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How Big Do Labradoodles Get? Doggy Dimensions That You Should Know

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Have you ever seen an adorable, irresistible, lovable labradoodle?

A hybrid between a labrador and a poodle, a labradoodle is one of the most lovable, and energetic dogs to have as a pet. Labradoodles are like big teddy bears, they are lovable, playful, and active dogs.

Not being purebred, they are mostly designer dogs and cross-breeds. The pioneer dog of this breed was born in 1988 as an Australian labradoodle to help a blind woman whose spouse was allergic to dogs. Their features like size, color, skin type, behavior, etc., have a lot to do with their parent breed, the poodle, and labrador retriever. These non-purebred poodles come in different sizes like teacup, toy, miniature, medium, and standard. The teacup labradoodle size is much smaller than the toy labradoodle. We get this when a toy or mini labradoodle is bred with a toy poodle. The standard poodle gives birth to a standard labradoodle, a medium poodle can give birth to a medium labradoodle, and a miniature poodle to a miniature labradoodle.

Being a crossbreed of intelligent parents, the labradoodle is also intelligent, and their traits can vary significantly depending on their parent breeds. They are super active and are eager to learn. Being highly trainable helps harness their high energy and in grooming them. They keep you on your toes, running around, and needing walks extensively. They are happy with plenty of open space like back yards, parks, etc., rather than apartments that are restricted in space. They love to play games with you and enjoy your company.

Labradoodles are known to be very good swimmers, and in summer, having your labradoodle puppy swim along with you can be an absolute pleasure.

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Do labradoodles get very big?

The standard labradoodle, the biggest breed, can get 21-24 in (53.34-61 cm) tall, from paw to shoulder. They are hybrid dogs born to a labrador retriever and a standard poodle. The medium labradoodle size can grow 17-20 in (43.2 -50.8 cm) tall. They are cross-breed dogs between a medium poodle parent and a labrador retriever. The size of a miniature labradoodle can be anywhere between 14-16 in (35.6 - 40.6 cm) tall, just a little more than a human palm! They are hybrid dogs born to a miniature poodle parent and labrador retriever. Hence, the labradoodle sizes depend a lot on the poodle parent and breeding program.

The weight of a standard labradoodle can be as much as 65 lb (29.5 kg). A medium labradoodle could weigh about 30-45 lb (13.6-20.4 kg), while a miniature labradoodle can weigh 15-25 lb (6.8-11.4 kg). The toy labradoodle is about 13-20 lb (5.9-9 kg). The teacup labradoodle is even more miniature than the toy labradoodle and is less than 13 lb (5.9 kg). The colors come in a range from black, chocolate, red, silver, or a mix of shades. The fur of labradoodles can be a variation. Typically they are wavy coats, while some are curly, wiry and a few are straight hair. Generally, they do not shed their coats, but few do it with less dog odor.

So the biggest a labradoodle can generally get is about 24 in (61 cm)! By usual standards, this can feel like a miniature-sized dog that can happily hop in both hands or a lap! Their mini size encourages us to have them as pets and great friends to children in your house. The temperament, energy, and loving nature make them great family dogs.

How big are labradoodle puppies?

Labradoodle puppies vary in size significantly based on the parent dog. Even in the same litter, the size of the puppies can have a high variance. The breeding program, depending on the breeder, also has a strong effect on the size of the puppy. By knowing their weight at two months, we can easily estimate their adult weight.

Typically, a standard labradoodle puppy can weigh anywhere between 7-12 lb (3.17-5.44 kg) by two months of age. The mini labradoodle puppies may contrast with standard labradoodle puppies by weighing only 4 lb (3.17 kg) by two months of age. In ten months, they can weigh as much as 30-45 lb (13.6-20.4 kg). They can weigh up to 80 lb (36.3 kg) very soon, by the time they reach ten months of age, based on their parents' size. It depends on the poodle parent and the labrador parent dog. In general, a male pup can weigh more than a female, but not always.

What impacts the weight & height of a labradoodle?

For most labradoodles shedding their coat is not the norm. Due to their non-shedding nature, for people with allergies, this is another reason why labradoodles are preferred. The hassle of shedding is not there, and the pets are easily managed. Labradoodle coats are dreamy and give them a toy-like look, with many hues and colors. They range from straight to curly, loose curls, or wooly and lamb-like fleece coats. They need good brushings and occasional trimmings. Brushing can be a nice bonding and fun experience for the dog and family.

