How To Introduce Kitten And Puppy?: Exciting New Pet Behavior Explained

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All of our lives, we have been told that a dog and a cat are born enemies.

It is pretty believable too. Both these territorial animals, especially dogs, have an affinity to chase cats away from their vicinity.

But in reality, if cats and dogs grow up together or share a space, they have a huge chance of ending up becoming friends. Yes, it might be a little tricky to introduce your old dog to your new kitten or your older cat to your new puppy. But it is not impossible. It is even easier to make them get along if you get your kitten and puppy at roughly the same time. Both of these animals are territorial but also very smart. Dogs especially are very loyal and can do pretty much anything to make you happy. So if you take reasonable measures, both of these animals will learn to live with each other pretty quickly. The steps are simple and effective, whether you introduce your kitten to your puppy, your kitten to your dog, or your puppy to your cat. So if you have questions about introducing your puppy and kitten, this article will answer all of those and more.

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What age to get a puppy and kitten?

A lot of people have trouble choosing whether to adopt a pet kitten or a puppy. But we are here to tell you that you do not have to make that tough choice, as you can get both.

If raised from childhood, puppies and kittens grow up as friends and get along with each other very well. There is a lot of debate on the ideal age of getting a puppy or a kitten, but the general consensus is that you should bring home a puppy when it is about 8-12 weeks of age. Because this is the ideal socializing age for dogs and they try to get along with everybody. The perfect age of getting a kitten is when they are about 10-12 weeks of age. If they are adopted younger, they may be fearful and become very shy. Planning well and getting them together means they will both accept the other as part of the home and not be afraid of each other.

A new environment can be stressful for both puppies and kittens. After a tiny kitten and puppy meet face to face, they will not take much time to become friends. But if you already have a pet or pets and want to introduce a new puppy or kitten to them, things might be a bit trickier. But it is not entirely impossible. Both cats and dogs are very smart and adapt to new situations well. A cat might not like a dog's exuberant personality and enthusiasm and might be scared or territorial. Dogs may bark if they feel threatened. It is your job to introduce them at the right time safely. To introduce them to each other, you have to take small supervised steps. But don't worry, we will walk you through it.

Do cats and dogs get along when raised from kitten and puppy?

Older cats and dogs may not get along if they meet each other in adulthood, but that is not the case if they meet young and grow up together.

Even though older cats and dogs may be territorial, puppies and kittens are usually not. If they are raised together from a young age in a safe space, they will get along very well. This means your cat will not feel scared of your dog when they grow up and vice versa. If puppies and kittens are raised together, they will not be violent or territorial with each other. One of the hardest things about getting a new animal in a home with a pet or pets is that the young animals often feel scared. By adopting a puppy and kitten together, you are eliminating that possibility. An adult cat might not welcome a new puppy or vice versa with adult dogs and kittens. But if they grow up together and do not know a life without each other, they will get along and become friends very quickly. It is also easier to train them and reward them together. Adult dogs and cats may not get along well and feel threatened by the other pet. But if you raise the puppy and kitten together, you will have two wonderful pets that get along well. Many people have raised kittens and puppies together, and they are now the best of friends. Getting these two pets together is really the best idea. So if you are still confused about whether to get a puppy or kitten, get both!

Cute puppy and kitten on the grass outdoor.

How to introduce a puppy and a kitten?

If you wonder how to introduce a puppy and kitten after adoption and without them hurting each other, do not worry too much.

Like we said before, small animals are not territorial of other animals. The territorial mentality comes into being when they grow up. So it is easier to introduce puppies and kittens than introducing two adult animals or a small animal to existing pets. But still, some cautionary steps must be taken just in case one of the pets feels scared or does not want to socialize. Firstly, careful planning should be done to get the puppy and kitten at the same time. Then they should be kept in separate rooms to get used to each other's scent without it being overwhelming or threatening. Their feeding time should also be the same, with only a door separating them. This way, they will be used to one another even before actually meeting. When introducing them face to face, keep them at a safe distance and let your puppy make the first move. Dogs are curious animals and more patient than cats as well. They will get used to each other's smell, and that will calm them a lot. They will also identify the smell from when they were in separate rooms and thus won't feel threatened. After that, they will slowly warm up to each other and even start playing. Also, be sure to have some toys and a cat tree or a den for your animals, so they have plenty to play with and have their own time. This way, they will be friends and still be independent animals with their own minds.

Will my puppy hurt my kitten?

The question new pet parents often have is whether their puppies will be violent towards their cats. And we understand that it is a valid worry.

We have always heard that dogs and cats are enemies. And on the street, you might have seen that sometimes dogs chase cats. This is usually because they are simply following their instincts, but that is not always the case. Especially if your cat and dog have grown up together since infancy, they will be friends instead of foes. Dogs are sometimes overexcited, and cats might see their enthusiasm as threatening behavior.

On the other hand, dogs might be fearful of cats' tendency to paw at things, but if they are used to each other for a long time, that won't be a problem. If you already have a cat or a dog, new pets can be a little stressful for them, and they will be on guard. But a well-trained dog will not harm a kitten if they are correctly introduced over time. Play with the dog and practice obedience, and reward good behavior as well. Seek advice from a vet or an animal trainer before getting pets, and you will be absolutely fine.

Did You Know?

Dogs have been reported to adopt and raise abandoned or orphaned kittens. This is the maternal instinct of female dogs kicking in. They do this so the poor and weak kitten will survive. Additionally, cats have also been reported to raise puppies. Obviously, this is optimum as a short-term solution, and as each kind has different nutritional needs, they should be raised by their own kind.


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