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George Washington was quite renowned in Great Britain, and he once traveled to Rhode Island for some unresolved issues with William Shirley, the governor of Massachusetts, and from there, via Philadelphia, he made his way to New London.
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About George Washington

Augustine was Washington's father, and his mother's maiden name was Mary Ball.
Washington did not have a formal education. However, at fifteen years old, he became interested in surveying. He would go out with older men who were already experienced surveyors and learn how to do it himself. 
At sixteen, George started helping his brother, Lawrence, run a plantation called Vernon that they inherited from Lawrence's father. They grew tobacco on it but didn't make any money out of it. Later, Washington joined the Virginia militia when he was only seventeen years old, and he helped deliver messages for them. While fighting the French during the Seven Years War, he was on a boat headed toward Fort Duquesne when it blew up and everybody died but him.
When George was twenty-two years old, he married Martha Dandridge Custis. She was a wealthy widow who had two children from her first marriage named Patsy (Martha) and John (Jacky.) Jacky would later become Washington's stepson after his mother married him, and Patsy eventually became his wife. Although there were some problems between them at first, because George didn't have much money to support her, they stayed together for over 50 years until George's death. Keep on reading to discover more interesting facts about George Washington and share your knowledge with your friends!

Childhood And Education

Augustine Washington was the father, and Mary Ball was the mother of George Washington. In February 22, 1732, he started his journey from Pope's Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia. At that time, his father used to work as a leading producer and served his county court selflessly.
Augustine Washington's better half, Jane Butler, passed away in 1729. He was left with two sons, Lawrence and Augustine Jr., as well as a daughter named Jane. George Washington was the eldest of the six children: George, Elizabeth, John Augustine, Charles, Samuel, and Mildred. George Washington's childhood entailed a period where he suffered the most in his life.
At the age of 11, George lost his father, Augustine. George's grown-up half-brothers became the major beneficiaries of the wealth their father possessed. A very little portion was left for Mary Washington and her children in order to live. Because George was one of the eldest, he started managing the Rappahannock River estate on behalf of his mother.
There, he learned the significance of hard work and efficiency. Unlike many of his fellows, Washington never went to college or pursued an institutional education. His two elder half-brothers, Lawrence and Augustine, went to Appleby Grammar School. After their father passed away, they restricted money for studying. Private teachers, and maybe a public or local school in Fredericksburg, provided all of the siblings with the knowledge they needed. He learned geometry, trigonometry, reading, writing, and primary legal forms for his first career as a surveyor in behaviors. This step had a big hand in shaping his character for the later years of his life.

Family And Relationships

George was married to Martha Dandridge, the widow of Daniel Parke Custis, on January 6, 1759. She was a few months older than George and was the mother of two children who lived and two who died. She also possessed one of the most substantial fortunes in Virginia.
George and Martha met in 1758. In George's economic records of March 16, 1758, it was documented that he used to tip enslaved workers during his visit to the widow, Custis, at the White House in New Kent County. At the same place, in New Kent County, they were married. In a letter, George acknowledged Martha as an agreeable partner. But after marriage, she became more than that. George and Martha Washington and their kids moved to Mount Vernon on April in 1759. Initially, it was a bit uncomfortable for Martha because she had never been to any place beyond the capital of Virginia. But later, with love, they overcame it together.
Washington believed in slavery as a young man, but he questioned it after the Revolutionary War. Washington avoided the matter publicly, thinking that bitter debates over slavery could pull apart the fragile nation.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After serving in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, George Washington started residing at Mount Vernon, a 3,000-acre (1,214 hc) estate and a place that is likely to be 3,500 square feet (0.0003251606 sq km). In the end, his death was brought on by a throat infection.

Charity Work

Washington, the first president of the U.S., expressed sympathy for the imprisoned who were riddled with debt and helped to set them free. Eventually, the Humane Society of the City of New York helped to assist them.
Washington often sent excess food from the presidential mansion to a nearby prison. He donated beer and a hot lunch to persons imprisoned for debt after he designated the first Thanksgiving Day. It was a rare occasion in which Washington allowed his offering to be made public, presumably because he thought it was appropriate to set an example for the rest of the country. Another favor he did, was the protection and education of orphans. He contributed to orphan institutions in several states but reserved his most significant donations for the Alexandria Academy, located only a few miles from Mount Vernon.

What awards did George Washington win?

In 1861, Congress started giving out the Medal of Honor. This award was for military decorations, and General Washington was nominated for one.
However, this award was to be offered in the title of the Congress of the United States, now, it is known as the Congressional Medal of Honor.
The credibility of having a Medal of Honor was the responsibility of the armed services. The Medal of Honor, a military award, and a Congressional Gold Medal are not same. The latter is what Congress authorizes for a farewell address to British troops. More than 1,600 Americans in the continental army were awarded the Medal of Honor during the American Civil War, but only one individual, Ulysses S. Grant, was nominated for a Congressional Gold Medal. It has been thirty-five years since Congress last presented a Gold Medal to an American military captain.

George Washington’s Hobbies and Interests

Washington loved horseback riding, hunting foxes, fishing, and cotillions.
He worked and struggled six days a week, often taking off his heavy coat and performing manual labor with his employees. He was an imaginative and responsible landowner who used to breed cattle and horses. George Washington used to like hunting, farming, and horseback riding. He had quite the expertise in horse riding. In addition, George Washington had an aesthetic taste and renovated his Mount Vernon estate. George Washington learned to ride horses at age 17. He was so well-known for his horse-riding skills that Thomas Jefferson acknowledged him. Washington used to hunt for his food. He had an extensive collection of dogs. George Washington was into games, like billiards and cards, for entertainment and money.

Other Interesting George Washington Facts And Trivia

  • Popes Creek Plantation is known to be the birthplace of Washington, and in 1720, Augustine Washington took over the place.
  • As a surveyor, in 1740, he started with Mount Vernon. He participated in the journey to the western frontier of Virginia with George William Fairfax. Washington gained an intimate knowledge of the Indian War while being in their nation. He took control of 577 enslaved people.
  • Washington was with Lawrence Washington, his brother, on the journey to the island of Barbados. In 1751, he left Mount Vernon, and during his trip, he got smallpox.
  • A small French force was ambushed by Washington at Jumonville Glen. Although he lost the first time, he later won the election to serve in the Virginia House of Burgesses. He served in the war between France and India. He participated in the war of the Ohio River Valley territory in between Great Britain and France. After becoming the first president, he set up some rules and started managing treaties. He started preparing his Union Speech, and he used to hire judges to accommodate basic service. During his time, he tried to make a permanent capital, but New York became a temporary capital of Pennsylvania and later, with the end of his presidential era, he could not establish it.
  • George Washington did not have any children, but there were still children at Mount Vernon. They were Martha Washington's two children from her earlier marriage, a few nieces and nephews, and grandchildren. The whole family, including the people he inherited, was living in the same place at Mount Vernon.
  • As a private man with his personal religious beliefs, George worked tirelessly to make sure people of all religions had the privilege to practice the way they wanted within the United States.

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