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After acquiring an early interest in music, George Thorogood began his musical career in the '70s.
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About George Thorogood

George Thorogood is a blues singer, songwriter, and group performer from America.
His debut album was released in 1977 with the 'Willie Dixon's Gone'. It got him ranked the 30th position on the Blues Albums chart of Billboard 200.
In 1978, he had another success with his album getting him to get the Gold Record status. In total, his album has sold more than 540,000 copies making it his most successful ever. He wrote 'The Sky is Crying' along with Elwood Blues from Chicago band. This song been originally written by B.B King. George Thorogood has been a part of two bands in his lifetime, both of which have become successful by itself. The first band was named as 'The Destroyers' and is the current lined-up for George Thorogood and The Bad-Seeds. His debut album got him to receive several nominations, including American Music Awards and several Grammy Awards. In total, he has received five Grammy Awards till now and thirteen such awards from different music associations, such as Academy of Country Music and many more. He has been successful in creating quite a career out of his life by himself without any help from anyone else except for what he had learnt or gained through experience during his childhood and youth time growing up in Wilmington.

George Thorogood's Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What is George Thorogood's net worth?

George Thorogood is a well-known American musician and his worth is in millions.
George Thorogood was born in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1950 and played semi-professional baseball with Delaware Destroyers. Gеоrgе has an estimated net worth of $70 million as of February, 2022. He has more than twеnty albums under his band, the Dеtrоуеrs, of which two have indeed been awarded lаtnum certification, and one has been awarded Gоld certification. He went on tour with Thе Rоlling Stonе in 1981 and performed on Saturdау Night Livе. In 1982, he published his famous song 'Bad to the Bone' with Amеriса Rесоrds.

How much does George Thorogood earn per year?

And when he initially started out, he modeled his style after Robert Johnson and Elmore James. Later, as a side project, he formed the Delaware Destroyers with his high school buddy, drummer Jeff Simon.
In 1985, his album Maverick earned him $0.5 million. His musical career turned out to be his most significant source of income. He has an annual salary of $ 4,00,000. Lately in February George Thorogood is presently on tour in ten countries, with 18 shows scheduled. Their next show is in Melbourne's Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts, followed by Grande Prairie's Bonnetts Energy Centre. The first show of the band was in Lane Hall at the University of Delaware, and it featured a mix of Chicago blues and rock and roll. He has released 15 million records all over the world. George Thorogood's song 'Bad To The Bone' was recorded in open G tuning with his White Fang/ ES-125TDC bass guitar.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall is George Thorogood?

George Thorogood is 6 ft 1 in (187.0 cm) tall.
George Thorogood has been a baseball lover for much of his life, and he even played semi-pro baseball in the '70s as a second baseman. He took his daughter to her first big league game, the Cubs vs. the Rockies, in Chicago and performed Take Me Out to the Ball Game throughout the game. He claimed in a 2011 Guitar World interview that he is a Mets supporter.

How old is George Thorogood?

Thorogood and his band were located in Boston in the late '70s.
Thorogood was a vibrant young man. Years passed, and in February, 2022, he is going to turn 71.

Childhood And Education

George Thorogood started his journey in Naamans Manor at Wilmington in the Delaware suburb.
He completed his graduation from Brandywine High School in 1968. John, Pete, Liza and Anne, were his siblings. Thorogood was a member of a baseball club in Delaware during the late '70s and competed in Roberto Clemente League. On July 16, 1985, he married Marla Raderman, and they had one kid together. He played second base and was named the league's rookie of the year. He was himself a great baseball fan. However, after witnessing John P. Hammond play in 1970, he became interested in music. His first performances were at the University of Delaware's Lane Hall.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is George Thorogood's partner?

There isn't much information regarding George Thorogood's previous relationships and partners.
Marla Raderman was George Thorogood's current wife. The pair have been together for 36 years and eight months, dating since 1985. They have one child together. Marla Raderman and George Thorogood have been dating for so many years and kept their lives pretty private. Before marrying Marla Raderman, he had at least one relationship. George Thorogood has never been married before. George Thorogood's dating history has been the subject of a lot of speculation on the internet. Marla sadly passed away in 2019 due to ovarian cancer.

Career And Professional Highlights

During the Rolling Stones' 1981 U.S. tour, Thorogood had his first widespread exposure as a backing band. Thorogood's fame decreased in the '90s, despite having a no. two success with 'Get A Haircut' on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart in 1992.

Best Known For…

George Lawrence Thorogood signed with EMI America Records when his contract with Rounder Records expired, and in 1982, he released the song 'Bad To The Bone' and a gold-certified album of the same name.
Through performances on MTV and inclusion in films, television, and advertising, the song became the band's most well-known tune. Bad to the bone and Cocaine blues are two of George Thorogood's most well-known songs. In the '80s, Thorogood and his band released two additional gold studio albums, Maverick and Born to Be Bad.

Charity Work

George Thorogood and The Destroyers have donated $1 from every concert ticket sold to the Leukemia And Lymphoma Society since 2015.
They also offer a Destroyers t-shirt with the LLS symbol on it, with 100% of the revenue going to LLS.

What awards has George Thorogood won?

Thorogood was designated as one of the 50 Most Influential Delawareans of the Past 50 Years by the Delaware Historical Society in 2012. In 2017, he released Party of One, his first genuine solo album.
Thorogood was such a good songwriter that his lyrics moved many people. George Thorogood won the MMP Music Award and Hall of Fame Honors. Thorogood was inducted into the Mississippi Music Project Hall of Fame and received the MMP Music Award for his career devoted to the music industry on March 14, 2020, in Biloxi, Mississippi.

George Thorogood's Hobbies and Interests

For over four decades, George Thorogood has been playing rhythm guitar and rocking the blues.
Thorogood is a tremendous baseball lover who used to play second base in his hometown. Despite the fact that Delaware is Phillies territory, Thorogood isn't a fan. He devoted his fandom to the Mets, who were still in their youth, after the Phillies' dramatic collapse in 1964, when they blew a 6.5 games lead with 12 games left.
The Mets have given Thorogood two World Series championships to enjoy 47 years later and a list of reasons to sing the blues. Being a solo acoustic performer he admired Elmore James, Chuck Berry, Hound Dog Taylor.

Other Interesting George Thorogood Facts And Trivia

  • Like many other bands, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, who will appear at Hobart Arena in Troy on Sunday, September 12, were on the road in March 2020. The coronavirus threw everything into disarray. Though his band was a great success, they also went through some rough patches sometimes.
  • They were busy from the end of January until the middle of March, 2020 as Thorogood explained. They began in New Zealand and ended up in Mississippi. That's a huge distance to cover.
  • He said that they had projects planned across the United States and Canada. Then there was the lockdown, and they had to put everything on pause for a time.
  • During last year's shutdowns, Thorogood claims he was preoccupied with undisclosed personal difficulties, which kept him from writing new songs.
  • Thorogood created the 'Delaware Destroyers', his first Chicago blues rock band, in 1973. Three years later, Rounder Records issued the group's self-titled debut. The band steadily played despite its ups and downs. He was also a good solo acoustic performer.
  • While the COVID shutdowns left little time for new music, Thorogood did have one new release in 2020. In December, Craft Recordings published Live In Boston, 1982: The Complete Concert. It was his first release since Rounder's 2017 released Party of One.
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Brandywine High School

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John Thorogood, Pete Thorogood, Liza Thorogood, Anne Thorogood

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