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The zodiac sign of Isabella Crovetti is Sagittarius.
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About Isabella Crovetti

Isabella Crovetti is a famous Hollywood TV and film actress.
Isabella Crovetti was born Isabella Cramp on December 18, 2004, in California. She is popular for being a part of several TV series like 'The Neighbors' and the comedy series ‘Mike & Molly.’
Isabella Crovetti wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry from a very early age and has been in their acting career for almost over a decade. She has been an integral part of popular TV series and movies. Her breakthrough role was in the television show 'The Neighbors' that started in 2012. She played the role of Abby Weaver in the comedy series. The actress has earned a lot of appreciation for her work as a television actress. Apart from that, she also maintains her social media presence and stays connected with her fans.

Isabella Crovetti's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Isabella Crovetti's net worth?

At just 17 years old, Isabella Crovetti has become a popular TV actress from America. Her total net worth is approximately $2 million.

How much does Isabella Crovetti earn per year?

Isabella Crovetti started working as an actress at a very young age. She has several films and TV credits to her name. However, her annual income information remains unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Isabella Crovetti?

Isabella Crovetti has a relatively small body stature. Although her actual height is unknown, she is approximately 5 ft 3 in (162 cm) tall.

How old is Isabella Crovetti?

Isabella Crovetti was born on December 18, 2004. As of April 2022, she is 17 years old.

Childhood And Education

Isabella Crovetti was born as Isabella Cramp. Her mother is Denise Crovetti, and her father is Bradley Cramp. Bradley Cramp is a writer and producer, and her mother, Denise, is a film actress who also participates in Broadway shows. Isabella grew up with two brothers, Nicholas and Cameron.
Isabella Crovetti was born on December 28, 2004, in California, USA. She grew up in California with her family. Her parents are a part of the entertainment industry. Since her mother was busy as an actress performing on Broadway and her father was a writer and producer for Hollywood, she spent most of her childhood playing with her brothers.
There is not much information available about her school. However, according to some sources, she is currently completing her high school at a local school in her area.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Isabella Crovetti began her acting career at a very young age when she was just five years old. She started by doing commercials and playing small roles in television shows and films. Since that time, she has been a part of several projects. She got her breakthrough role in ABC's sitcom, 'The Neighbors,' where she played the role of Abby Weaver. Isabella Crovetti was a part of the show from 2012 to 2014. She then went on to some other television projects like 'Mike & Molly,' 'The Young And The Restless,' 'Enlighted,' and many more.
She was also a voice-over artist for several television shows. She was the voice of Shine in the show 'Shimmer And Shine,' a program by Nick Jr which began in 2015. She played the character Joy in the film 'Joy' in 2015. Over the years, Isabella Crovetti has established herself as a talented actress who has also gained a lot of popularity for her work. She has been well appreciated by the audience and continues to achieve more in her career.
Isabella Crovetti is popular for her roles in shows like 'The Neighbors,' 'Family Album,' 'Mike & Molly,' and 'Plain Sight.'

What awards has Isabella Crovetti won?

Isabella Crovetti is a young talented artist that has appeared in many popular TV series and movies. She has also received accolades for her work. She won the Best Performance in a Feature Film for 'Joy' (2015), Best Performance in a Voice-Over Role for 'Shimmer And Shine' (2015), Best Performance in a TV Series for 'The Neighbors' (2014), Outstanding Young Ensemble in a TV Series for 'The Neighbors' (2013), and she also received a nomination for Best Performance in a TV Series for 'The Neighbors' (2012). Isabella Crovetti won all these awards at the Young Artist Award in three years.

Isabella Crovetti's Hobbies And Interests

Isabella Crovetti is interested in being an artist and a creative person. She loves to sing and play the guitar. She also enjoys playing sports. Isabella has two siblings, and she enjoys spending time and playing with them.

Other Interesting Isabella Crovetti Facts And Trivia

  • Isabella Crovetti made guest appearances on popular television comedy series like 'Happy Endings,' 'Mike & Molly,' and 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.'
  • Her other guest appearances include 'The Young And The Restless,' 'Enlighted,' and 'Plain Site.'
  • Isabella Crovetti has social media accounts on Instagram, where she likes to keep her fans updated with her work and personal life.
  • She also co-starred with Emily Procter on one of the Tv episodes of 'CSI: Miami.'
  • The first talent agency that Isabella Crovetti signed was the Osbrink Talent Agency, a top talent agency for children. They have worked with artists like Cameron Crowe and Shawn Levy.
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Isabella Crovetti Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Isabella Veneranda Patricia Cramp

Date of Birth




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162 cm



Net Worth



Denise Crovetti, Bradley Cramp


Cameron, Nicholas
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