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In Love With Roses? Here’s Everything About The Red Rose Species In DetailRoses

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Red roses have a special place in our hearts. They are commonly used to express your love for someone.

Roses can be classified in many ways, but there are three most common classifications of rose flowers. They are old garden roses, wild roses, and modern garden roses. Old garden roses, just as the name suggests, have been around for a long time, even before 1867. They are also called antique roses and historic roses. These roses bloom only once a year and are highly fragrant also. Wild roses do not have a cross-breeding history and normally have five petals. These roses are almost always pink in color. Modern garden roses have large bloom sizes and bloom continuously throughout the year.

Red is not the only color for roses. Also, the red rose that we see has many varieties. The most commonly found specimens are the Rosa gallica, the Rosa centifolia, the Rosa rugosa, and the Rosa damascene. The world of roses is pretty interesting. How about we dig into some details about beautiful roses?

Different Types Of Roses

When you think of roses, your first image may be that of a red rose, but red rose species are not the only rose flowers out there. The rose family has many varieties of roses. Let's get to know some other rose species seen around the world.

There are many varieties of roses that fit into the three categories mentioned earlier. Climbing roses are a common variety of roses. Unlike the name, climbing roses can't actually climb well, but the canes of this rose plant are upright, reaching almost 15 ft (4.5 m) in height. These canes provide support for these roses. These roses are also known by the name rambling roses. The hybrid tea rose is the most popular cultivated rose. There are many subcategories of hybrid tea roses. A hybrid rose has a large bloom with 30-50 petals. These hybrid tea roses are constantly updated with new subcategories.

Miniature roses are a type of hybrid tea rose. Just like the name, these roses are shorter and grow closer together. Shrub roses are an easily recognized rose variety due to their wide and large sprawl. These roses have a pleasant smell and are grown in clusters. The list doesn’t end here. There are plenty of other rose varieties like groundcover roses, alba roses, bourbon roses, China roses, gallica roses, and many more.

The Significance Of The Red Rose

Red rose species are the most common rose plant grown around the world. Red roses have their significance in mythology, war, and medicine.

In Greek mythology, the red rose is believed to be created by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. The blood of the ill-fated lover of Aphrodite and her tears helped these red roses to grow. In Roman mythology, red roses are associated with the goddess of love, Venus. The blood that gushed out of her legs when she was running through the thorns is said to have become red roses. In Christianity, the red rose is believed to symbolize the Virgin Mary. Virgin Mary is referred to as the rose without thorns.

Centuries later, in the Victorian era, the red rose started to symbolize romantic feelings. The rose became a means to accompany affectionate messages. By the time of Shakespeare, the red rose and love became a unit. The meaning of the red rose being associated with love is still prevalent these days. The deep red shade of the flower shows deeper emotions in a person. These bright red flowers became a symbol of showing love towards another person.

It is thought that even the number of roses given to someone has different meanings. Giving a person one rose symbolizes love at first sight. Giving someone two roses shows mutual love and affection. Giving someone six roses is a way to show your feelings and the need to make someone yours. When you give someone 10 roses, it shows that you feel the other person is perfect, as in 'a perfect 10'. 11 roses are given for a love that is deeply treasured. Giving a gift of 12 roses is another way to say ‘be mine’. On the other hand, giving someone 15 red roses is a way of apologizing. 24 roses say that ‘I am yours’. If you are head over heels in love, then giving someone 36 roses is the way to go. For a love that has no bounds, give 50 roses. The significance of each red rose is thought to be important to convey the message you want.

Red roses on a old wooden table

In which country are red roses cultivated?

The rose flower has a unique history behind it, but the first country to cultivate roses was China. China has had roses as early as 2700 BC.

After China, Japan, Kashmir, and Persia began to cultivate roses. It was much later that the ancient Greeks discovered this flower and started cultivating it. Nowadays, roses are grown everywhere. From gardens to backyards, roses seem like a flower that is seen in every house.

There are other roses than just the common red rose. There are pink roses which are light pink to deep pink, yellow roses with yellow stamens, ruby red roses, light red roses, and many more. The different colors of roses make the garden even more beautiful.

What is the ideal climate for roses? The climate preference of roses can differ depending on the variety of the rose. There are roses that grow well in tropical climates and those which thrive in winter climates. The most common Chinese roses prefer hot and humid climates. China roses came from China to the United States and Europe. Some roses that grow well in hot and humid climates are old bushes such as Noisettes and Bermuda roses. Climbing roses also grow well in hot climates provided that these roses are not exposed to harsh winds.

Although roses don’t bloom in winter, they need to survive the cold climate of winter so that they can bloom the following season. Some roses that can survive cold climates are Assiniboine and Dart’s Dash. Most roses in Europe are more fitted to temperate climates and they rarely survive the winter. If you intend to grow roses in your backyard, make sure that the plant gets a good amount of sunlight.

If the rose doesn’t get enough sunlight, its petals won't bloom fully. It is also best to cultivate roses that can withstand harsh climates. Shrub roses are cultivated almost everywhere due to this reason. These roses are very good at withstanding harsh environments.

What is the classic red rose?

There are many types of roses but the most classic and evergreen ones are red roses. There are many red rose varieties to choose from. Petals of this red rose range from light red to dark red. What are some classic red roses that exist?

The Red Meidiland is a popular climbing red rose. Its petals are red with a white center and it has yellow stamens. The dark green foliage of the flower turns yellow in fall.

Velvet Fragrance roses are hybrid roses that have a velvety texture. They have dark green leaves.

The Champlain rose is a flower with red petals that are dark red at the tips. This rose also has dark green foliage.

The Crimson Glory rose has the classic red rose shape and has a strong fragrance.

Precious Time roses are burgundy colored red roses that are grown in pots. The young leaves of these roses have a red shade.

The Chrysler Imperial rose is a hybridized rose with a strong fragrance. Its dark green leaves are semi-glossy in appearance.

The Adrenalin red rose is a velvety red rose used in bouquets.

The Eternity red rose is another red rose with the classic shape. It has lush green foliage with brick red colored petals.

Samurai roses are red colored with semi-matte foliage and dark green leaves. The flower is thornless with a mild fragrance.

The easy elegance Kashmir rose has beautiful red petals with soft green foliage and small leaves.

Super Hero roses are hybrid red roses with medium to dark green foliage.

The Dublin Bay rose is a true red rose with a mild fragrance. These flowers do not undergo any discoloration and the red color remains the same throughout.

As you can see, there are many red rose varieties that have the classic rose shape in red color which gives you plenty of options to choose from.

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