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50 Intriguing Snapchat Facts That You Should Know About

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A snapshot refers to a quick picture or image.

As the name suggests, Snapchat allows you to click many pictures and add a fun filter to them. A person can share these disappearing pictures with their friends and family and have fun.

In Snapchat, the main purpose of the chat is to have short and sweet conversations. So the chat here is just to comment on the pictures that have been shared with you. Snapchat influencers use branded products and share pics to promote them. Snapchat is a prominent social media handle these days, and is a must-have for all youngsters. Snaps can be customized with a variety of graphic effects and stickers. These are, perhaps, the most popular feature that helps the app grow popular among the masses.

Snapchat is primarily used for creating multimedia communications known as 'snaps', which can be photos or short videos. These can be modified by adding filters and effects, text captions, and drawings. Snaps can be addressed to certain contacts privately or be posted onto a public story. In December 2012, the ability to send video snaps was enabled as a feature option. A quick clip of up to 10 seconds can be recorded by holding down the picture button while using the app.

Private message photo snaps are viewable for a user-specified amount of time before disappearing. Connections can be linked via identities and phone numbers, customizable Snapcodes, or the Add Nearby tool. This searches for people nearby who are already in the Add Nearby menu. Snapchat is meant to fight the habit of consumers feeling obligated to maintain a perfect online identity of themselves.

Friend emojis can be changed. The snap score, which shows how many snaps a person has sent and received, is saved and viewable to their pals. When users touch their own score, it displays the ratio of sent and received snaps; the number of snaps sent is on the right, and the number of snaps received is on the left; the sum of these figures is their Snapchat score.


Snapchat is an app that people use to keep themselves entertained. The number of Snapchat users is increasing day by day.

Three Stanford University students started Snapchat. Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown founded Snapchat while attending Stanford University in 2011.

Snapchat's founders found success on their 35th trial. Success necessitates patience and perseverance, and Snapchat's creators understand this better than most. They failed 34 times before finally creating a winning app.

Snapchat was once known as Picaboo and was offered solely on iOS. There are millions of Snapchat users and Snapchat accounts today. Picaboo was actually their college project, which they turned into a prototype. It was not a hit. The active users, who were their fellow students, did not like the idea of self-destructing pictures. When they went public Snapchat users liked this idea. It was similar yet different from other social media apps.

Brown, one of the founders once sent a picture he wished would self-destruct. Thus the idea of Snapchat was introduced. This was an instant hit with people of similar thinking. Spiegel was the CEO, Murphy was the CTO whereas Brown was designated as the CMO.

In 2013, the three founding members had a tiff. It was so bad that the dispute reached the court, after a lawsuit was filed. Brown was finally given $147.5 million as compensation in 2014. This was paid by Spiegel and Murphy.


Snapchat is loaded with features that are loved by users. Snapchat is mainly used to send photos just like most social media apps.

Initially, Snapchat was about sending personal photos one-to-one. Then they came up with the ideas of stories.

The logo used for Snapchat is a ghost face Chillah. This is inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan. Brown was the one who suggested this as a logo.

Though Snapchat was the first to introduce stories on its timeline, as of 2022, Instagram has surpassed its success. There are more active users on Instagram according to statistics, since influencers prefer to use Instagram over Snapchat.

There is a separate app for kids below the age of 13 years. They can take pics, make their own captions, and draw. But they cannot share it with others.

Snapchat allows its users to customize their stories. Your friends too can contribute.

Snapstreak allows you to keep a track of the days you and your friends have been sharing photos together.

Filters are the most fun and beloved feature of Snapchat. There are special effects of layouts added to your original photos to enhance them. Users love to create special themes for holidays, fun faces, and more with this feature.

Lenses allow the users to add 3D effects to their picture. These lenses are used at the time of clicking the picture to get the perfect shot.

A geofilter can be selected according to the location you are in.

The Snapcode is a unique QR code generation. These codes can be used to link to a website or more content. This is a great way of promoting products on a Snapchat account.

Just like Messenger, instant messages can be sent on Snapchat. There can be group messages or individual ones. The main feature is that the message disappears once it's read.

If you want messages or photos to be saved for later viewing you can create memories. They do not disappear and get saved in your personal album.

You can add as many friends as you want to your Snapchat account.

Discover is a feature in Snapchat that allows the public to view your story. This is used for brand promotion, and Snapchat statistics show its success.

The Snap Map allows everyone to see where you are. This allows you to send snaps from a particular place and also see relevant pictures of the lcoation. If you want to protect your privacy, just switch on Ghost Mode and your location will vanish!

If you want to use additional information like booking a table at a place you liked, or hitch a ride there. there are context cards on Snapchat.

Bitmoji is an animated or cartoon avatar. Many people absolutely love this feature. The user can display it on their profile and let everyone enjoy it.

