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Ingrid Nilson is a famous American YouTube personality.
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About Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen is a notable YouTube personality based in the United States. She was born on February 2, in the late '80s, in Rowland Heights, Southern California. Ingrid Nilsen used to create lifestyle content as a YouTube video. The name of her YouTube channel is Missglamorazzi. It was a beauty channel where Ingrid posted videos as a beauty guru. During the pandemic in 2020, Nilsen announced that she was leaving YouTube. She has subscribers of around 3.5 million on YouTube (as of 2022). Ingrid Nilsen posted videos based on her daily life routine. Currently, she is a popular social media sensation and an Instagram star. Apart from that, she also worked as a TV hostess on a reality television show.

Ingrid Nilsen Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ingrid Nilsen's net worth?

As per several sources, Ingrid Nilsen has a net worth of about $2 million.

How much does Ingrid Nilsen earn per year?

As per several sources, Ingrid Nilsen earns about $150,000-$800,000 annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ingrid Nilsen?

Ingrid Nilsen has a height of 5 ft 3 in (163 cm).

How old is Ingrid Nilsen?

As of 2022, Ingrid Nilsen is 33 years old.

Childhood And Education

Ingrid Nilsen was born in '89 in Southern California, USA. Her father is Norweigan, and her mother is Thai. She belongs to Norweigan descent. She completed her education in California but later pursued her career as a social media star. Ingrid worked with 'Cover Girl' magazine in 2014.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ingrid Nilsen dating?

Ingrid Nilsen was in a relationship with another famous Youtuber, Hannah Hart. Yet, the couple parted ways in 2016.

Two years later, Ingrid Nilsen started dating Erica Anderson. As of 2022, they are still together. Erica has a net worth of about 17 million US Dollars. The couple set up their business based on the artisanal candle. The name of the company is known as The New Savant'.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ingrid Nilsen is best known as a YouTube star. She used to post videos based on her personal life routines. Ingrid Nilsen produced Lifestyle content. In 2020, she announced about leaving YouTube. After that, she became a social media influencer and an Instagram sensation.

Ingrid Nilsen is best known as a television judge on the 'Project Runway Threads' reality television show. On that show, she did the interview many notable people. Ingrid Nilsen interviewed Barack Obama at the White House in 2016. She asked Obama about the anti-discrimination policy and LGBTQ rights.

Charity Work

Ingrid Nilsen is a part of the LGBTQ community. She is in a relationship with Erica Anderson. Before that, she dated Hannah Hart. As a member of the community, Ingrid Nilsen raised approximately 50,000 US Dollars for the 'Their Story' campaigns through the social media platforms like Instagram,YouTube, and TikTok.

The United Nations appointed Ingrid as one of the change ambassadors in 2016. She worked with other Youtubers and creators on a campaign. It was based on fighting against gender equality. Ingrid was a part of the United Nations 'Sustainable Development Goals' campaign.

What awards has Ingrid Nilsen won?

Ingrid Nilsen won the Streamy Awards in 2014 as the 'Streamy Awards for Best Beauty Program of the Year'. Next year, She also got a nomination in the same category. In 2016, The Trevor Project honored Ingrid Nilsen with a Digital Innovator Award. They praised her as a role model for the generation in California.

Ingrid Nilsen received twice nominations at Fox's Teen Choice Awards in 2014 and 2015. She received those nominations in the 'Teen Choice Awards for Best Web Star in Fashion or Beauty' category.

Ingrid Nilsen's Hobbies And Interests

Ingrid Nilsen has an interest in video blogging, aka vlogging.

Other Interesting Ingrid Nelson Facts And Trivia

  • Ingrid Nilsen started her YouTube channel in 2009. She uploaded over 750 videos. Ingrid has over 390 million views on her YouTube channel.
  • Apart from Missglamorazzi, Ingrid Nilsen also has another channel on YouTube. It is called 'The Grid Monster'.
  • Ingrid Nilsen is the first Youtuber who worked for the 'Cover Girl' magazine.
  • Ingrid Nilsen is also a successful entrepreneur. She is the co-owner of 'The New Savant' artisanal candle company along with her love interest Erica Anderson. The couple's total net worth is 20 million US Dollars.
  • Ingrid appeared in the 'Alex Strangelove' movie in 2018. 20th Century Fox studios made the film. They made the film within a budget of 17 million US Dollars and earned almost 56 million US Dollars at the Box Office. 

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Other Interesting Ingrid Nelson Facts And Trivia Facts

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163 cm

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Hannah Hart

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