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George Watsky is quite sensational in the rapping world.
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About George Watsky

George Watsky is an American rapper, musician, singer, songwriter, poet, record producer, illustrator, and author.
George Watsky was born in San Francisco in 1986. He recently achieved the Guinness World Record for his longest rapping marathon.
George Watsky came to the music world from California, United States. He currently lives in Los Angeles and has worked in the music industry for almost two decades. He started his career at a very young age. At 15, he won many slam poetry competitions. Here, George Watsky got to understand his passion for rapping and the entire music industry. He was featured in Russell Simmons' 'Present Def Poetry' production.
Watsky has released six studio albums so far between 2009 and 2020 and is known for his chopping rap style. In May 2020, George Watsky broke the world record of longest rap by performing for 33 hours, 33 minutes, and 19 long seconds. Read on to learn more about George Watsky's professional accomplishments and personal life.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is George Watsky's net worth?

George Watsky has produced single hip-hop tracks and albums and is also known for his acting and writing work. As of 2021, Watsky's net worth has risen to $1 million. His net worth is growing by the day and may soon be accounted for $1.5 million through his record-breaking work.

How much does George Watsky earn per year?

Even though George Watsky is quite a popular name today, the exact details about his annual earnings are not available.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is George Watsky?

George Watsky is 5 ft 6 in (168 cm) tall.

How old is George Watsky?

George Watsky was born on September 15, 1986, making him 35 years old. He would turn 36 by September 2022.

Childhood And Education

George Watsky's birthplace is in San Francisco, California, United States. His mother, Clare E., was a librarian and his father, Paul Norman Watsky, was a philanthropist. On September 15, 1986, George Watsky was born and has a twin brother named Simon Jay Watsky. They both are Virgo.
The family lived in San Francisco, and the brothers attended San Francisco University High School. Later, Geroge completed his majors in Writing and Acting for Screen and Stage from Emerson College, Boston.
George was always curious and passionate about writing. His skills came into the spotlight in 2006 after winning the National Youth Poetry Slam Championship. His work was so profound that this national contest also gave him the Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam Champion tag as an Emerson sophomore. A few of his poetry works include 'Cannonball,' 'Dreams & Boxes,' and 'Springtime New York.'

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is George Watsky dating?

It is known that Watsky has been dating Amber Giles since 2022, although any further details regarding his relationship with her are kept private.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

George Watsky was known for his poetry slam since his teenage years. Before winning the Grand Slam Poetry Champion, he had won many poetry competitions in the Bay Area. George Watsky became the poetry slam star and had also appeared in the second episode of the sixth season of 'Def Poetry Jam' by Russell Simmons.
Between 2009 and 2011, George Watsky produced over 15 hip-hop tracks in his first album, which gained popularity. His video 'Pale Kids Rap Fast' gained over 25 million views which further led to his appearances on the 'Ellen Degeneres Show.' In 2012, George released 'Nothing Like The First Time,' a free mixtape that gave him the opportunity for his first official tour along with Dumbfoundead. He started his record production company along with Brad in 2013 and named it ‘Steel Wool Media.’
He started exploring acting in 2013 and was seen in season four of the series 'Arrested Development'. In 2014, George's YouTube channel ranked 51 in the 'New Media Rockstar' list of top 100 channels. In 2016, his book 'How to Ruin Everything' was published, and it received the top 10 Bestseller list mention by The New York Times. In 2018, George Watsky appeared in the film 'Blindspotting.' Apart from these three, he is also known for video production, namely 'Sketchy' and 'Epic Rap Battles Of History' a music video he co-directed.
Today, George Watsky is popular amongst the millennials as the freestyle rapper who broke the world record of rapping for 33 hours, 33 minutes, and 19 seconds in 2020. He has composed his first music for the TV series 'A Scottish Play' which is in its pre-production stage.

Charity Work

George Watsky's Instagram description says, 'Be nice, work hard.' He has tried to stay true to this phrase with the help of his freestyle rap marathon in 2020. Through this rapping marathon of 33+ hours, George Watsky was able to raise $140,000, which he had donated to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund for all the artists and musicians who had been hit majorly by the Covid-19 blow.

What awards has George Watsky won?

Apart from his poetry slam championships, his Guinness World Record, and mentions in the Billboard 200 list, there aren't any specific awards or nominations won by George Watsky as a writer, singer, rapper, or record producer.

George Watsky's Hobbies And Interests

George Watsky is a record producer who loves to keep on producing new albums. He is also interested in boosting contemporary artists' careers. He loves writing and is a successful author of the book 'How To Ruin Everything.' Apart from these, one can understand that George Watsky loves traveling, painting, doodling, and meeting friends and is often seen exploring different skills through his Instagram account.

Other Interesting George Watsky Facts And Trivia

  • George Watsky calls himself half Jewish with a higher inclination to his father's side of the family.
  • Do you know that George Watsky's twin brother, Simon Jay Watsky, is a helicopter pilot? George's maternal grandfather, Clement Woodnutt Miller, was a democratic politician.
  • George Watsky is famous for the straightforward views that he mentions in his poetry and writings. His poetry was focused on politicians' 
  • George Watsky has worked on and produced six studio albums as follows; 'Watsky,' 'All You Can Do,' 'X Infinity,' 'Complaint,' and 'Placement.' He has four extended plays and two collaboration productions with Invisible Inc.
  • George Watsky has performed associated acts with many known artists like Zach Sherwin, Anderson Paak, Dumbfoundead, Bliss n Eso, Lloyd Ahlquist, Kate Nash, and more. He has also done music for the 'DeFranco Does Dublin' video in 2011.
  • After releasing his first album, George Watsky appeared more than once as a performer on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show.'
  • George Watsky has performed and traveled in nine tours, seven being his solo tours and two as co-headlining tours. He is known for his 35ft jump incident during the 'Vans Warped Tour' in London, where George Watsky and two other people from the audience were injured.
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George Watsky Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

George Watsky

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

San Francisco



168 cm

Eye Color



Rapper, singer, musician, songwriter, record producer, poet, author, and illustrator


Emerson College

Net Worth



Amber Giles


Clare E., Paul Norman Watsky


Simon Jay Watsky
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