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Hugo Weaving became popular with the title character in 'V For Vendetta'.
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About Hugo Weaving

Hugo Wallace Weaving, born on April 4, 1960, is an Australian-English actor, stage actor, and voice actor.
He is an extremely talented man with six AACTA or Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts awards under his belt. Hugo has been awarded the Order Of Australia for his many meritorious contributions.
Weaving was born to an English couple in the city of Ibadan in Colonial Nigeria, however, they moved back to the United Kingdom when Hugo was just a year old. During his early life, Hugo attended The Downs School near Bristol. It was in 1973, while Weaving was still at The Downs School, that he played his first theatrical role of Captain Asquith in 'The Thwarting Of Baron Bolligrew' by Robert Bolt.
After graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney in 1981, Weaving landed his first television role in 1984 as an English cricket captain, Douglas Jardine, in an Australian TV series called the 'Bodyline'. Four years later, he also appeared in an Australian miniseries called 'The Dirtywater Dynasty' and a drama known as 'Barlow And Chambers: A Long Way From Home'. Hugo Weaving's first theatrical film debut, however, was as Student 2 in the film 'Maybe This Time' back in 1981.
Hugo Wallace Weaving is known best for his prominent role as Agent Smith in 'The Matrix Trilogy'. The character of Elrond in the movie 'The Lord Of The Rings' brought him huge fame as well. He is also remembered for playing the role of Skull in Marvel Studios' 'Captain America: The First Avenger'. 'Queen Of The Desert,' 'The Hobbit,' 'The Adventures Of Priscilla,' 'Hacksaw Ridge,' 'V for Vendetta,' and 'Cloud Atlas' are some of Hugo Weaving's best-known movies.

Hugo Weaving Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Hugo Weaving's net worth?

With an annual income of $3.5 Million, Hugo Wallace Weaving has a net worth of about $40 million as of 2022. His usual charge per movie is said to be $1 million, and he gets a steady flow of $500,000 for every brand promotion and advertisement shoot he does.
If we look at the last five years of Hugo Weaving's net worth, then we will be able to find a gradual rise in the graph:
Net Worth In 2018 - $28 million
Net Worth In 2019 - $31 million
Net Worth In 2020 - $35 million
Net Worth In 2021 - $37 million
Net Worth In 2018 - $40 million

How much does Hugo Weaving earn per year?

Hugo Weaving's annual income of about $3.5 million is sure to render many speechless, but after all of the amazing movies that he has acted in for such a long time, this amount actually seems to be a little low.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Hugo Weaving?

If there's one thing that is very visually pleasing and attractive about Hugo Weaving, it is, without a question, his height. Standing tall at 6 ft 2 in (188 cm), Hugo presents an impressive physique.

How old is Hugo Weaving?

As of 2022, Hugo Wallace Weaving is currently 62 years old according to his birthday, which is April 4, 1960.

Childhood And Education

Hugo is originally from an Australian-English background, but he was born in Ibadan, a city in Nigeria. He later moved to the United Kingdom a year later and enrolled in The Downs School in Bristol. In 1976, Weaving's family moved back to Australia where he enrolled in Knox Grammar School in Sydney and later graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in 1981.
Born to Wallace Weaving, a seismologist, and Anne Lennard, a former teacher and tour guide, Weaving had no idea that one day he would go on to receive the Order of Australia. His parents were both English, but his grandmother on his mother's side was Belgian. He has a younger brother who goes by the name of Simon Weaving and a sister known as Anna-Jane. Along with his siblings, he also has two nieces named Samara Weaving and Morgan Weaving.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Hugo Weaving dating?

The personal life of the voice actor is quite stable. Hugo Wallace Weaving and his partner, Katrina Greenwood, have been together since 1984. They have two kids as well: Harry Greenwood, who is also an actor, and Holly Weaving.

