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Jacques Arcadelt is a renowned madrigal composer and singer.
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About Jacques Arcadelt

Jacques Arcadelt was a Franco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance, known for his significant contributions to secular vocal music. He was particularly renowned for his madrigals, with his first book of madrigals becoming the most widely printed collection of the era. Arcadelt was also adept at composing chansons, especially later in his career when he resided in Paris.

His work was influential in the early phase of madrigal composition, and his publications played a crucial role in making the madrigal popular outside Italy. Arcadelt served as a singer and composer at the Sistine Chapel until 1551 and later became the choirmaster for Charles de Guise, Cardinal of Lorraine, in France.

His body of work includes over 200 madrigals, 125 French chansons, three masses, and settings of the Lamentations of Jeremiah and the Magnificat. His music was appreciated for its simplicity, beautiful melodies, and the successful fusion of the Italian spirit with the technical perfection of the Franco-Flemish harmonic and polyphonic style.

Jacques Arcadelt died on October 14, 1568, and he was 61 years old at the time of his death.

Childhood And Education

Jacques Arcadelt was born Jacob Arcadelt on August 10, 1507, likely in the vicinity of Liège or Namur in present-day Belgium. His exact origins remain uncertain, and as of 2023, little is known about his early life, including details about his parents, siblings, or upbringing. His name's various spellings suggest a Flemish origin and possibly a French upbringing.

Arcadelt moved to Italy at a young age, and by the late 1520s, he was in Florence. It is speculated that during this time, he had the opportunity to meet or work with Philippe Verdelot, a prominent French composer of the Renaissance and one of the prominent early composers of the madrigal.

Jacques Arcadelt's career as a composer began to take shape in the late 1520s when he entered the service of Duke Alessandro de’ Medici while he was in Florence.

Family And Relationships

As of 2023, there is no available information on Jacques Arcadelt's personal life, including details about a partner, spouse, or other familial relationships. The historical records primarily focus on his career as a composer and his contributions to music during the Renaissance period.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jacques Arcadelt is best known for his contributions to the early phase of madrigal composition, with his first book of madrigals being the most widely printed collection of the era. He is widely recognized as one of the most famous madrigal composers.

Some of his works include 'Il Primo Libro Di Madrigali', 'Il Secondo Libro De Madrigali' (four voices; Venice, 1539, published by Scotto), 'Il Vero Secondo Libro Di Madrigali' (four voices; Venice, 1539), 'Terzo Libro De I Madrigali Novissimi' (four voices; Venice, 1539), 'Il Quarto Libro De Madrigali' (four voices; Venice, 1539), 'Primo Libro Di Madrigali' (three voices; Venice, 1542), and 'Il Quinto Libro De Madrigali' (four voices; Venice, 1544). Several other madrigals of his are present in other collections and manuscripts from 1537-1559. One of his most famous madrigals is 'Il Bianco E Dolce Cigno' (The White And Gentle Swan).

Jacques Arcadelt also wrote sacred vocal music in addition to his renowned secular compositions. His body of sacred work includes three masses, settings of the Lamentations of Jeremiah and the Magnificat, and 24 motets. His sacred music, like his secular work, was appreciated for its clarity in texture and declamatory style, similar to his secular music.

Few of his chansons include 'Quatorsiesme Livre De Chansons' (four to six voices; Paris, 1561), 'Tiers Livres De Chansons' (four voices; Paris, 1567), 'Quatrième Livre De Chansons' (four voices; Paris, 1567), 'Cinquième Livre De Chansons' (four voices; Paris, 1567), 'Sisième Livre De Chansons' (four to five voices; Paris, 1569), and 'Neuvième Livre De Chansons' (four to six voices; Paris, 1569).

His works were published by prominent publishers of the time, including Antoine Gardano in Italy and the publishing house of Le Roy and Ballard in France. A lot of his religious music, except for the sacred chansons, was likely written during his years with the papal choir in Rome.

Further evidence of his popularity is how anonymous compositions were often attributed to him, and how his music appeared in several paintings of musicians from the time. He also wrote catchy tunes that were easy to sing.


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