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Jai Waetford came third on 'X-Factor Australia'
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About Jai Waetford

Born in Campbelltown, New South Wales, Jai Waetford is an Australian singer.
Jai Waetford is best known for coming third on the fifth season of the Australian reality TV singing series 'X-Factor'. He was soon signed by Sony Music Australia.
The career of Jai Waetford includes his participation in 'X-Factor Australia', releasing singles, writing his own songs, concert tours, extended plays, albums, and producing music videos. He began his professional music career in 2013 and has been signed to Sony Music since. He is a vocalist and uses his guitar as his sole instrument.

Jai Waetford's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jai Waetford’s net worth?

Jai Waetford has attained an enormous net worth of $3 million over the years of his career as a singer in the music industry.

How much does Jai Waetford earn per year?

The primary source of income for Jai Waetford is his career as a singer in the music industry. However, his annual earnings are not revealed to the media.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jai Waetford?

Jai Waetford stands at the height of 5 ft 6 in (167 cm).

How old is Jai Waetford?

Born on January 25, 1999, Jai Waetford is 23 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Jai Waetford was born in Campbelltown, South Wales, Australia, on January 25, 1999. His mother is Alana Dow, and his father is Creedy Waetford. He was raised by Alana Dow and his grandparents, Hannah Dow and Roger Dow. He completed his schooling at the Campbelltown Performing Arts High School. He taught himself guitar with the help of YouTube videos.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jai Waetford dating?

Jai Waetford is known to be dating Isabella Clarke as of May 2022. Previously, he dated Carrington Durham for two years, from 2015-2017.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jai Waetford started his career in 2013 when he auditioned for 'X-Factor Australia' and came third in the season. His audition included the songs 'Different Worlds' by David Guetta and an original song 'Don't Let Me Go'. In the BootCamp stages, he performed David Guetta's 'Titanium', Paulo Nutini's 'Last Request', and 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' by Taylor Swift. He was mentored by Ronan Keating in the Boys category. He is known to have performed 'Always On My Mind' by Elvis Presley at house visits that led him to the live shows. He came third behind Dami Im and Taylor Henderson.
After his journey at the 'X-Factor Australia', Jai Waetford signed with Song Music Australia. His debut single named 'Your Eyes' was released in 2013, which created a significant buzz in the music industry. In the same year, he released his debut album, which was self-titled and debuted at number 21 on the ARIA Album Charts. His second album had the title track 'Get To Know You' and was released in 2014, peaking at number 32 on ARIA Charts.
In 2016, Jai Waetford released his single 'Living Not Dreaming'. He promoted the song through a tour across Indonesia, Thailand, and Europe. He also promoted his single 'Heart Miles' during this tour. He also sand covers of Drake's 'One Dance' and Justin Bieber's 'Love Yourself'. He released his single 'Lost In You' in 2018. In the same year, he also released 'Get Over' and 'Friends'. The latter was co-written by James Agnus. Jai Waetford's song 'Shy' is a popular hit.
The singer Jai Waetford has a self-titled YouTube channel with over 900,000 subscribers and over 14 million views on the videos as of April 2022. He headlined tours such as the X-Factor Live tour in 2013, the ‘Drunk Together tour in 2017, and the Friends tour in 2019. He performed as a backup singer on the Justin Crew #Hype tour in 2014, the Little Mix ’The Get Weird' tour in 2016, and the Selena Gomez Revival tour in 2016.

Charity Work

Jai Waetford expressed his mental health struggles in his song 'Lost In You'. He was soon approached for being the brand ambassador of the You Are Not Alone campaign by the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation.

What awards has Jai Waetford won?

Jai Waetford has been nominated for the 2013 POPrepublic.tv award as the Favorite Australian Male Artist or Breakthrough Artist Of The Year 2013. He was also nominated for the 2017 TV Week Logie Award for Best New Talent. Again, in 2017, he was nominated for the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite #Famous. Aside from being nominated, Jai Waetford has not won any award to date.

Other Interesting Jai Waetford Facts And Trivia

  • Nick Waterman directed Jai Waetford's music video for 'Living Not Dreaming'.
  • Jai Waetford appeared in the 2014 album 'The Spirit Of Christmas 2014' in the hit track 'White Christmas'.
  • Jai Waetford's other charted songs include the cover songs like 'Fix You', 'The Way You Make Me Feel', 'That Should Be Me', 'Somewhere Only We Know', and 'Dynamite', and 'Don't Let Me Go'.
  • Jai Waetford's music video 'Get To Know You' has over 29 million views on YouTube as of April 2022.
  • Jai Waetford's parents, Alana Dow and Creedy Waetford separated when he was very young.
  • Jai Waetford's musical influences as a singer and songwriter are Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Guy Sebastian, Elvis Presley, and Stevie Wonder.
  • Jai Waetford has been an actor in the Australian Seven Network TV soap opera 'Neighbours' as a recurring character.
  • Jai Waetford's debut single, 'Your Eyes', sold over 35,000 copies and was certified gold by the Australian Recording Industry Association.

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Jai Waetford Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Jai Waetford

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167 cm

Eye Color

Light Brown




Campbelltown Performing Arts High School

Net Worth



Isabella Clarke


Alana Dow, Creedy Waetford
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