Career And Professional Highlights

After his first theatrical television debut in 1984, in the series 'Bodyline,' Weaving went on to land the role of Geoffrey Changes in 'Barlow And Chambers: A Long Way From Home' just four years later. His first theatrical film was, however, 'Maybe In Time' in 1981. He did a miniseries called 'Bangkok Hilton' in 1989 where he starred opposite Nicole Kidman. Weaving's extraordinary performance as a blind photographer in 'Proof' earned him Australia Film Institute's 'Best Actor' award in 1991. Weaving also played the drag queen Anthony 'Tick' Belrose/Mitzi Del Bra in the film 'Priscilla' and 'Queen Of The Desert' in 1994.
His character of Agent Smith in 'The Matrix Trilogy' is one of Hugo Wallace Weaving's most famous roles. His role of Elrond in 'The Lord Of The Rings' is definitely on the list of his memorable roles as well. Weaving also starred as the main actor in Andrew Kotatko's award-winning movie 'Everything Goes' in 2004.
You can also see Hugo in 'Oranges And Sunshine,' a docu-drama, which aired on October 28, 2010. Weaving also lent his voice as a leading profile in 'Legend Of The Guardians' that same year. In the first half of 2010, it was confirmed by Marvel Studios, that the fictional role of the Nazi Red Skull would be played by Hugo Wallace Weaving in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger.’
Hugo made his next big appearance in 'The Hobbit' in 2011. In 2012, however, Weaving decided to put his focus back on his theater roots and went back to the Sydney Theater Company, slowly reviving himself from being a dormant stage actor. 'Macbeth,' one of the stage plays Weaving did in 2014, was described as 'the role of his career' by Peter Gotting of The Guardian.
In 2015, Weaving joined the film adaptation of 'Jasper Jones,' a novel by Craig Silvey. He also acted in 'Mortal Engines' as Thaddeus Valentine in 2018. Weaving's most recent work was Tony Kushner's adaptation of 'The Visit.'

Best Known For…

Hugo Wallace Weaving is without a doubt most famous for his roles in 'The Matrix Trilogy', 'The Hobbit,' and 'The Lord Of The Rings.' Some other works include 'Captain America: The First Avenger,' 'Everything Goes,' 'V For Vendetta,' 'Transformers,' and so on.

Charity Work

Hugo Wallace Weaving was 13 years old when he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Although his disability rarely got in his way and disappeared completely after he hit 18, Hugo decided to step away from driving in fear of triggering seizures. His disability also strengthened him in helping other unfortunate people who were still in the clutches of this disease. He became an ambassador for the Australian animal rights organization, Voiceless. He is also a spokesperson for the Epilepsy Charity.

What awards has Hugo Weaving won?

Australian Film Institute award, Best Actor in a Lead Role for 'Proof' in 1991.
Australian Film Institute award, Best Actor in a Lead Role for 'The Interview' in 1998.
Australian Film Institute award, Best Actor in a Lead Role for 'Little Fish' in 2005.
The Constellation award, Best Male Performance in a 2006 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Miniseries for 'V For Vendetta' in 2007.
Sydney Theatre award, Best Supporting Actor for Sydney Theatre Company's 'Uncle Vanya' in 2011.
Helen Hayes award, Best Supporting Performer, Non-Resident Production for Sydney Theater Company's 'Uncle Vanya' in 2012.
Helpmann award for Best Male Actor in a Play, for Arturo Ui in the Sydney Theater Company's 'The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui' in 2018.
Satellite award for Best Supporting Actor-Series, Miniseries, or Television Film for 'Patrick Melrose' in 2018.
Honorary Officer of the Order of Australia in 2020.

Hugo Weaving's Hobbies And Interests

Aussie football definitely falls under the things that Hugo Wallace Weaving is interested in or has made a hobby out of.

Other Interesting Hugo Weaving Facts And Trivia

  • Hugo had no idea or knowledge about his nervous anxiety and only came to know of it while filming in a desert when he ran out of his epilepsy medication.
  • His portrayal of Geoffrey Chambers in 'Dadah Is Death' won him great appreciation from all over the world.
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Hugo Weaving Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Hugo Wallace Weaving

Date of Birth




Place of Birth




188 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?



Actor, Voice Actor


The Downs Preparatory School, The Downs Malvern, Knox Grammar School, National Institute of Dramatic Art

Net Worth



Katrina Greenwood


Anne Lennard, Wallace Weaving


Simon Weaving, Anna-Jane Weaving

Annual Earnings

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