Many factors impact the height and weight of the labradoodle. The key factors are gender, size of the parents, the generation of the labradoodle the pup belongs to, and nutrition. The male labradoodle can, on average, weighs about 10% more than the female. If the parents are large, the puppies tend to inherit size and have a larger frame. But genetics is not an accurate prediction of how big a labradoodle can be when fully grown. Generations of the labradoodle is a slightly complex term, which refers to your dog's genetic makeup, and how close it is related to the poodle or the labrador. If the pup is close to the poodle, it can be smaller than the labrador retriever.

Other factors like food impact the growth and adult size of a full-grown dog significantly. The feeding schedule, food type, health as labradoodle puppy, activity level, etc., contribute to the dog's adult weight.

Golden Labradoodle dog sitting on a deck.

When do labradoodles stop growing?

The labrador retriever grows to its size full size until two years of age. The standard poodle can take about 1.5-2 years to reach its full size. But the miniature poodle and toy poodles are fully grown by 6-8 months of age. Being a hybrid dog, the labradoodle can have the best qualities of both parent breeds, the labrador and poodle. They are born to love and give happiness rather than being watchdogs. Poodles are affectionate even with strangers and are friendly, devoted, and great family pets. Counting on them to protect you may not go well. Making sure they are socialized early on in their life makes it easier on you and your dog as your dog continues to grow. Socializing your dog with different people, newer environments, and other dogs will be beneficial. Being warm, lovable, and loyal, they make excellent therapy and companion pets, especially for people with issues like depression, autism, physical disabilities, etc. It is interesting to know that it was originally bred to be an excellent guide dog for the blind. They also make good service dogs as they are intuitive, smart, and friendly.

The smaller labradoodle breeds generally reach their full-grown size much quicker. Typically, the larger breeds like the standard and medium labradoodles are slower and take longer to grow fully. They reach the adult size by almost two years. The teacup, toy, and miniature labradoodles are fully grown by about 7-12 months of age.

Average Size Of A Full-Grown Labradoodle

For different living conditions, families, and lifestyles, different size dogs are suitable. Some prefer non-shedding or purebred. Some may prefer hybrid dogs like labradoodles. Size is an essential factor when you want to own a labradoodle puppy. Labradoodle size makes it an attractive dog to own for families with children. How much you pay for owning the pet also depends on the breed and size of the labradoodle, the dog breeder, and growth as a puppy.

The standard labradoodle is the biggest size of all the different sized labradoodles. The average size of a full-grown male standard labradoodle is about 22 in (55.88 cm) in height and weighs in the range of 50-60 lb (22.7-27.2 kg). The average size of a medium labradoodle male can be about 19 in (48.3 cm) and female about 18 in (45.7 cm). The weight of both these can be between 30-45 lb (13.6-20.4 kg).

How big do mini labradoodles get?

The mini labradoodle size is bigger than a toy labradoodle but smaller than a standard labradoodle. The mini labradoodle size is the breeding result of a miniature poodle and a labrador retriever. The first parent, the mini poodle, can be 11-14 in tall (28-35.6 cm) and 12-20 lb (5.4-9 kg) in weight. The second parent breed can be much larger, 22-24 in tall (55.9-61 cm) and 55-79 lb (25-35.8 kg) in weight.

The size variance can occur even within the same litter based on the size of the poodle parent. In the case of a standard labradoodle, the weight of a standard poodle parent can be 40-70 lb (18.1-31.2 kg). There could be a larger size variance in a litter with a breeding pair of 40 lb (18.1 kg) of the standard poodle parent rather than the standard poodle parent of 70 lb (31.2 kg). The same is true with a miniature poodle parent, where the size variance can occur within the same litter. As a result, a full-grown mini labradoodle can be 16-20 in tall (40.6-50.8 cm) and 20-40 lb (9-18.1 kg) in weight.

How big do teacup Labradoodles get?

The teacup labradoodle size is the smallest of all the labradoodle breed dogs. Being attracted to its size, some doodle breeders promote unhealthy toy labradoodles, which tend to have medical problems in the adult stage. The medium labradoodle size is bigger than the toy, teacup, or miniature labradoodle and fares better in health conditions.

The size of a full-grown adult teacup labradoodle can be 9-12 in tall (22.9-30.5 cm) and less than 13 lb (5.9 kg) in weight. This is the smallest breed among the labradoodles.

Ethics Of Teacup Labradoodles

Health issues are common with all breeds of dogs. Labradoodles also face these challenges. A common issue amongst them is hip and elbow dysplasia, a common genetic disorder in both poodles and labradors. So the doodles have a high chance of incidence, including other diseases like canine epilepsy, Addison's disease, etc.

The teacup labradoodle can mainly be prone to these issues because of their popularity and demand due to their teacup size. Breeders can resort to breeding practices that can generate smaller-sized dogs at the cost of their health. It is essential to select a responsible doodle breeder who does enough due diligence and provides excellent care and health to each litter of puppies and their parents.

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