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How Long Do Cows Live? Important Farmyard Facts For Kids

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Cattle are herd animals that are mainly raised to produce milk and supply beef.

Dairy cattle are usually bred for milk production. The famous class of agriculture, known for the production of milk, is called dairy farming.

Dairy farms are known for producing milk and meat. These products are sold to humans depending upon the quality of the beef. A cow's health is affected when they are in the dairy industry as their lifespan gets shorter. Cow mothers are usually protective, and they form strong bonds. When calves are given birth to by their mothers, they are taken away from them. This is because the mothers provide milk which is then used for human consumption.

Let's find out how long dairy cows live on farms and as pet animals. Afterward, do check out more animal fun facts by reading do cows sleep standing up and how long do donkeys live.

Different Cow Species And Their Lifespans

Different cow species have different lifespans; the lifespan of an average cow is 18-22 years in the wild. However, their average life expectancy is only four to six years because most cows are slaughtered at a young age.

There are over 250 different recognized cow breeds all over the world. However, there are also many different types of crossbred cattle that are more popular than purebred cows.

Black Angus cattle, also known as Aberdeen Angus cattle, are perhaps the most popular cow breed in the United States, and their meat is in high demand due to good marketing.

A black Angus cow lives about 10-12 years. Because of their black hue (perhaps brown or red) with a white stripe running through their middles, Belted Galloways are known as 'Oreo cows.' This breed originated in Scotland as a solid-color cow but gained its belts through the infusion of Dutch Belted blood. They were initially brought to the United States in 1950 and can live until 17-20 years of age.

Brahman cattle are the most widespread cattle breed in the world, hailing from India. Brahmans have acquired resilience to pests, parasites, and illnesses through the ages, as well as the capacity to withstand a lack of food and poor weather. Brahman cattle live for a very long time. They can be anywhere between 15-20 years old.

The Charolais is a light-colored cattle breed that originated in France; they were used for meat, milk, and drafting. Because of their huge size and robust structure, these animals were able to labor in fields and draw carts. The first Charolais was introduced in the United States via Mexico back in the 30s. Charolais cows can live for up to as long as 40 years!

How long do cows live as pets?

Male and female cows welcome all kinds of natural interactions with human beings who are kind and loving. Cows can be considered perfect pets as they love to get petted, scratched behind their ears, or stroked. Cows are considered worthy pets, and many feel that they deserve the understanding and respect of human beings.

As pets, cows can have a life span of 20 years. When cows are not kept in captivity, they can live four times longer as their life expectancy increases. Dairy cows are sold for milking as well as a food source for they are sometimes bred to provide meat. They get slaughtered and killed after two years of age. Calves don't get to live long either. Milk production gets slow when a dairy cow turns four, and so the animal is killed and sent to the slaughter by the dairy industry. Their lifespan tends to increase if they are adopted as a pet or kept on farms. Even if they were mistreated in the past, they are capable of healing. Cows also make bonds easily as they are considered very affectionate farm animals. Cows can also be moody and want to be left alone when not feeling well.

Cow mooing with her head lifted.

Do cows die of old age?

Cattle are usually categorized into animals that live long lives. Cows live for 15-20 years naturally. They can even live longer, but cows generally do not get to live out their full potential lifespan as they are farmed by dairy farmers for the production of milk, leather, or meat.

Cattle raised on farms usually don't die of old age. Those cows get killed once they have attained a profitable scale in the market.

After approximately six years, dairy cows get slaughtered and killed. This is because they can no longer produce milk. This leads to the production of meat. The production of cheaper meat products like ground beef is from dairy cows. In animal agriculture, the lifespan of a calf depends on the gender of the cow, that is, whether it is a male or female.

How long do cows live before slaughter?

Cattle may live for a long time. However, like many other agricultural animals, their lives are frequently cut short due to the meat and dairy industries. Cattle raised on farms rarely die due to aging or other natural health causes.

If they are considered unsuitable for human food, they are either slaughtered after they have achieved a good weight which can sell at a high price in the market or are murdered before reaching the butcher. Other animals, such as those in sanctuaries or kept as companion animals, may live considerably longer and die of old age if well cared for.

Dairy cows are generally killed after they reach the age of six years or once they become incapable of producing milk. The dairy industry will milk cows so heavily that they are unable to stand on their legs sometimes. Because of this degradation, meat from dairy cows is frequently used in lower-cost meat products, such as ground beef. While the link between the dairy and beef sectors may not appear obvious at first glance, they are inextricably linked with most of the meat in the beef industry produced from dairy cows.

A cow or bull has a normal life span of about 15 years.

Chianina, an Italian breed of cattle that is now raised just for beef, is known as the oldest cattle breed in the world. They have a life span of 20 years. The meat products from Chianina cattle are famously known as bistecca alla Fiorentina.

Some of the dairy breeds and their life span are as follows:

Gir have a low mortality rate and their average life span is around 12-15 years.

Compared to other dairy breeds, Jerseys start bearing calves early. They age to around 25 years old or even more.

Holstein Friesian cattle have an average productive life of six years old.

Aberdeen Angus have an average life expectancy of up to 15 years.

Female Hereford cattle are able to produce calves even after 15 years. They remain profitable till the age of 12 or more.

Red Sindhi is a cattle breed known as a heat-tolerant milch.

Brown Swiss are a dairy breed that is not allowed to live more than five years. They are slaughtered and killed after the level of their production drops.

The average lifespan of Surti is affected by the production of this cow breed, which is about 30 kg of milk. They are slaughtered when they reach the age of 47 months.

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