You can also make animated GIFs of your face and send them to friends. This feature is called Cameo.

If you would like to share a 60-second video, then you can use the Spotlight feature. It is a place to show off your skills.

Last but not least, you can send money through Snapchat. This feature is powered by Square.

User & Usage Statistics

In 2021, Snapchat had about 500 million monthly active Snapchat users. It ranks at number 12 among social media apps.

In the second quarter of 2019, Snapchat produced a total of $255.17 million. This amount increased by $71 million in the second quarter of 2020. This was apparently four times the figure of the second quarter of 2015.

In North American markets, Snapchat made around $306 million in 2021. This is their best market region.

The US had the maximum share of Snapchat users in 2020. There were an additional 15 million users added that year.

Snapchat's average revenue per user in the fourth quarter of 2020 was $3.4.

According to the most recent Snapchat statistics, 63 % of its subscribers in the United States use the site every day and 51 % of users access it many times each day.

An average user spends more than 30 minutes daily on Snapchat.

Each minute over 528 thousand snaps are shared all over the world on Snapchat.

According to Snapchat statistics, by the year 2024, Snapchat will have 400 million subscribers.

The maximum number of users of Snapchat are young adults in the age group of 13-34.

Snapchat has 57.4% female users and 40.9% male users according to statistics. 

Business & Multimedia

Snapchat has many ways of being used as a platform to promote your business. Here are a few tips and tricks for the success of your business promotion campaign on Snapchat.

Post regularly on Snapchat. After you've made a Snapchat account, ensure that you stay active. The simplest way to be successful is to regularly add material to your story. Any material added to Snapchat is going to disappear in 24 hours. So to keep viewers interested you must log in daily and post something interesting.

According to Snapchat statistics, it has 265 million daily active users. The popular app is a marketing goldmine for advertisers and marketers. Businesses may use Snapchat to promote their brand and generate sales in a variety of ways. This includes paid geo-filters, context cards, and video content, as well as using Snapchat users as influencers.

On Snapchat, video advertising accounts for 57% of all brand postings. Advertisers load the Snapchat app with organic material on a regular basis.

Other social media apps should be used to promote your Snapchat account. You will need followers for your Snapchat approach to be effective. More followers equals more sales - a strategy proven by statistics.

Make a sponsored lens. Snapchat filters and lenses are popular. The Snapchat app is loved by users for its filters.

Allow social influencers to use your account. As per statistics, you will benefit from their follows as well.

Be interactive and reply to the followers. They will be engaged and also bring in more people.

You must post relevant and good content only according to a target audience. Wasteful content makes the followers lose interest and they will unfollow you soon.

Use your account to promote all the upcoming events. This leads to the success of marketers as per the Snapchat statistics.

Other Fun Facts

There are many more facts that you may find interesting related to Snapchat.

Snapchat and Netflix collaborated to create a cool geo-filter. Netflix created 10,000 mugs that had a special Snapchat code. This was to commemorate the debut of four new episodes of 'The Gilmore Girls'. These mugs were distributed to 200+ different coffee establishments. Upon scanning the code a fantastic filter on Snapchat would pop up.

Snapchat video advertisements out-performed Facebook ads by eight percent!

The initial name of Snapchat was Picaboo, since the picture would disappear soon after being viewed.

Snapchat was a target for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy out Snapchat twice. Once in 2013, he offered $1 billion. But Evan Spiegel refused.

Google too wanted to buy out Snapchat at the cost of $30 billion even before it went public in 2016.


Who is the founder of Snapchat?

Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown founded Snapchat.

How many snaps are sent a day on Snapchat?

528 thousand snaps are shared all over the world every minute.

What is Snapchat's age limit?

The minimum age limit for Snapchat users is 13 years.

What is the longest streak on Snapchat?

The longest Snapchat streak feature debuted on April 6, 2015. The longest Snapchat streak is 2597+ as of June 2022. It belongs to Amy Brogan and Adao Barai Dafe.

What is the average Snap Score?

A Snap Score of 50,000-75,000 is considered typical. So, if your number is close to 100,000, you have a strong snap score.

What gender uses Snapchat the most?

Females users are more on the Snapchat app. Females are drawn to the disappearing pictures, color, creativity, and connection offered by Snapchat.

How did Snapchat get its name?

The idea of disappearing photos gave it the name. The snaps you click lead to chats or conversations, hence the name Snapchat.

When did Snapchat Memories start?

The feature of Snap Memories was introduced in 2016. All users did not want to lose their photos. They wanted to cherish a few for a longer time. Thus came the need to introduce memories.

How did Snapchat grow so fast?

The introduction of stories made it popular. Also, features like filters and codes make it interesting for users and advertisers.

Who was the first Snapchat user?

The college friends of Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown were the first users. It was a college project for them that later turned into their dream company.

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