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Horrifying F1 Tornado Facts Everyone Should Know About

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The F1 tornado or Fujita tornado is known to cause considerable damage.

The F1 tornado is a weak tornado having an original scale range of speed of around 73-112 mph (117-180 kph). Even though they do not cause severe damage, there have been incidents of the roofs torn off and walls torn off from weak foundations and structures.

The categorization of the tornado starts with F0 and F1 (weak) followed by the F2-F3 (strong) and F4-F4 (violent). According to the new scale report, the initial tornado damage scale of this tornado can cause the roof of a mobile home to fall off. Trains overturned, branches broken, and trees debarked can be a cause of the initial lower wind speeds of the tornado.

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Facts About F1 Tornado

A tornado is an accumulation of dust swirling in a funnel-shaped structure. It can be related to a hurricane. Although the hurricane wind speed is much higher than an F1 tornado.

The wind has to move at a minimum speed of around 40 mph (64 kph) to create a tornado. The F1 tornado is not very strong and is considered to be the second weakest tornado on the F scale. Although the speed can cause heavy cars to be lifted or destroy the roofs of mobile homes.

Horrifying Facts About F1 Tornado

The Fujita scale, or F scale, is used to categorize the intensity of a tornado.

Even if the wind speeds are weak, F1 tornado damage has included mobile homes and buildings being destroyed, cars lifted into the air, damage to major structures and foundations, and trees being uprooted.

F1 tornado caused 201 tornado deaths with 6,325 injured between the years 1950 and 31 January 2007 in the United States.

Facts About F1 Tornado's Speed

The wind speeds of the F1 tornado are not the most destructive.

Mostly, this tornado moves at a speed of around 73-112 mph (117-180 kph). Rather than humans, they usually affect mobile homes, trees, or tall foundations.

Facts About Damage Caused By F1 Tornados

The damage of this tornado can range from the foundations of houses being destroyed to light objects and trees being uprooted. The destruction is usually considered to be moderate on the tornado damage scale.

During the 70s, Fujita scale researchers stated the F1 tornado caused the most destruction. Mobile homes and building roofs were destroyed, there were cars thrown from roads, and there were many incidents of trees being uprooted.

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