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Halima Rashid is the ex-wife of Jermaine Jackson. Read more exciting facts about her here at Kidadl.
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About Halima Rashid

Halima Rashid is a famous family member of the Jackson family.

Halima Rashid is the ex-wife of Jermaine Jackson, the former 'The Jackson 5' member. She was born in Afghanistan on September 22, 1970.

In June 2016, Jermaine Jackson and Halima Rashid filed for divorce after being together for 12 years. Halima Rashid is a trending celebrity and is Michael Jackson's sister-in-law, a pop legend, Rebbie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jackie Jackson, LaToya Jackson, Janet Jackson, Marlon Jackson, and Ran Jackson.

The star sign of the Afghanistan star is Virgo and Aster & Morning Glory is her birth flower. Passive is her birth sign duality, and Pisces is her opposite sign. Mutable Earth is her birth sign modality and element. 

Halima Rashid's nationality is American and Afgan.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Halima Rashid's net worth?

The personality who married Jackson has a net worth of $1- $5 million. 

How much does Halima Rashid earn per year?

The earnings of the September-born star from Afghanistan are under review.  

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Halima Rashid?

The height of Halima Rashid is 5 ft 6 in (167 cm). 

How old is Halima Rashid?

The family member of the Jackson family is 51 years old as of 2021.

Childhood And Education

The personality, who worked at Starbucks, is a passionate advocate in Afghanistan and Gambia for women's education. However, the star, Halima Rashid, has not revealed much information about her parents or other family members. Also, there is no information about her schooling and studies either. 

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Halima Rashid's partner?

Halima Rashid from Afghanistan met Jermaine Jackson at a Starbucks in January 2004. After three months of knowing her, he married her in August 2004. The Jackson family member hails from a wealthy family, and she has a sister named Sara. 

Halima Rashid and Jermaine had filed for divorce, and they ended their marriage in the year 2016. The couple does not have any children to date, and she is his third wife. The family member of Michael Jackson has been the stepmother to seven of his children from previous marriages. Before getting a divorce, the couple was spotted in prominent trendy locations. Beso Restaurant in Hollywood, Los Angeles, was one such place where they were spotted together. 

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Halima Rashid got her college degree from Binghamton University. Apart from that, she didn't reveal anything about her graduation or other schooling details. 

The celebrity, Halima Rashid, is famous because of her husband, who has been in the entertainment industry. She is also not active on many social media platforms. 

Halima Rashid is also best known as an Afghani Executive. She remains involved with several philanthropic organizations. She devotes a lot of time to helping students and women in the education field in the Gambia.  

Halima Rashid's Hobbies And Interests

The hobbies of Halima Rashid are traveling, photography, and reading. 

Other Interesting Halima Rashid Facts And Trivia

The September-born Halima Rashid is a former daughter-in-law to the Jacksons, Katherine, and Joe. 

Halima Rashid separated from Jermaine Jackson in 2016.

Halima Rashid was not directly associated with the television industry, but Jermaine was, and she was often spotted with him. 

Halima Rashid is an active philanthropist and social worker.

Halima Rashid Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Halima Rashid

Date of Birth






167 cm


Binghamton University

Net Worth



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