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About Henderson Wade

Henderson Wade was born on March 26, 1984 in Washington, DC in the USA under the zodiac sign of Aries.

Henderson wade is a television actor who rose to prominence after starring in the CBS series 'Extant'. He debuted in the DC Universe series 'Swamp Thing' in 2019.

Early on in Wade's career, he had a recurring part on 'Days Of Our Lives'.

Henderson Wade is a proud Washington, DC native and Syracuse University graduate.

He then appeared regularly as Matt Cable on DC Universe's 'Swamp Thing' and, most recently, as Hunter on ABC's 'A Million Little Things', 'Riverdale' (The CW), 'The Cheerleader Murders', 'The Last Ship' (TNT), 'American Horror Story: Roanoke' (FX), and 'Extant' (FX) are among his other credits (CBS).

Henderson's superb looks have gotten him a lot of attention, and it's evident that he works hard to stay in shape.

He enjoys working out and spends a significant amount of time doing so.

Henderson Wade may not have the most enormous social media following, but he recognizes the value of using his platform to interact with his followers.

He enjoys interacting with show fans on Twitter and is frequently seen retweeting and responding to tweets.

Henderson Wade Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Henderson Wade's net worth?

Wade's net worth is estimated to be $1.2 million. This sum is the result of his prominent roles within the entertainment industry.

How much does Henderson Wade earn per year?

We can assume that Henderson Wade earns a handsome amount of money from his movies.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Henderson Wade?

Henderson Wade has a height of 5 ft 8 in (172 cm).

How old is Henderson Wade?

Henderson Wade is 38 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Henderson Wade is a proud Washington DC native-born and was raised there during his childhood. While Washington, DC is a fantastic city for many things, it isn't the best place to pursue an acting career.

Henderson Wade moved to the Los Angeles area when he chose to pursue acting professionally, and he is still based there now.

Henderson Wade gave up higher education to pursue acting. Henderson Wade studied public relations at Syracuse University: Newhouse School of Public Communications. Unfortunately, we could not locate information about his major or graduation date.

Henderson Wade has dedicated a lot of time and effort to acting, including thorough research.

He's attended various workshops and even studied improv at The Groundlings Theater and School in Los Angeles. Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, and Will Ferrell are just a few well-known artists who have studied and performed at The Groundlings over the years.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Henderson Wade's partner?

Henderson Wade's profession has certainly begun to take off, and his personal life appears to be doing well too.

Hendrix, his first child with longtime partner Jessica Whatley, was born earlier this year. Henderson Wade loves fatherhood, and his daughter has been featured on his Instagram page multiple times.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Henderson's TV performances have gotten him the most recognition, but he also knows how to work the stage. He has a few theater productions under his credit, according to his résumé. He played the lead in three shows at the Renegade Theater: 'Autobahn', 'Sex. Love. Life', and 'My Romantic History'.

Henderson Wade has worked his way up the acting ladder over the last decade. He began his acting career in modest soap opera roles before moving on to significant guest and recurrent roles on shows such as 'Riverdale' and 'A Million Little Things'. In 2019, Henderson Wade landed the role of Matt Cable in The CW series 'Swamp Thing', which brought him a great break.

He really rose to fame after that. The show allowed him to showcase his talent in front of a wide audience, and people fell in love with him right away. People are eager to watch how Henderson's character will fare now that the show has returned for a second season.

According to his IMDB website, he's already written and produced a short film called 'Olive Branch'. He's also worked on two more productions as an executive producer.

Wade has been in a variety of TV shows, including 'The Young And The Restless', 'The Bold And The Beautiful', 'House MD', 'Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior', 'American Horror Story: Roanoke', and 'CSI: Miami'.

Henderson Wade played Adhu, also known as Offspring, on 'Extant', Sheriff Michael Minetta on 'Riverdale', and Marine Cpt. Utt. on 'The Last Ship'. He also landed a regular role on DC Universe's 'Swamp Thing' as Matt Cable.

In 2016, he acted in Samantha Boscarino's film 'The Cheerleader Murders'.

Wade was cast in the role of Hunter on 'A Million Little Things' in 2018.

Henderson Wade's Hobbies And Interests

He enjoys boxing and other sports in addition to going to the gym.

Other Interesting Henderson Wade Facts And Trivia

Henderson Wade is a huge a dog person! He is the proud pet parent of an adorable fur child.

Henderson Wade appears to be a relatively private individual. And his social media profile is mostly solely centered on his work, so there isn't much information about him floating around.

However, he believes that as his career shows signs of progress and additional interview opportunities present themselves, he may opt to open himself more.

His zodiac sign is an Aries.

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Henderson Wade Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Henderson Wade

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Washington, D.C.



172 cm

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Syracuse University

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Jessica Whatley
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