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41 Heroic Facts About The Military That Will Make You Feel Proud

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The military, also known as the armed forces, are highly intensive and organized forces with heavy armaments and a primary intention of defense and warfare.

The first usage of the English word 'military' was in the year 1582, and it was spelled 'Militarie.' Protecting the country and its interests from any type of external threat by any means is the primary task of the armed forces.

Any country in the world will have one or more branches in the military itself, like the Army, Navy, Air Division, Coast Guard, and more. The military, on the whole, whether it be military members or military families, usually functions as a distinct social subculture where people are provided with dedicated services like housing, schooling, hospital and legal services, banking, and more. Although warfare is the primary task of soldiers, they are also sometimes involved in various other state functions like emergency services, evacuation purposes, population control, internal threats, and also as protection in social ceremonies.

History Of The Military

The military has always been a necessity to protect nations from internal as well as external threats. This need has existed since ancient times and will probably continue to exist. Although, this organization was not known by the term 'military' in the past, that does not mean that the military did not exist.

Like today, there also existed several notable militaries in history, and the most powerful of them were among the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Indians, the Chinese, and the Romans.

History tells us that Egypt was growing to superpower status but was eventually taken down by multiple other nations.

Romans were known to have one of the most brutal military systems in history. They were the dominant power in the entire Mediterranean region.

During the medieval military period, the concept of warfare completely changed from that of classical antiquity, thereby changing war tactics and the roles of various departments of the military.

The development of gunpowder weapons in China brought a huge change all around the world.

The use of gunpowder weapons brought an end to the use of simple cavalry, and they were replaced by mounted infantry, who used horses for moving and gunpowder weapons to fight.

Then came the period of Industrial Warfare, where countries favored conscription rather than professional soldiers, and the use of the most advanced technology led the way to victory.

The most notable wars during the Industrial Warfare era were the two World Wars and the American Civil War.

Another crucial concept to be noted during the Industrial Warfare era would be total war, where every part of the nation was demolished, including civilian infrastructures. A good example of total war was World War II.

The modern era of warfare is considered to have started in the '40s. Here, concepts like nuclear wars and biological wars were created.

The Cold War paved the way for most technologies we use today, like armored tanks, composite armors, targeting systems, and high caliber canons.

Military Organizations

Most countries in the world always have three major military organizations. These three military organizations are: the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. These three organizations have different militant distribution structures within themselves, and they differ based on the country.

The Army consists of land fighting troops who engage in warfare from land to eliminate land-based threats.

The Army is organized from smaller units like the squad and platoon to huge units of soldiers like the Army corps.

The Navy is built to engage in complete marine wars in and on the sea, ocean, rivers, and major water bodies.

The organizational guidelines of the Navy are simpler; that is, the same type of ships together are called squadrons, and multiple squadrons together are termed a fleet.

The Air Force units are those who engage in direct aerial warfare to completely eliminate external threats or sometimes even enemy nations.

The Air Division has only two basic levels. The same aircrafts together make a squadron, and multiple squadrons together make a wing.

These three major military organizations may have multiple subdivisions or branches, depending on the nation's defense plans.

Military Branches

Protecting a nation from external threats is not an easy task. These threats may come from anywhere, be it air, land, or water. This is why the military in most nations has different branches dedicated to different types of military combat and locations. Each of these military organization sub-groups are dedicated to performing tasks in varied environments.

Airborne Forces or Paratroopers are ground combat units who are dropped in war locations from air, mostly with the help of a parachute.

The Air Defense Force is the unit that engages in action from land or air to fight aerial warfare threats.

The Border Guard are the units that make sure that the nation's borders are safe. They also engage in border rescue missions of their own and also with the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard is responsible for defending the coastlines of the nation. The Coast Guard makes sure no marine war threats can reach the nation and also engages in various coastal rescue operations.

The Cyber Force is a branch of the military that makes sure that vital computer systems with vital information are safe.

The Military Emergency Services take quick relief action in times of emergency situations, like disasters.

