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English actor Jake Pratt is best known for his appearance on Britain's Got Talent.
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About Jake Pratt

Jake Pratt is a notable English actor, best known for his appearance in Britain's Got Talent 2007. The British actor was born in North Yorkshire, England, on 25th September in the mid-'90s. He is thriving as a TV actor. Jake Pratt appeared as a voice actor in the 'Green Ballon Club'. Later, he appeared in the 'Nativity' BBC comedy film and portrayed the role of Alfie.

Jake Pratt's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jake Pratt's net worth?

Per several sources, Jake Pratt has a net worth of about $12 million.

How much does Jake Pratt earn per year?

As per several sources, Jak Pratt means around $5 million annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jake Pratt?

Jake Pratt has a height of 5 ft 6 in (172 cm).

How old is Jake Pratt?

As of 2022, Jake Pratt is 26 years old.

Childhood And Education

Jake Pratt was born in New Yorkshire, England, on September '96. He completed his early education at YMCA Scarborough. Later, Jake completed his education in acting at Sylvia Young Theater School in London, England. After that, he participated in Britain's Got Talent at 11.

Jake Pratt learned acting from Hurtwood House productions in Surrey. At that time, he appeared in a few of its plays, like 'Love and Money' and 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.

Before appearing in Britain's Got Talent, Jake Pratt won Park Resorts Nationals Finals three consecutive times. Later, BBC selected him as a stand-up comedian for their radio shows.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Jake Pratt lives in London with his mother, Joanne Pratt, and his father, Steve Pratt. He also has two younger sisters, Tilly and Ellie jo.

Who is Jake Pratt dating?

As of 2022, Jake Pratt is dating a girl named Grace Davis.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jake Pratt is best known as a participant in Britain's Got Talent show. He reached the semi-finals in 2007. After that, he gained enormous popularity worldwide. Jake is a successful actor. Jake Pratt delivered his voice to many cartoon characters. For example, he gave his voice in the 'Wibbly Pig' cartoon series, based on Mick Inkpen's book with a similar name.

The British actor also gave his voice in the 'Fun With Claudie' series at Disney. Besides these, he gave his voice to Grizzly Bear Boris in the 'The Amazing World of Gumball' series at Cartoon Network.

Charity Work

Jake Stephen Pratt has been active in charity work since childhood. He organized a summer fair in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, with Sir Jimmy Savile. They raised money for the local charities in Scarborough.

What awards has Jake Pratt won?

Jake Pratt won 'Cyrano Awards' in Chicago for his performance in the 'Murdered Man'.

Jake Pratt's Hobbies And Interests

Jake Pratt loves Poetry and singing.

Other Interesting Jake Pratt Facts And Trivia

  • Jake Stephen Pratt delivered his voice to several cartoon-based characters.
  • Scarborough's mayor Janet Jefferson praised Jake Pratt for his appearance in Britain's Got Talent. He failed to reach the finals, but he impressed everyone with his astonishing performance throughout the season.
  • The TV actor is known as a stand-up comedian at Britain's Got Talent. Yet, he decided to sing in the semi-final. It surprised the judges for a while. Jake Pratt revealed that the producers forced him to sing. Morgan decided to listen to Jake's singing. Yet, he failed and got eliminated. Later, the authorities suspended the producer.
  • Jake Pratt appeared in the 'Paul O'Grady Show' as a guest TV actor at 11.
  • Jake's two younger sisters, Ellie-Jo and Tilly, also appeared in the 'Green Baloon Club' TV show with their brother.

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Jake Pratt Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Jake Pratt

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

North Yorkshire



172 cm

Child Star?



YMCA Scarborough

Net Worth



Joanne Pratt, Steve Pratt.


Tilly, Ellie jo

Annual Earnings

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