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About Goran Bogdan

Hailing from the crescent-shaped country of Croatia, Goran Bogdan has made a name for himself in the film industry.
He has been featured in over 40 films and TV series thanks to his versatility and dedication to his acting career. His films have done exceptionally well all around the world.
Most of the films he has acted in are Croatian, and they have gained popularity. However, he has also appeared in many American and English movies. Starting his acting career at the Zagreb Youth Theater, Goran Bogdan was the featured cast member of the anthology series 'Fargo' in the third season. He was previously starring in the series 'The Last Panthers' alongside Samantha Morton.
Goran Bogdan has invested a lot of time and effort in perfecting his acting skills and has slowly chipped away at the imperfections over the years. The hard work is evident when one sees his role as Yuri Gurka in 'Fargo,' where he has displayed immense acting skills. The most notable films the Croatian actor has worked on are 'Sonja And The Bull,' 'Goltzius And The Pelican Company,' 'Father,' 'Concrete Plans,' Agape' and ‘Oasis.’
The actor is well known for representing his character very well and has well deservedly won awards. Goran Bogdan is the first-ever Croatian actor nominated at the European Film Awards for Best Actor.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Goran Bogdan’s net worth?

Even though Goran Bogdan has acted in several films and appeared in many TV series, his net worth results from his massive and busy acting career. The actor from Yugoslavia is said to be worth around $5 million.

How much does Goran Bogdan earn per year?

Goran Bogdan has worked in countless films in his career, and his annual salary is indicated to be around half a million dollars.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Goran Bogdan?

Goran Bogdan stands at 6 ft 1 in (188 cm) tall.

How old is Goran Bogdan?

Born on October 2, 1980, Goran Bogdan is 41 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Goran Bogdan was born in Siroki Brijeg, Yugoslavia, making him of Croatian nationality. The actor was born to Croatian parents Simun Bogdan and Milka Bogdan. Goran Bogdan enrolled himself at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb, where he earned his graduation.
After finishing university, Goran Bogdan started his acting career by joining the Zagreb Youth Theater. This has undoubtedly contributed to Bogdan's convincing and entertaining acting. The actor from Yugoslavia spent much time and hard work honing his acting skills.
He appeared in his first television show 'Zabranjena Ijubav' in 2005, and from then, there was no turning back in terms of success for Goran Bogdan. Although his steep rise in fame, like many other international actors, was when he started appearing in American movies.


Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Goran Bogdan dating?

Although it is known that Goran Bogdan has been in at least one relationship previously, his current relationship status is unknown, and some speculate that he is single. Though the actor has been spotted with co-actresses, it is not sure if they were merely friends or followed a more intimate relationship.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Goran Bogdan has made significant contributions to American and English films. The actor from Yugoslavia is well known for his calm and collected display of character.
Goran Bogdan has won awards for famous movies like 'Agape,' His role in the film 'Otac' earned the Croatian actor universal fame. His other notable appearances include 'Goltzius And The Pelican Company' and 'Oasis.' He has also worked in Croatian films and TV series, which have gained immense viewership in Yugoslavia.
The new famous actor further made history and established his name on the top actor's list when he was nominated for the European Film Awards for the Best Actor. Goran Bogdan also gained popularity when he appeared in the American comedy-drama TV series 'Fargo' with a universal viewership.
Goran Bogdan has had quite a busy career and has acted in over 40 films since 2005, but he continually finds new ways to improve his craft and makes every role stand out as if it were only meant for him. With such a vast range of experience and playing different roles, the actor has been able to refine and better his acting skills which are now second to none.

What awards has Goran Bogdan won?

Goran Bogdan has won many awards due to his exceptional acting and professionalism. His first award came in 2013 from the Croatian Theatre Award Public Vote, also known as the Theatre Award, and he was named the Theater Actor Of The Year. Goran Bogdan was also awarded the Vladimir Nazor Award for his role in the Branko Schmidt film 'Agape' in 2017.
He also made history by becoming the first Croatian actor nominated for the European Film Awards for Best Actor. 

Other Interesting Goran Bogdan's Facts And Trivia

  • Goran Bogdan has worked hard to better his acting skills.
  • Goran Bogdan had a role in a music video for Maja Posavec.
  • He has appeared in over 40 films since 2005.
  • He provided the voice of McBunny in the Croatian language version of Garfield 2.
  • Goran Bogdan currently lives in Zagreb with his family.
  • He maintains a healthy presence on his Instagram account, bogdangoranbogdan. He also follows quite a lot of Instagram users.

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Goran Bogdan Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Goran Bogdan

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Siroki Brijeg, Bosnia and Hercegovina



188 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Child Star?



Actor, Screenwriter


University of Zagreb

Net Worth



Milka Bogdan, Simun Bogdan

Annual Earnings

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