The Marine Corps consists of land forces, but it helps the Naval command in their operations.

The Rocket Force is a branch of the military that is responsible for taking care of varied missile groups and also quickly responding to missile attacks.

The Space Force helps with spy satellites, military satellites, communication satellites, satellite navigation, and more.

The Special Forces are units with highly-trained and skilled personnel ready to engage in any kind of special operations.

The military medical services are always at the fore, ready to provide medications and treatments, and if necessary, perform surgeries on soldiers.

The Military Police are units responsible for guarding either the armed forces or the civilians, and sometimes both.

The Military logistics department takes care of the movement, supply, and maintenance of the armed forces.

Various military branches serve and protect their nation at any cost.

Popular Militaries In The World

There are numerous nations in the world with highly-trained and competent military forces. Here are a few facts about the most popular militaries in the world:

The most popular military in the world has been the US military for years, and they are known for their extreme spending, strength, and the advanced tech they use.

The Chinese, although they don't have the most modern military, have the largest army in the world with thousands and thousands of aircrafts, armored vehicles, and ships.

The Indian military has one of the largest troops in the world, with almost 1.4 million personnel on active duty, although the number of active-duty personnel is lower than the reserve team. They have huge numbers of armored vehicles.

Japan is known to have a good military hardware collection. They are significantly lower in size when compared to the other nations.

The French military has a homegrown defense industry producing very capable equipment. They also have the only non-American nuclear carrier in the world.

Other Miscellaneous Facts

Here are some impressive facts about the military that are largely unknown:

 One of the greatest surprise attacks in the history of warfare, the Pearl Harbor attack, served a severe blow to the US.

The Grand Canyon University offers special military assistance like scholarships and tuition assistance benefits to active military members.

The US military, especially the Army, employs a huge number of civilians for various activities.

The Clark Expedition was a US expedition aiming to explore the newly-acquired west portion of the country, which is now known as the Western United States. The Clark Expedition succeeded in documenting hundreds of animal and plant species and compiling different maps.


What is the military known for?

The military is a highly-trained and organized force of any country, and has heavy weaponry. Its primary focus is always to defend the country and its interests from external threats.

What happens at 11:00 am on Veterans Day?

An armistice was signed to end World War I exactly at 11:00 am on November 11, 1918. So, every year on this day, Veterans Day or Armistice Day is celebrated in the US. This day is usually celebrated by conducting Veterans Day Parades and by observing a two minute silence to honor the fallen, and those who have returned.

What does the red poppy symbolize on Veterans Day?

The red poppy is a symbol of sacrifice and bloodshed during World War I. It is worn by people to honor everyone who pledged service and made sacrifices to protect their countries.

What is the oldest branch of the military?

The United States Army is considered to be the oldest branch of the military. It was established in the year 1775.

Who controls the military?

The armed forces or the military are maintained by the sovereign state, and usually, the President himself acts as the Supreme Commander or the Commander-in-Chief of the entire military service.

Who had the first military?

The first military in history belonged to Sargon of Agade. He was one of the greatest conquerors belonging to the Sumerian cities of Mesopotamia. He had the first-ever permanent standing army comprising around 100,000 soldiers. This army is also known to have a proper chain of command and various specialized units.

What is the youngest military branch?

The United States Air Force is considered to be the youngest branch of the military because it was initiated as the Aeronautical department in the year 1907. It was long after, in the year 1947, that the Air Force was recognized as an independent military branch.

Which branch has the longest training period?

The United States Marine Corps is known to have the longest basic training periods. They have around 12 weeks of training, excluding the in-processing time of four days.

What's the most elite military unit?

The United States Navy SEALs are considered by many to be the finest of all military units. They have proved their capabilities repeatedly in various war operations.

What is the strongest military branch?

The United States Navy is known as the most powerful military branch to ever exist globally. It is considered to be unmatched by any other nation's military power. Its soldiers are also known to have the best training, and so, are capable of beating any of the world's special forces.

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