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Hannah Godwin is a February-born reality TV show star and a social media content creator.
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About Hannah Godwin

Hannah Godwin is a reality TV show star with a net worth of about $1 million whose rise to fame came about after competing for Colton Underwood's affections in the show 'The Bachelor' in 2019.

She has appeared on various reality TV shows such as 'Bachelor in Paradise' and 'The Bachelor', 'Bachelor in Paradise' being where she met her fiance Dylan Barbour. While being a contestant on season 23 of 'The Bachelor' starring Colton Underwood, Hannah Godwin was one of the remaining two finalists, but Colton decided to call off the show and pursue Cassie Randolph.

Hannah Godwin then became a contestant on season 6 of 'Bachelor in Paradise', where she started a relationship with Dylan Barbour and eventually got engaged during the season finale. Dylan and the February-born reality star are still engaged and have bought a house together. Furthermore, they are one of the three 'Bachelor in Paradise' couples to be engaged. Hannah started her professional career in 2013 with modeling and has since then worked with various bands and design companies such as Red Dress, Southern Marsh, and Lulus. She also occasionally models under Block Agency and MP Atlanta.

The star has also been featured in music videos like 'Leave right now' by Thomas Rett and is passionate about working behind the cameras. Hannah is also a beauty pageant contestant and has participated in three Miss Alabama pageants; moreover, she placed third in Miss Alabama and won the Miss Oak Mountain. The reality star has also done well for herself as a YouTuber with about 100 thousand subscribers on her handle, which she launched in January 2017.

As a YouTube content creator, Hannah Godwin posts blogs and makeup tutorials. The Alabama beauty pageant contestant and social media star does not blog only on YouTube but also on her website '@hannahgodwin.net', where she blogs about beauty and fashion. As the Alabama-born star is also skilled in photography, she uses it to enhance her various social media businesses further. The reality star also has a lot of social influence as she has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, over 729,000 followers on TikTok, and over 100 thousand on Twitter. Despite Hannah's talent for reality TV shows and modeling, she studied and earned a college degree in business marketing at the University of Montevallo.

Hannah Godwin Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Hannah Godwin’s net worth?

Hannah Godwin makes a decent sum of money yearly. Her net worth is estimated to be about $1 million, most of which she has primarily earned from her career as a reality star, model, YouTuber, and social media content creator. Her estimated net worth includes her income, money, and assets, but she prefers to live a modest lifestyle despite that.

How much does Hannah Godwin earn per year?

There is no information on how much Hannah Godwin earns yearly; however, her yearly income is presumed to be decent though varying as it is highly dependent on the performance of her YouTube channel and her career as a model and reality show star, which may vary in performance.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Hannah Godwin?

The February-born Hannah Godwin stands at 5 ft 7 in (170 cm).

How old is Hannah Godwin?

The reality star, Hannah Godwin, is 27 years old as of 2022, as she was born in 1995 in Alabama. The reality star celebrates her birthday on February 4 every year while her birth sign is Aquarius.

Childhood And Education

Though much is unknown about Hannah Godwin's parents, she was born and raised by them in Alabama. Her parents divorced shortly before she moved out of the house to start her career as a model and reality star, but she still meets with them, and they can be seen on her social media accounts.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Hannah Godwin went to Hoover High School and the University of Montevallo, where she earned her college degree in business marketing. While at the University of Montevallo, Hannah Godwin studied Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Supported Services. Additionally, the reality show star was a member of the Phi Mu sorority (the second oldest female fraternal organization founded in the United States) while in the university. Hannah Godwin also attended photography school but primarily majored in Business Marketing.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Hannah Godwin dating?

Hannah Godwin is currently engaged to Dylan Barbour, who she met on the sixth season of the reality show 'Bachelor in Paradise'. Hannah and Dylan Barbour got engaged at the season's finale and had a long-distance relationship with Hannah in Los Angeles and Dylan Barbour in San Diego. The couple then celebrated their engagement in February 2020 in Hollywood Hills with family and other Bachelor alumni such as Hannah Brown, Mike Johnson, Demi Burnett, and Peter Weber.

Later on, Hannah Godwin announced that she and Dylan Barbour had bought a house together in San Diego as the coronavirus pandemic gave them a glimpse of what being roommates was like, and that gave them the courage to move on to the next step in their relationship. Hannah Godwin also posts pictures with Dylan Barbour on her social media accounts and features him in some YouTube videos.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Hannah Godwin is best known for being a contestant on 'The Bachelor' season 23, where she competed against 30 other women to win Colton Underwood and took part in season 6 of 'Bachelor in Paradise'. 'Bachelor in Paradise' was where she met and fell in love with her fiance Dylan Barbour as the two sparked a relationship early in the season and seemed to avoid most of the drama.

At the end of the season, Hannah and Dylan were one of the three couples to be engaged. Hannah Godwin is also widely known for winning the Miss Oak Mountain and competing for the title of Miss Alabama, which she lost to Hannah Brown and became the second runner-up.

Charity Work

It is unknown if the February-born star, Hannah Godwin, is involved in any form of charity.

What awards has Hannah Godwin won?

It is unknown if the February-born star, Hannah Godwin, has won any awards; however, she won Miss Oak Mountain.

Hannah Godwin’s Hobbies And Interests

Apart from modeling and creating YouTube videos, hobbies and interests Hannah Godwin may or may not have are unknown. However, the star is known to be a pet lover.

Other Interesting Hannah Godwin Facts And Trivia

  • Hannah Godwin's engagement ring is a Neil Lane ring, with the main stone being a 2.5-carat cushion diamond surrounded by s0 smaller diamonds. Additionally, the platinum band of the ring features an additional 62 diamonds.
  • Hannah Godwin's Instagram handle is '@hannahg11'.
  • The reality show star has modeled for big brands such as Red Dress, Southern Marsh, and Lulus.
  • Being born early in February, Hannah is of the Zodiac sign Aquarius. 
  • Hannah dislikes the taste of seafood and regularly posts about food on her Instagram account.
  • Besides makeup tutorials, Hannah Godwin also posts about various outfit ideas on her YouTube Channel.
  • Hannah Godwin has blue eyes, blonde hair, and a pet cat named 'Sassy'.
  • Hannah Godwin has appeared on the shows Bachelor Happy Hour' and 'Game Night with the Hamiltons'.

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