How Long Do Bulldogs Live? Crazy Facts You May Not Know

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The English bulldog is a very famous breed among pet owners.

While dogs are the most common pet choice, breeds such as English bulldogs are some of the most preferred breeds. The domestication of dogs is something that's not very new to humanity.

Since bulldogs behaviorally are excellent for families with children and adult members, there are even more reasons to welcome an English bulldog to your home. The history of English bulldogs is not as wholesome as the breed. The oldest English bulldog was bred in Europe for bull biting. Their genetic makeup was good for this sport. After some years of following this practice, bulldogs were eventually released from this and today they are known to be a very kind playful breed. Although physically they may still display the cruel features of their ancestors due to their genetic makeup, in reality, they are some of the most family-friendly dogs. Most American families choose this furry breed as a house pet. It's also important to understand your pet long before you get one. A bulldog's behavior has been manipulated by their earlier years-long genetic makeup. Some of their behaviors which they may develop as they grow into an adult dog can surprise you. However, providing proper training to your bulldog from the puppy stage can help minimize these behavioral problems and can also help you understand your cuddly friend better.

The foremost thing about bulldogs is it's important to buy or adopt your pet from a reputable breeder,. If you are adopting your pet from an animal shelter, take them to the vet as soon as possible. It is advised to stay away from backyard breeders because such breeders put their pets through a long and tormenting cycle of breeding again and again to be able to sell dogs for more money Buying from a backyard breeder encourages this behavior and your pet also won't be that strong due to repetitive breeding done on the mother. Bulldogs are known to be a little stubborn and show aggression, however, that's not the behavior they show towards their family. This aggression is mainly towards unfamiliar faces if not trained properly. Training your bulldog from a young age can lead them to be more patient and less stubborn, with more obedience. Your dog can be very territorial towards its food, however almost every dog breed is! Training your dog from a young age can calm this behavior. The English bulldog is known for is their loyalty and they are friendly and excellent with kids. One thing you might find troublesome is how your little friend loves to chew almost everything! Keep them away from plants or shoes to provide them with a dog-proof environment.

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What is the average lifespan of bulldogs?

An English bulldog can win your heart with its loyalty and its courageous behavior. However, an important practice before buying a dog is to look at its life expectancy. The bulldog lifespan is a little longer than the life expectancy of other dogs. A healthy bulldog lives for around 10 years, whereas an average bulldog lives for around six to eight years.

American bulldogs lifespan is even smaller, very few dogs from this breed die of old age. Around 8% of bulldogs in the past year have died of old age. They have a very short lifespan and generally, a bulldog's lifespan is about six to eight years. Like any other dog, there are a lot of factors that put your dog's life at risk. Its daily diet, its exercise routine, and its environmental conditions affect its lifespan. Unethical breeding of such dog breeds is one of the many reasons why they have such health problems. Genetics often play a great role in the health of an individual. Years of breeding in bulldogs have encouraged health conditions such as the squished face, their skin folds, and the small stature of this medium-sized dog is also due to this selective breeding. Due to these features which are favored by dog owners, these dogs have developed lots of health issues such as hip joint dysplasia and ended up being overweight. There are other medical factors as well which can affect the quality of your dog's life. Heart problems and respiratory problems lead to breathing problems affecting the quality of life among bulldogs. Problems such as hip dysplasia and kidney issues also affect this puppy.

How to improve the life expectancy of bulldogs?

The life expectancy of an English bulldog is less than that of an American bulldog. American bulldogs live for a good 10 years where as English bulldogs live for eight years. There are many factors that can help bulldogs live long and healthy lives. One of them is an exercise that also helps in weight management in these dogs.

An English bulldog doesn't need a big yard to live happily. This dog is happy with spaces that provide it with sufficient space. However, English bulldogs don't do very well in tropical places with no air-conditioning. They cannot survive in hot climates and can get heat stroke, which affects their life expectancy. English bull dog's nasal tissue is very large compared to most dogs, meaning bulldogs are at risk of various respiratory problems. In order to eliminate breathing problems, it's best to provide them with a cool and air-conditioned environment. It's also important to feed your bulldog the right food. A daily consumption of food worth 1,500 calories is a must for dogs who are at the age of five or more. You can feed American bulldog puppies with a protein diet, making sure they also exercise on time to prevent them from becoming overweight.

On average, it is best to take them on a walk for around 20 minutes a day, encouraging better breathing. It is also important to understand that they are very delicate and over-exercising or too much walking can lead to joint pain in your American bulldog. Other ways you can extend their life are by visiting your vet frequently, having your pet vaccinated, and ensuring regular checkups by the vet. Also, keep the health practitioner updated with the food that your American bulldog eats. Frequent blood checks and checks on their daily habits can help you catch some diseases early, ensuring early treatment and better health. Neutering your American bulldog can also add to the average lifespan of your dog. Their life expectancy can increase, as they are saved from the risk of ovarian and testicular cancer.

Cute little bulldog smiling.

What are the main causes for death in bulldogs?

The disease is very common in almost all breeds, however, in some dog breeds health problems significantly affect the lifespan.

Due to the favored breeding of this breed, bulldogs came with a bunch of health issues. A healthy diet can ensure a better and longer lifespan, there are certain risks that run in bulldogs. Heart diseases are common in bulldogs of all years, although if the disease is caught early it can be cured. Small habits can help your dog live a long life, maintaining proper dental care can also extend its life and add some years to a bulldog's lifespan. There are several symptoms that can point towards heart disease which are loss of appetite and lack of interest when it comes to exercise.

Bulldogs are overweight in most cases. Their weight usually goes up when their diet is not taken care of properly which leads to kidney and other such related medical conditions. Other facts that affect your dog living a long and healthy life are the bladder and kidney stones. This condition is more common in female dogs. Good quality dog food can go a long way. Dog food that especially targets the health of your kennel club dog can make it live a much healthier life.

Another common cause of death in English bulldogs is their flat faces. Their muzzled faces may look very cute but they can give your dog a lot of respiratory problems. Because of their short faces, the extra tissue on the airway causes a bunch of breathing-related problems, affecting their ability to live long years and putting their life at risk. The excess skin tissues in bulldogs lead to health issues such as digestive issues and even heat stroke. The leading cause of death in bulldogs is however something else, it's cancer. Around 20% of bulldogs die from cancer. The longest living English bulldog of all time lived for around 12 years, showing that English bulldogs can live long with proper care.

What is the lifespan of different bulldog types?

The life expectancy of crossbreed dogs is often higher than that of their parent breeds. Some breeds of bulldogs that emerged in recent years live longer than the traditional breeds.

The French bulldog is one such breed, however, they too are flat faced, running the risk of respiratory problems. American bulldogs are healthier in comparison. The bulldog lifespan in this case is around 15 years. The Australian bulldog is another such breed, but they are however not suitable as guard dogs. The continental bulldog is also a healthy dog choice and heir average life expectancy is more than the traditional English bulldog. They are also safeguarded in most cases from the common causes of death in English bulldogs.

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