dedicated to him on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures at 6675 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles.

One of Peppards most famous roles, and for this, he gained a lot of popularity as well. He was also part of theatre plays as well and claimed that playing the part of Henry II in 'The Lion In Winter' was the best thing he ever did.

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