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Jaime Adler was seen in 'Les Miserables' in Sondheim Theater in 2012.
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About Jaime Adler

Born in London, England, Jaime Adler is a British actress.
Jaime Adler is known for playing the role of the infamous Olga Romanov in the 2020 movie 'Anastasia'. She was also seen in the theatrical play 'Les Miserables' in the Sondheim Theater, London.
Jaime Adler was highly praised and critically acclaimed for playing the role of young Cosette in the play. She started her acting career in 2012 when she became a part of 'The Sound Of Music'. Apart from being an actress, Jaime Adler is a model. She is very active on her Instagram account, with over 170,000 followers as of April 2022.

Jaime Adler's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jaime Adler’s net worth?

Jaime Adler has gained a net worth of $100,000 over the course of her career as an actress.

How much does Jaime Adler earn per year?

As a film and theater actress, Jaime Adler is known to be earning quite a considerable amount of annual income. However, Jaime Adler's annual income is unknown in the public database.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jaime Adler?

Jaime Adler stands at the height of 5 ft 2 in (157 cm).

How old is Jaime Adler?

Born on November 16, 2003, Jaime Adler is 18 years old as of 2021.

Childhood And Education

Jaime Adler was born in London, England, on November 16, 2003. She has not shared any information about her parents or siblings. She has completed her schooling at some prominent institute in Los Angeles. However, the name of the school has not been revealed to the media.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jaime Adler dating?

Jaime Adler is known to be dating the social media influencer Ayden Mekus. Ayden Mekus has over a million followers on Instagram as of April 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The year 2012 was the starting point for Jaime Adler's career as she rose to fame when she starred in the BBC One's 'Casualty', where she played the role of Alannah Ory. The following year, she was seen as a stage actress in the Regents Park Open Air Theater of 'The Sound Of Music'. This was her Broadway debut, and she played the character of Gretl.
In 2014, Jaime Adler was seen as an actress in 'Matilda The Musical' by the Royal Shakespeare's Company, where she played the role of Lavender. In the following year, she was seen playing the role of Iris in 'The Nether'. The play was held at the Duke of York Theater.
As a stage actress, Jaime Adler portrayed the character of Amy in her debut movie 'Pretty Outrageous' in 2017. In 2018, she collaborated with Sky Arts and Channel 4 and appeared as Tiara in the second series of 'Damned'. She has also acted in movies like 'Casualty' and 'Feed Me'.
In 2019, Jaime Adler bagged the role of Olga Romanov in the Netflix film 'Anastasia: Once Upon A Time'. In the same year she was seen playing the supporting role of Lily in a miniseries named 'Across The Pond'.
Jaime Adler has been seen in the London West End play 'Les Miserables', playing the role of young Cosette. On her Instagram account, Jaime Adler is often seen posting several lip-sync videos and photos of herself with her boyfriend. She creates Instagram reels in which she performs dances, acts and collaborates with her partner. Her videos have received tens of thousands of views and likes.

Charity Work

Jaime Adler is a brilliant activist and is often seen participating in various charitable events. She is known to have supported the St. Jude Children's Research And Hospital. She is a brand ambassador for the California Kids Belong foundation. She often posts her and her boyfriend's contributions to the organization on her Instagram account. She asks her fans to support the organization as well. Jaime Adler has supported the Teen Cancer America foundation.

What awards has Jaime Adler won?

For her role in 'The Nether' directed by Jeremy Herrin, Jaime Adler was nominated for an Oliver Award in the Best Actress In A Supporting Role category in 2015. For 'The Sound Of Music' Jaime Adler was nominated for the Best Musical Revival in the 2014 Olivier Awards. Her play 'Les Miserables' won the Audience Choice Award at the 2012 Olivier Awards.

Jaime Adler’s Hobbies And Interests

Jaime Adler loves to travel. She also enjoys doing photoshoots for different photographers and filming videos.
Jaime Adler loves to sing and dance as well. She is a dance student at the ALDC Los Angeles Studio. She has done several cover songs of popular pop songs, including the Rihanna song 'Diamonds', the Ruth B song 'Dandelions', and the Dean Lewis song 'Waves'.

Other Interesting Jaime Adler Facts And Trivia

  • Jaime Adler has a sister named Jasmine Adler.
  • Jaime Adler is often seen on the YouTube channel of her boyfriend, Ayden Mekus.
  • Jaime Adler has gained a massive following on her Instagram and TikTok accounts, where she showcases her video-creating talents.
  • Jaime Adler has announced on her Instagram that her next acting project is with Stagecoach Entertainment.
  • Jaime Adler was invited to the Los Angeles Fashion Week of 2022.
  • Jaime Adler was seen alongside her grandparents in some of her Instagram posts.
  • Jaime Adler earned the role of Gretl Von Trap in 'The Sound Of Music' when she was just seven years old.
  • Jaime Adler considers herself to be stubborn, admitting that she did not ride a bike for several years because she disliked wearing a helmet.Jaime Adler has also been seen in a small role in the 'Next Generation Role Model'.
  • Jaime Adler was seen alongside the actor Michael D. Xavier at the Equity party in London, England.
  • Jaime Adler is friends with the musician Lex Gibbon, the video creator Harriet Allies, and the actress India Jazz and many others.

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Jaime Adler Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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