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About Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle is an American comedian, voice actress, and singer-songwriter.
Grey DeLisle was born as Erin Grey Van Oosbree. She is primarily popular for her roles in video games and animated productions.
Born on August 24, 1973, in Fort Ord, California, Erin Grey Van Oosbree gained recognition as Grey DeLisle for her unique voice and talent. She has been active in the entertainment industry since 1983. Grey DeLisle is a mother of three kids.

Grey DeLisle’s Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Grey DeLisle’s net worth?

Grey DeLisle earned most of her income from her career in voice acting. She has been the voice of many of everyone’s favorite animated characters, be it for movies, television shows, or games. Grey DeLisle has a net worth of approximately $5 million.

How much does Grey DeLisle earn per year?

Grey DeLisle is a popular celebrity who has been the voice of many beloved animation characters. Grey works on a project basis, and that usually is not consistent. Hence, it isn't easy to estimate her income annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Grey DeLisle?

Grey DeLisle is nearly 5 ft 3 in (160 cm) tall.

How old is Grey DeLisle?

Born on August 24, 1973, Grey DeLisle will celebrate her 49th birthday in 2022 with her kids.

Childhood And Education

Grey DeLisle was born as Erin Grey Van Oosbree on August 24, 1973, in Fort Ord in California. Grey's mother, Joanna Ruth, was a singer and her father, George Van Oosbree, was a truck driver. Erin has two brothers. Unfortunately, Joanna and George got separated when the kids were young. After the divorce, Joanna went on a spiritual journey, and the kids were brought up by their maternal grandmother. Grey’s grandmother, Eva Flores, was a vocalist and used to perform with Tito Puente, a salsa musician.
Erin Grey went to Chula Vista High School and graduated with Mario Lopez as her classmate. Her interest began in old gospel music and comedy in her teens. As part of her comedy special, Grey Van started imitating voices. She maintained a balance between her musical aspirations and voice-overs.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Grey DeLisle dating?

Grey married Murry Hammond in 2002 and the couple had a son, Jefferson Texas Hammond, who was born in 2007. She fondly calls him Tex. After the divorce from Murry in 2010, Grey DeLisle married Jared Griffin in 2012. They had a son, Harlan, in 2010 and a daughter named Mariposa in 2016. Eventually, the two got divorced. Grey is assumed to be single as of May 2022 and not dating anyone.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Grey DeLisle started her career with a talent agent named Sandy Schnarr. She voiced a beloved character named Daphne Blake from the popular ‘Scooby Doo’ franchise. Grey DeLisle began her journey of voicing characters through this, and there was no looking back. Later, DeLisle was a part of the film ‘Scooby Doo’ and the ‘Cyber Chase’ as Daphne Blake.
DeLisle’s voice was also a part of a big-budget movie ‘Avatar’, Grey voiced Princess Azula. Moreover, Grey DeLisle was also a voice-over artist for popular characters, such as Wonder Woman, Queen Butterfly, Betty Rubble, one of the Powerpuff girls, Lily Loud, Captain Marvel, Johnny Bravo, Frankie Foster, Kitty Galore, Curious George, and Danny Phantom.
Grey DeLisle has been a part of popular shows as a voice actress. She was landed her voice in ‘Star Wars’, ‘Loud House’, ‘Grim Adventures’, ‘Fairly Oddparents’, ‘Last Airbender’, ‘Imaginary Friends’, and ‘Peace Walker’.
Besides being a voice actress, Grey DeLisle is also a singer-songwriter. DeLisle and Matthew Lillard are the voice of Shaggy Rogers and she has also been a model for the Nintendo Switch game in 2017.
Grey DeLisle has released many albums by her name, including ‘The Small Time’ in 2000, ‘The Graceful Ghost’ in 2004, ‘Iron Flowers’ in 2005, ‘Loggerheads’ soundtrack in 2005, and 'Anchored In Love’ in 2007.

Other Interesting Grey DeLisle Facts And Trivia

  • Sometimes, Grey DeLisle earns her credits as Grey Griffin. She is a melodious singer and a great songwriter.
  • Grey DeLisle speaks Spanish, French, English, and German.

Grey DeLisle Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Erin Grey Van Oosbree

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Fort Ord



160 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?



Voice Actress, Comedian, Singer-Songwriter

Net Worth



Joanna Ruth, George Van Oosbree
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