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About Haig Sutherland

Haig Sutherland is a renowned Canadian actor born on April 10, 1983.
As per astrologers, Haig Sutherland's zodiac sign is Aries. Haig Sutherland is an actor best known for his role in 'Stargate Universe' and 'Will Madison' in '7 Things To Do Before I'm 30'.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Haig Sutherland's net worth?

Actor and Filmmaker Haig Sutherland is ranked among the richest on the actor list, with a net worth of $1-$5 million.

How much does Haig Sutherland earn per year?

Haig Sutherland earns a lot per year through his movie business, of course, but we are not aware of the accurate number of his annual earnings.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Haig Sutherland?

We do not have accurate details about Haig Sutherland, like his height and the color of his eyes.

How old is Haig Sutherland?

The movie actor Haig Sutherland's birthday falls on April 10, 1983, making his age 39 years old.

Childhood And Education

The actor was born in Vancouver, Canada. His birthday falls on April 10. We don't know a lot about his family and his childhood.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Haig Sutherland dating?

Haig Sutherland isn't dating anyone at this moment. We do not have any information available about his previous relationships. Since he isn't even known to be in a relationship, we don't also have any information about the number of children he has.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Canadian actor Haig Sutherland, who is best known for his role in 'Stargate Universe' and 'Will Madison' in '7 Things To Do Before I'm 30', had his breakout role in the TV series 'Hope Island,' where he played the naive, loveable, but doomed soul of 'Nub Flanders,' where Brian Brewster (Dunkin Fraser) makes him a pawn in his plots to become wealthy.
His first movie as the 'Danish Father' in 'The BFG' (2016) was at the age of 33. He has been in 10 movies since 2016, the latest of which is 'Garage Sale Mystery: Killer Swap.' In the 2016 movie 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent,' we saw him in the role of ‘Billy Carr.’
He also played the role of 'Doctor Mori' in the series 'Travelers' which aired from 2017 to 2018.
He has played the role of 'Tommy Smith' in the movie 'Boy in The Attic' and 'Fred Fochs' in the tv series ‘Robson Arms.’
Haig Sutherland has played the role of 'Travis George' in the tv series ‘Smallville.’
He is most famous for playing the role of 'Bookish Guy' in the film ‘Valentine.’

Other Interesting Haig Sutherland Facts And Trivia

  • Haig Sutherland is an Aries.
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