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About Jack C. Taylor

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company was started by American businessman and billionaire Jack Crawford Taylor.

Jack Crawford Taylor was born on April 14, 1922, in St. Louis. He was raised in Clayton, a nearby community where Enterprise is headquartered.

Taylor was a poor student who first attended Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. He then studied at Washington University in St. Louis. After the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, he enlisted in the Navy. During World War II, Taylor served as a fighter pilot for the US Navy.

Jack C. Taylor passed away at his home in Ladue, Missouri, just north of St. Louis. Taylor turned a seven-car leasing company into Enterprise Holdings, a rental business success with the biggest fleet of cars and trucks in the world.

Before returning to St. Louis to market Cadillacs during the postwar boom, Mr. Taylor had flown F6F Hellcat fighter jets in the Pacific during World War II. Despite being promoted to manager, Mr. Taylor had little interest in the business. That is until he started to observe that vehicles leased from a Chicago-based Greyhound bus subsidiary were moving into the area.

In the ’50s, leasing was still a new concept. Taylor saw an opportunity to dominate the St. Louis market by offering customers and companies lesser down payments and the flexibility to switch automobiles every few years.

In 1957, Taylor founded Executive Leasing in the basement of Lindburg Cadillac with a salary reduction of 50% and a personal investment of $25,000. He started off with seven vehicles and a 25% ownership stake in the company.

By the time of his passing, Mr. Taylor and his family were in charge of an estimated 88% of the private company. They have a fleet of more than 1.7 million vehicles, the biggest in the world.

Jack C. Taylor Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Jack C. Taylor’s net worth?

Jack C. Taylor was a famous businessman from the United States. He had an estimated net worth of around $12.8 billion.

How much did Jack C. Taylor earn per year?

Information regarding his annual earnings is not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Jack C. Taylor?

Information regarding his height is not known.

How old was Jack C. Taylor?

Jack C. Taylor was 94 years old when he passed away. He was born on April 14, 1922. He died on July 2, 2016.

Childhood And Education

Jack C. Taylor was born Jack Crawford Taylor in St. Louis, Missouri. He was the older of two boys born to Melbourne Martling Taylor and Dorothy Crawford. In 1940, Jack C Taylor enrolled at Washington University in St. Louis' Olin Business School. He dropped out of college to join the American Navy.

Jack was a fighter pilot and flew an F6F Hellcat fighter during World War II from the decks of the USS Essex (CV-9) and the USS Enterprise (CV-6). He won two Distinguished Flying Crosses and the Navy Air Medal in the process.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Jack C. Taylor’s partner?

Taylor married twice.

Taylor married his first wife, Mary Ann MacCarthy, in 1945. After a protracted separation, Taylor and his first wife were divorced in 1977. The couple had two children together. Andrew Taylor is the executive chairman of Enterprise. On the other hand, Jo Ann Taylor oversees the Taylor family's charitable endeavors.

The following year, in 1979, he wed Susan Orrison. In 2000, Taylor and Orrison were divorced. At the age of 94, he passed away in St. Louis on July 2, 2016.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jack C. Taylor returned to St. Louis after the war and established a delivery firm. He started working at the Lindburg Cadillac dealership in 1948 and ultimately rose to the position of sales manager. In cooperation with his boss, Arthur R. Lindburg, he launched a vehicle leasing company at the dealership in 1957. He was obliged to forgo half of his salary and put up $25,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in the company. With a total of seven cars, the Executive Leasing Company started off by focusing on customers whose cars were in repair.

Taylor expanded outside of St. Louis in 1969 and renamed the business Enterprise in honor of the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier, which he had previously served on during World War II.

Taylor focussed on the local market, providing house pickup services. This was in contrast to his rivals, who concentrated on corporate rentals at airports. This gave birth to Enterprise's 'We'll Pick You Up' motto.

Enterprise employs 91,000 people globally at more than 9,000 sites. It has also increased its presence in China, Europe, and Latin America in the last four years. When clients started requesting automobiles to use while they waited for repairs in the early ’60s, the firm started renting cars. 17 Chevrolets made up Taylor's first fleet.

Taylor decided to concentrate his car rental business on local drivers rather than business visitors after realizing that his firm was too tiny to compete with Hertz and Avis at airports. To get drivers who had their automobiles stolen to contact Executive Leasing, he and another ambitious young manager. Don Holtzman built ties with auto insurance adjusters.

According to Forbes magazine, in 1990, the insurers opted to supply competitively priced rental automobiles, and Enterprise's rental business took off. This was after courts declared in the early ’70s that insurance companies were responsible for motorists' economic losses caused by being without a car.

With a concentration on establishing outlets in urban areas rather than airports and its defining promise, the firm completely transformed the rental industry and became a business leader.

Early on, Taylor strongly emphasized fair wages and customer service. He established a customer gift account to enable managers to lower rates to appease angry customers. He also introduced a promotion structure to foster responsibility among the firm's recent recruits. With around 8,000 new hires each year, Enterprise is one of the biggest employers of recent college graduates in the nation.

In 1993, the business opened a facility in Windsor, Ontario, as part of its international expansion. Two years later, it entered the airport market when it opened a shop at Denver International Airport. By 2001, it was launching one new office on average each workday.

Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental were acquired by Enterprise in 2007. This accelerated its entry into airports. Two years later, the business changed its name to Enterprise Holdings.

In 1991, Mr. Taylor resigned so his son Andrew C. Taylor could take over as CEO. Jo Ann Taylor Kindle, his daughter, serves as president of the Enterprise Holdings Foundation. This was the business' charitable arm. Also, Christine Taylor, his granddaughter, was appointed chief operating officer in February.

In 2013, Mr. Taylor stepped down as executive chairman, and his son took over. The same year, Pamela Nicholson was appointed chief executive. This made her the first non-Taylor family member to occupy the job.

Charity Work

In his later years, Jack C. Taylor became a philanthropist. According to his firm, he gave more than $860 million to charities, including the St. Louis Symphony and Washington University.

Other Interesting Jack C. Taylor Facts And Trivia

  • In recognition of the aircraft carrier Mr. Taylor served on during World War II, the firm was renamed Enterprise in 1969. In response to the expansion of its rental business, the company eventually adopted the moniker Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
  • The rental fleet increased to 6,000 vehicles by the year 1980. When the fleet reached 50,000 vehicles in 1989, he changed the company's name to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise bought National Car Rental and Alamo Rent-A-Car in 2007.
  • Chrissy Taylor, his grandchild, is now in charge of running the business. He has built up a successful family business with a strong family tradition.
  • His grandchildren are Alison Kindle, Hogan, Carolyn Kindle Betz, Christine Taylor Broughton, Kelly Taylor, and Patricia Taylor.

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